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Liveblogging New Press Sec Anthony Scaramucci As He Hypnotizes Us Like The Jungle Book Snake!

How is today different from all other days? Spicer out, a new sheriff in the comms department, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders turning on the idiot box!

Welcome To Trump Country, Comrade! It’s Kremlin, Montana, Population: YOU!

You know what you need in Trump Country? Pictures of this WONKETTE GRANDBABY.

Wonkette Now More Securerer Than Trump Hotels!

Hi there stranger, buy a lady a drink?

Sarah Palin Literally Just Went Full Nazi. This Is Not A Drill.

We're seriously not kidding.

The Student Becomes The Master Of The Stupidest Man On The Internet

If we don't blow them, who will?

Trump Wanders Lonely As A Cloud

Donald Trump is wandering off again.

Literally Anyone Else 2020! Now Your Head Is Not Naked!

In Not Trump's name we pray, amen. Be less naked, and OPEN THREAD!

Chris Christie Beaches Himself

Oh no Chris Christie eated all the beaches!

May We Have Some More Please?

Feed the baby.

And Lo Unto Wonkette A Grandchild Is Born


Fuckin’ A, People, It’s Not That Hard: The Trans-Cis-Woman Sister Act

It turns out some questions ARE that hard! Your new Wonkette advice column!

Dear Abby Shits Bed

How should I talk to other parents about guns? NEVER! NEVER TALK TO OTHER PARENTS ABOUT GUNS!