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Trump Doesn’t Like Being Leaked On

No, *besides* the Russian pee hookers, we mean.

Trump Quite Miffed They Didn’t Tell Him What Was In All Those Thingummies He Signed

The New York Times, for all its post-Jill-Abramson fuckery, has a pleasure of a story for us today, and it includes charming anecdotes about Trump aides holding meetings in the dark because how many Trumpers does it take to flip...
What does that even mean? I give you my chin?

How Many Justices On The Supreme Court? Eight. For The Next Four Years.

Eight justices today. Eight justices tomorrow. Eight justices FOR EVER.

Your Wonkette Livebloog Of Trump’s SCOTUS Pi … Just Kidding, Let’s All Watch 30 Rock Instead!

Don't say we never gave you nothing! Oh yeah also: your open thread!
Sheriffs don't have to know nothing 'bout birthing no babies

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Proves He Is Fascist, Sh*thead, Shouldn’t Be In Charge Of A Rest Stop Bathroom

David Clarke has 'thoughts' on the Muslim Ban protest. Also, is the White House still defying all those judges? It turns out: yes!

NYC, Get Out To JFK! Time To Do Some #RESISTANCE!

Put on your protesting shoes, New York City. You have an urgent assignment, and it starts NOW.

Girl Park Ranger Joins Pantheon Of Superheroes! Your Weekly Top 10!


Oh Hey They Punched That Nazi Again

Punching Nazis: How often should you do it?

Hi Handsome, Wise Donald Trump, Here Is Why You Should Nominate Hillary Clinton To The Supreme Court!

Here, President Trump, we made you a really good idea!

Cards Against Humanity Job Posting Is The Greatest Thing You Will See Today

Also the greatest? YOUR OPEN THREAD!