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Watch where you point that thing, bub

Infowars’s Alex Jones Says Your Wonkette Is ‘Fake News.’ We Are For Shamed :(

Guy who thinks Hillary Clinton is possessed by *actual demons* calls us, the New York Times, and The Economist 'fake news.' Cool story bro.

This Nice Wackjob Christianist Lady Mighta Just Outlawed Every Abortion In Ohio

Also thinks Obama is a Russian plant and gay marriage caused Noah's flood.

Let’s All Watch Jake Tapper Ride Mike Pence’s Ass Like A Jewish Grandma Force-Feeding You Kugel

Jake Tapper is a schnauzer on Mike Pence's pant leg.
dana rohrabacher (right) R, The Taliban

Dana Rohrabacher (R-The Taliban) For Secretary Of State? LOL They Are Just F*cking With Us Now

Donald Trump is having a real hard time filling his cabinet! There are only so many Christianist lunatics who don't believe in public schools to run the department of Education, and actual mustache-twirling villains foreclosing on 90-year-old women over...

We Made You This HELL. NO. Blue Baseball Cap, Because Donald Trump Can F*ck Himself Is Why

There's three million more of us and we're not slinking away.
OMG the socialists are coming! Need Moar GOLD!

Fun With Steven Mnuchin! Trump’s Treasury Pick Foreclosed On Old Lady Over Twenty-Seven Cents

How to make a billion dollars: First, buy a bank! Then foreclose on a 90-year-old lady over a check that's 27 cents short.

Official Wonkette Election Post Mortem Puts Blame Where It Belongs: On Anthony Weiner’s Dick

Anthony Weiner's dick may be the end of the world.

Laugh Joyously Along With These Russian Ice Dancers Performing ‘The Holocaust’!


Our Man In Havana

Kindness and gentleness in Cuba, where the only ugly idiots were us.

Fat And Happyish, We Made It Through Another One Mostly Alive. Your Weekly Top Ten!

Important stories for you to read ... who're we kidding, PIX OF BABBY AND DOKTOR ZOOM!

Buy Almost Nothing Today Except For Our Family-Owned Small-Business Jazzy Funtimes Politicks Stuff!

It's Buy Nothing Day! But you can still buy our fabulous Christmasy presents tomorrow!

Real Piece Of Sh*t White Guy Doesn’t Understand Why He Has To Stay In Jail For Killing Black Boy

He said the way he saw it, he just got another piece of trash off the street.
Leadership fail

Trump Picks Woman For UN Ambassador Who Isn’t Actually A Monster In Human Form, So … Great!

Nikki Haley did a good thing once. Which is better than all the possible cabinet picks who HAVEN'T.
Get ready to be sick of winning

CBS News Magically Turns Boos Into Cheers For Infallible God King Donald Trump

'Cheers,' CBS? Uh ... sure. Yes. Let's go with that.