Hello. My name is Sara Benincasa. I am an author of books and a comedian of comedies. I live in Los Angeles. I have been an occasional contributor to yr Wonkette since 2010, when foolish Ken Layne let me write a kolumn called “Barry Can You Hear Me?” I’ve been a reader and commenter since […]

Here is a gay fever dream I wrote for you. New Pope is wildin’ out! Way down in nutty Brazil-land, New Pope continues to New Pope it up in his trademark New Pope style: visitin’ prisoners, ridin’ around in an open-air car thing, yellin’ at rich people to do more for po’ folk. (And please […]

In just a few minutes, or maybe it already happened, Barack Hussein Obama will make the most importantest economic speech since his last importantest economic speech. It is to take place at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, where he made an economic speech (this guy with the economic speeches!) in the year 3 B.O. (2005). […]

Every crew of friends has its successful members and its fuck-ups. The latter can often be found on the former’s lovely Teutonic couch, sleeping off a long night of getting wasted on ouzo and freak-dancing to the music of Yanni. This is sort of exactly what is happening right now between Germany and Greece, two […]

Hello from sunny California, now home to two three vaginally-afflicted members of your crack Wonkette cyborg team. It is a fun state, full of many wonderful things like giant trees, Mexican goth teens, and of course, Danny DeVito’s allegedly hyperactive peen. But what else does California have to offer its mixed population of liberal shitstains […]

Have you ever met an immigrant? They are so interesting, these people, with their foreign customs (cherry blossom festivals, moon worship, human sacrifice) and rituals (throwing salt over one shoulder for good luck, dancing for good luck, beating their wives for good luck). Liberals greatly enjoy prattling on about how immigrants and their children add […]

Oh, hello, beasts of burden. Remember me? I’m good ol’ Sara Benincasa, your friend from the days of a kkkolumn called Barry Can You Hear Me? Well now I am Back, hahaha, and more terrible than ever. So terrible, in fact, that tonight I am hosting a party for the feared chieftainesses of wimmin’s lib […]

Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest president in the history of ever, and those who do not show him adequate fealty are instantly thrown into the Den of Despair (i.e., Joe Biden’s hamper full of dirty boxer briefs.) Let us journey now into Wonkette’s very own “Week in Review”-esque weekly review of our Dear Leader’s […]

Greetings, liberal larvae! I hope you enjoyed your Dear Leader’s Most Sacred and Honorable Birthday Week in the appropriate fashion: prostrating yourself at the Virgin of Obamalupe altar you’ve built in the corner of your shack with colorful tin cans and wee little milagros depicting Michelle, Sasha and Malia with glorious halos. Other things happened […]

Why hello, liberal political fetus monsters! It’s time once again for the only weekly feature on the Internet, “Barry Can You Hear Me?” In case you are new to this game, this is the special place where we celebu-stalk Barack Obama via God’s own newsreel, West Wing Week. Let us see what this terrible (black) […]

Haha, what “happened” this week in Barack Obama’s life? Nothing of great import, surely! Except for OWNING comedy and OWNING assassination, that is! That weird scraping sound you hear is the sound of Barry’s GIANT BALLS being dragged around the country, while we collectively open wide our American Mouthhole to lovingly teabag him in the […]

Greetings, asshandlers! ‘Tis I, the greatest of Friday authoresses, here to impart wisdom and Journalistik Insightz about something other than the fucking Great White Wedding of the Year. While it is funzies to watch a nice rich inbred “English” boy whose real surname is “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha” mix up the gene pool with fresh blood […]

What a week, amiright? Whew! The handsomest president on Earth traveled around the country doing handsome presidential things, while we ended common decency forever and also GLEE returned! Let us dive into the deep pit of sexy that is Barack Obama‚Äôs daily shed-jewel. We will be sure to speak slowly and use tiny words in […]

This column is a tribute to the handsomest man on Earth, Barack Hussein Syriana Obama, but it is also an ode to our nation’s finest pornographic weekly serial, West Wing Week. Come now, and fap away as I unveil the newest seductive visual pleasures from this hot, frothy source of political propaganda.

Aloha, unrepentant liberals! ‘Tis I, your noble weekly columnist, showing up for work for frigging once. I’ve been writing a book so as to pay the bills in this roaring U.S. economy. Bills are of course the toasters in the bathtub of the world, and my fear of them is commensurate only with my love […]