Sometimes I am a very bad liberal. Trigger warnings and waaahing about #rapeculture make me want to yell at all the baby feminists. I am not good at Intersectionalism. Don’t care about drones. And now I honest to God don’t know why we’re supposed to be mad about the Google Bus. I get it like […]

What have we got on tap for you at our sister site in Our Glorious Empire today? Miley Cyrus’s boob and nipple? Check. The nice Christian lady who didn’t even freak out about her Double Satan Macchiatos we already told you about? Yup. This very bad Vegas nightclub not being racially transcendent? Oh absolutely. Colbert […]

Thanks a lot, BARACK NOBAMA and his New Black Panther Attorney General No-Eric Holder! First you came for the Democrats, sure, but Michelle Malkin was right: that was just a smokescreen for when you would eventually try to arrest Pat Boone! Now, we hate to criticize our partner in crime and giving us money, Newsmax, […]

What is the world even coming to when a nice Catholic Louisiana lady gets a pentagram and a 666 drawn in her Starbucks foam — and complains gently, mildly, kindly even, without even a threat to sue, boycott, or boycottsue! She doesn’t even claim to be persecuted on account of her faith! Shaking my damn […]

So Airbnb is all like, Hey city of New York, you should totally charge our hosts the same bed tax you would charge hotels, and then use that money for nice homeless stuff! And people are like “frownyface with mad eyes phurble argle murp!” And also, “sniff, those costs are just going to get passed […]

Do you ever feel like maybe Bristol Palin and her mom, Moose, are projecting a little bit? Here, for instance, is “Bristol’s” latest bloog post, about how she enjoys the Bible and choosing life, and how pro-choice people are constantly “spewing violence” toward pro-life folks. Like, they are probably murdering pro-life people right there in […]

That Michelle Obama, always with the evilling, and the Hitlering, like some kind of Evil Hitler. It is like you cannot even turn around in this once-great nation without running into the First Lady of the United States doing something evilly Hitlerian, for instance, encouraging people to drink more water, or encouraging people to sign […]

Joe Biden, he’s this guy. He’s a big dumb jerk of a guy who thinks illegal immigrants are “American,” as even if. “Eleven million people living in the shadows I believed are already American citizens,” Biden said. “These people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully, and by that […]

In today’s edition of Things We Didn’t Already Crosspost Here, we have Klingon Nerd Beer for Nerds, Our Terrible Brackets (Jeff wouldn’t let me choose EVERY underdog for EVERY sportsball match, despite the fact I almost won ALL THE DOLLARS once exacta-ing the top two longshots, but then I forgot to box them, or I […]

Did you all know Barack Obama is gallivanting around the world, telling the Hague he is going to blow up Manhattan we think (?) and then jetting off to see his fellow communist, New Pope, Francis I? Who does he think he is? Russell Crowe? We did not even know our Barry was gone, since […]

Dear Hotty Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon, The Touch, the Sigh, the Moment when we wake at Night, in a cold sweat knowing it was just a dream and you are as far from us as you can be, because of how you will probably be going to prison. Our darling, how long must we be […]

Perhaps when you first saw the terrible evidence piling up against Oscar Pistorius in the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, you were saddened by the emotional abuse. Or maybe it was because she seemed wonderful: strong and nice and feministy and awesome. Of course, if you’re Nancy Grace, the important thing was Pistorius liked […]

Hey Gawker! Hey! Hey! Gawker! Over here! Gawker! Can you maybe do five more investigative pieces on whether or not (haha, jk jk) Shep Smith, our favorite of all Fox News’s catty bitches, is gay? You can? Can you yell him at a party things like ARE YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU’RE ADMITTING YOU ARE GAY? […]

Here is this lady, Joni Ernst. She is a Republican running for the US Senate in Iowa! As she sexplains in her homey, aw-shucks, not-a-witch-she’s-you youtube campaigner video, she grew up castrating hogs. Now she is going to go to Washington and make them “squeal.” Gross, Joni Ernst. That’s just fucking gross.