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Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca is the owner, editrix and publisher of Wonkette. She was in newspapers for a very long time. Follow her on the Twitter. She is currently on maternity leave, so you didn't just read this post.

Congress Looking Up Putin’s Skirt, Now-ish! Let’s Peep Together!

Watching the Russian hacking hearings? Might as well watch them at your wonkette!
Smiling Trump is the only thing scarier than shouty Trump

Donald Trump And Arnold Schwarzenegger Will See Each Other In Hell

Did you used to watch Donald Trump's teevee show, "Celebrity Apprentice"? It wasn't very good. All these idiots would run around, and every task came down to "how much money did you raise," which they would all do by...

Assholes Film Selves Torturing Mentally Disabled White Guy, So More Race War To Look Forward To, Yay

You won't see the video here! It's a safe space and whatnot.

Intel Committee: Snowden Gave Our Sh*t To Russia Because He’s A Typical F*cking Millennial

The House Intelligence Committee does not care for Edward Snowden's hijinks!

Thank You Dearheart Wonkette Lovers!

Thank you for being with us this year. In return, we give you BABY PICTURES.

Sad Man Asks Why Won’t Democrats Just Hate Gays And Bortions More? We Answer! (BOY DO WE ANSWER)

Obama's head of outreach to religious people is very mad Democrats won't do outreach to religious people. Also, we may have had a small stroke because GOD DAMMIT GRRRRRRRRR.

National Review Mansplains ‘Feminism’ All Over Poor Princess Leia :(

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Also, your open thread!

‘House Hunters’ And ‘Fixer Upper’ Are The Opiates Of The Masses. AND THAT’S FINE BY US

Would you read us more if we were just House Hunters recaps? Oh, also, your OPEN THREAD.

Eric Trump’s ‘Charity’ Helped Ugly Children Get New Noses

Good lord, Eric Trump's 'charity' was a hot mess.

Happy Christmas, This Trump Idiot Wants Michelle Obama To Get Gorilla-Raped Ha Ha Ha Ha

Trump pal Carl Paladino had bad thoughts. If only -- if ONLY -- we could wish him into the cornfield

Fine, The Trumps Will Take Their ‘Charity’ And Go Home!

FUN FACT! When you're raising money for a charity, it doesn't have to get laundered in your 'charity' first!

Some Guy Yelled At Ivanka Trump On A Plane And Everyone Is All OH MY STARS!

Should you yell at Ivanka Trump in front of her kids? Let's wonksplore!

Here Is A Funny Joke For You! Your Wednesday Night Open Thread!

It's a very bad joke, we are for shame.

Maybe ‘Defend The Klan’ Wasn’t The *Best* ‘Persuasive Writing’ Assignment For Seventh Graders

This charter school teacher for Trump's Secretary of Education!