It is easy to forget sometimes that D.C. area event planner Politico actually won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012. Not for their morning-winning, afternoon-winning news coverage, mind you, (lol, u guys.) but for their editorial cartoons, drawn by this guy Matt Wuerker. Like many a baby boomer — man — Wuerker used to be cool, […]

There are some Americans who believe that Cartoon Violence doesn’t solve anything. “Stay out!” they say. “Let the cartoonists fight it out amongst themselves. It’s a quagmire.” If, however, after all of those dead links and all of those wasted art supplies, there is still no end in sight, then I say the time has […]

Federal stormtroopers of the New World Order have leveled six counts of wire fraud and six counts of extortion on 34-year-old Michael Mancil Brown, alleging that the Tennessee-based information entrepreneur sought a $1 million angel investment from Mitt Romney for a data privacy start-up. The pitch — which Brown is also accused of sending to […]

Everyone who works for the government is a secret agent now. Their mission: spy on their coworkers just to make sure nobody leaks information — classified, unclassified or totally obvious — to the American public, but especially that Glenn Greenwald guy. (Yeesh, that guy. Amirite, General?) So, how does one educate these career civil servants […]

Last year, it took Occupy less than three weeks to reallocate $2 million in government-funded aid to working men and women in New York City, in the form of overtime pay to the city’s police department. This year, some in the movement hope to achieve this goal sooner — and judging from the police turnout […]

Did you know that God kicked some angel named/representing Truth out of Heaven? It was way back in Genesis times. Evidently, Truth was all like, “If you create that Adam guy, he’s gonna make all these other humans who are just gonna start lying and fighting each other.” Then, God was like, “Truth, you’re fired.” […]