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Info: Rebecca is the editor and publisher of Wonkette. She is the author of Commie Girl in the O.C., a collection of her OC Weekly columns, and the former editor of LA CityBeat. Go visit her Commie Girl Collective, and follow her on the Twitter!

Here Is A Picture Of Mitt Romney’s Grandchildren Inside A Giant Vagina

  where's the teeth?
Mitt Romney went camping and he was all blah blah blah the American West and air conditioning and ...
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Why Won’t These Jerk Homeless People Give This Cool Cigar Guy All Their Money?

  smoking big cigars
Oh man, aren’t poor people the worst? Like, there you are, “working and playing” in ...
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Scott Brown: Why Are Democrats Insisting On F*cking Obamacare, Right In The Ear?

  senator staplecrotch
This should be fun
Scott Brown, that pretty fella who used to be Massachusetts’s junior senator till he got his ...
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Dumb Sheriff Doesn’t Even Agree With Fox & Friends That Illegal Immigrants Should Be Left To Die

  stfu brian kilmeade
Brian Kilmeade got a GOTCHA on some dumb Texas “sheriff,” when he played 911 tapes of ...
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Area Woman Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Sandra Fluke’s ‘Totalitarian’ Vagina

  doctor heal thyself
You probably remember Sandra Fluke. She’s the nice young lady who testified to Congress about ...
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Bryan Fischer Thinking Good Thoughts About AIDS Researchers Dying On Plane. No, Really. He’s Thinking ‘Good’

  so lange and thanks
Three hundred-ish people died on the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over the Ukraine yesterday. ...
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House GOP Has Final Solution For Border Children: Keep Them All In Baby Jail

  go to baby jail go directly to baby jail
You may be surprised to learn that the GOP wants to repeal and replace a thing, but this time they ...
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