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Rand Paul Is Also A Minority And Will Lead His Libertarian People Out of Bondage

  go down rand paul way down in egypt-land
you get an f! and you get an f! you all get f's!
Poor Rand Paul. It’s hard out there for a libertarian, what with The Man always trying to keep him ...
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Google Gaffes, Gets Dippy Dana Rohrabacher In High Dudgeon Over Dinesh D’Souza’s New Doc

  birth of a notion
It is strange goddamn times we live in when Dana Rohrabacher says something astoundingly, ...
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Todd Kincannon Fights For His Right To Be A Dick Without Little Hindrances Like “Professional Standards Of Conduct”

  dicks in the news
It has been some time since we checked in on the antics of sexxxy dick pic sexxxter Todd Kincannon, ...
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