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Alton Sterling matters. Black Lives Matter.

Wonkette, it's this blog, you probably don't know it. But maybe your mom does? She is probably like "I love Wonkette, because it is for old people like me who are spending your inheritance...

Did you leave the house this weekend for funtimes and splodey things? Did you not turn on your infernal computing machine even once, except for pr0n? Did you manage to wake up this morning...

Tony, he's this guy. Sure, you may think he's just some bro asshole douche man who at 31 lives with his parents so he can spend his $130k salary (lol, Canadian) on bottle service...

Mr. Never Missed A Meal real sorry he didn't care about your sick kid, you lousy deadbeat taker.

Poor Paul Ryan. All he wants to do is starve some grannies and force-feed imaginary schoolkids paper-bag lunches and repeal Obamacare one million times and also have people think he is sober and thoughtful...

Get out your vegan artisanal freerange lube of choice, because now WE MASTURBATE!

Ivanka Trump lies like that thing on her father's head.

Last year, we wondered at you just how stupid you were legally permitted to be in Texas; now, thanks to the nine (all-Republican!) unelected (?) judges in robe on the Texas Supreme Court, we...
You too can scam your way to the Republican nomination. Ask me how!

Moody's analyzed Donald Trump's economic plans. They are very bad, if what you want is "an economy."

You can say one thing about Donald Trump: he definitely surrounds himself with only the best.

Anonymous hedge fund managers want to know: Why won't Elizabeth Warren stop breaking the economy?

The transcripts will be redacted to avoid the part where the shooter claimed to be a big ol' ISIS-loving terror jerk.

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