Don’t know if you heard, but some Real Shit went down yesterday in Boston, and there are pictures on Reddit of people’s leg bones sticking out all over the place, and at least three people are dead, and now LaGuardia is being evacuated or something. Yesterday, the 2013 Boston Marathon was bombed. Today, there’s really […]

The New York Times posted an op-ed online Sunday night that’s jarring not only because of its content but because of its very existence: It’s a column from a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay that explains how degrading and painful it is to be force fed while trying to hold a hunger strike to protest his […]

It’s a situation that’s happened before, but it’s aggravating every time it happens: There are some environmental groups in Wyoming who requested documents about fracking from the state’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, see, and state officials and courts and the governor and everybody have gotten into a contest over who can dive on top […]

The Supreme Court yesterday heard oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Prop 8 gay marriage case. It was to be an intriguing day for observers of the anti-gay movement, because when you go before the Supreme Court, you are not allowed to use arguments like “gays are gross” and “Jesus does not like this,” […]

A Republican did a good thing today, guys. In a story that came out mere moments after midnight, it was revealed that Ohio Sen. Rob Portman is now in favor of gay marriage. It’s true! He didn’t always feel that way, but he’s been thinking a lot, and talking to a lot of folks, and […]

As you found out a few weeks ago, we are on the Family Research Council’s mailing list. And as we found out yesterday, they are still doing that fun thing where they can look at polls and say, “Nah, that’s not the real thing that is real, we are going to make one up.” We […]

Yesterday was Connecticut’s “Women’s Day at the Capitol,” an annual get-together in which entire office buildings are full of women. This is a great thing to do — it’s an exciting day of discussion and learning, sure, but who really cares about that? It’s great because — did you know? — all those women… have […]

Are you in graduate school to get a counseling degree? Are you a Christian? Do you hate having to talk to sluts and gays? Well you are in luck! The Tennessee state legislature is standing up for your religious freedom to be as bigoted in your professional life as you are in your private one! […]

Congratulations are in order to Jorge Bergoglio, who was elected pope of the world yesterday. It’s a little shady how he collected enough votes, and maybe there was some voter fraud among the cardinals, but Bergoglio is the one, no denying that. What we can deny, however, is that he is eligible. Maybe he is, […]

We have been so very concerned for our dear friend Willard, who has lost too many elections now to be able to keep trying not to lose them. Where would he go? What would he do? A man’s gotta eat, and when you can only scrape together $13.7 million a year by continuing to exist, […]

Existing abortion rulings — including that big shiny one from the Supreme Court — make it pretty clear: Women have a right to abortion access in the period before the child is viable outside the womb. Unable to push time restrictions back much further than around 20 weeks, anti-abortion legislators have instead resorted to other […]

Hey! Check out C-SPAN2! Sen. Rand Paul has been talking, without pause, since 1997, and today he accidentally wandered in front of a microphone, and now the Senate can’t vote on John Brennan becoming CIA director! After 115 cloture motions in the 112th Congress (not including that time Mitch McConnell filibustered… himself), we finally get […] is a pretty cool website, at least for the people who say “pro-life” instead of “anti-abortion.” It brings together all the news that makes abortion look like it is not only killing full-grown toddlers, but their mothers and families and probably priests too. It’s the go-to place to see the abortion narratives in the […]

We thought maybe it was time for a quick reminder about the whole “gay marriage” issue, as it’s been a while since somebody said something hyperbolic about it, and we were worried that perhaps you’d forgotten how horrible gay marriage was, and about how letting two people fill out some legal paperwork is the exact […]

When Buzzfeed tells you that a “covert Malaysian campaign touched a wide range Of American media,” do not go thinking it is actually a “wide range.” The covert campaign touched a cabal of flag-waving right-wing columnists who, it seems, are so pumped about the free market that they are willing to just take money in […]