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Info: Jack Stuef is your loyal editor and a freelance satirist or something like that. He is a contributing writer for The Onion. E-mail him or whatever.

Wonk’d: Neocon Expo

This week, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Dick Gephardt, Alberto Gonzalez, Zell Miller, Strom ...
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Wonkette Answers: Our Plans

Haha, what the hell was this feature? Did people really care about who the person who wrote this blog ...
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Washingtonienne Update!

  the d.c. gossip
Considering this is Retro Day, and Wikipedia says some word vomit called a ...
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The Heart Bleats On

  daily briefing dept.
• Wonkette editor Jack Stuef decides to make this Retro Day, celebrating the rich, vile history ...
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