America’s #1 internationally famous web-only human being Meg McCabe will be hosting The View today, widely considered to be the Oscars and Grammys combined of February 4th. Anyone remember if this show is live? Anyone think Googling would be “worth it”? [Twitter]

Everyone hates Barack Obama extra much today for speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, which is racist against gays. Basically every President since Hillary Clinton has attended this thing, but Obama is in trouble because some of the hosts of this year’s breakfast—obviously a group with the word “Family” in the name—want to… guess what […]

Alexi Giannoulias is a Democrat running for Senate in Illinois. Here is the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s anti-Alexi Giannoulias attack ad that is basically season two of the Wire (the Greeks, not the Poles or the blacks) plus the Sopranos finale, minus Journey, divided by Rod Blagojevich. [Ben Smith]

Let’s all play this game in which we try to guess Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s bonus. Won’t be depressing at all. [New York Times] Toyota recalled many Priuses (Prii?) because of brake problems. Although, if a car crashes and ceases to exist, can you even imagine how that will like erase its carbon footprint? […]

Everyone very respectfully say “cya bye” to “Scorecard,” one of the POLITICO’s many manifestations that sound like they might have to do with a sex thing, but tragically do not. And as POLITICO is incapable of writing about events that it cannot force into the narrative of a campaign, “Scorecard” has already been replaced by […]

Casual warmonger Daniel Pipes is as serious about this as he is that mustache.

Autocratic mayor of Facebook Sarah Palin needs a new feud, because no one has paid her any attention in like a week. And luckily for Palin, it seems her Google Alert for “Rahm Emanuel retarded” is solid fucking gold today, as she has declared war with Emanuel for referring to attempts to pressure Senate centrists […]

Barack Obama is snubbing the European continent of Europe by declining to attend a US-EU summit in Europe’s Madrid. The Spanish Prime Minister spent all last night telling Obama how much he hated him, likely in Spanish: “The Spanish prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero [...] was described as angry and embarrassed, and European officials […]

The Tea Party Convention thing in Nashville will be broadcast on teevee, for a reason that apparently exists. [New York Times] Abstinence-only education works after all, which means the government will probably deploy a slightly re-worked “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (Anything)” policy in our nation’s middle schools. [Washington Post] Obama’s asked for $230 million in […]

Last night, during the State of the Union, Fox News’ Major Garrett accidentally showed his support for a Las Vegas-based consortium of whores via Twitter. See, he Tweeted: “To overcome the numbing weight of our politics” and other Obama SOTU excerpts Wed 27 Jan 18:22.” Except this URL does not redirect to whatever inane […]

Although, you can tell it’s probably more of an A-, which is essentially just a B+ that wept in the professor’s office after class. Also, it so good the poll is set against the background of outer space, because of the word “scientific.” [Fox News/A+ for tipster "Melissa P.'s" first year as President of the […]

Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney’s blood-thirsty web-only hobbyhorse, has this new ad criticizing Barack Obama for his gay marriage to due process. Obama “read the Christmas Day bomber his Miranda Rights… instead of interrogating him.” Also something about Eric Holder not disclosing the location of Ground Zero (?). Oh but can you guess which White […]

Samuel Alito was on his absolute worst behavior last night, mouthing “not true, not true” when Obama criticized last week’s Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to download elections and politicians from iTunes. Anyway, sad thing for many South Carolinans today, when they eventually find out they cannot elect Samuel Alito. [TPMtv]

For the record, Obama is totally into jobs now, not health care. [New York Times] Obama also called for a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which means all those Facebook petitions worked!! [Los Angeles Times] Meet this latest thing you will own! It is called the iPad, and has literally no function other than […]

Ha, oh this clown. But why is he not “following” Meghan McCain, the John McCain of Meghan McCain’s Twitter? [Twitter]