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We know you love your son. But maybe don't blame him raping a woman on 'promiscuity'.

Donald Trump had a shit weekend, with people standing up to him and all kinds of other nonsense. UNFAIR TO TRUMP!

Who is David French? A weirdo scary man control monster freak. David French for president, yayyyyyy!

The Washington Post explains Jerry Brown's 'lukewarm' endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Lucky mindreaders at the Washington Post!

Remember the time Donald Trump bought an airline, and the whole thing was a hilarious failure? You don't? Well, the Boston Globe reported out the whole delightful story, from the tuxedoed waiters and the...
Fame and fortune except the fortune part.

Don't you want to meet Wonkette's Evan Hurst, the gay one with the filthy mouth?

Bill Clinton had been told by his wife in no uncertain terms that he was done yelling at black people. Why didn't he go to Santa Fe, and make some new friends there? Santa...

You know how Libertarians "love" freedom of speech and of the press and of religion and of the right to assemble and of the right to keep their homes free from quartering troops against...

Paul Ryan is making mouth sounds again claiming to be soooo bipartisan, and thoughtful, and not like those other dicks in the Republican party and the House, which he is the head of. Paul...
It's a mystery!

Megan McArdle, libertarianess, has been doing some Thinkering, and holy fuckballs! Cogitating, she was, about who is really to blame for the rise of Trump and racism in the Republican Party, and she is...

What should Hillary Clinton's hobby be? Knitting, or genocide?

Donald Trump called Miss Universe from Venezuela 'Miss Housekeeping.' He loves the Spanishes!
Oh good, more opinions from this guy.

Ted Nugent is neither dead nor in jail. DOES have thoughts on Bernie Sanders.

Paul Krugman did not actually say anything sexist about Hillary Clinton. That was Salon.

Two very sexy Tennessee pastors were among 32 people arrested recently for responding to ads promising to let them have sex with underage girls. A sting by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation netted the men,...

Bernie Sanders DECLARES WAR by endorsing Debbie Wasserman Schultz's congressional primary opponent. We endorsed that dude aaages ago.

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