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Poor Oppressed Alabama Police Chief Suspended Just For Making HILARIOUS Rape Jokes

We're not sure if there's ever a good time for a rape joke. But we're sure that THIS ISN'T IT.

Judge Rules Trump ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Executive Order As Unconstitutional As All The Other Ones

If we didn't know better, we'd say that the courts think Donald Trump is full of shit!

Mar-A-Lago Partygoers Fete Their Favorite Charity: Donald Trump

Today in RICH PEOPLE ARE FUCKING CRAZY ... Responds To Roy Moore’s Lawyer’s Sad Pathetic Threat Letter, After It Finally Stops Laughing will neither cease nor desist. Good day, Sir. They said GOOD DAY!

Don’t Panic Wonkers, But It Seems That Donald Trump May Be … POOR!!!

Wait, Trump was lying about his net worth? Clutch the damn pearls!

Hurry Up And Defrost That Turkey, Michael Flynn! You Might Be In Jail By Thursday!

Cannot wait to see someone wipe the smirk off that little Pizzagate bastard!

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Does Not Have Time For Mitch McConnell’s Shit!

Mitch McConnell has A PLAN to save the Alabama Senate Seat. He'll get a woman to save his bacon. That'll work.

We’d Almost Feel Sorry For Kayla Moore If She Wasn’t Such A Lyin-Ass Scammer

And the missus is a piece of work, too!

Trump Judge Nom/Horror Novelist Brett Talley Was A Ghosthunter, And Dammit We’re Starting To Like Him (But Not That Much)

He's a white guy who graduated from law school. What's the problem?

Republicans Freaking Out That Dixie Diddler Roy Moore Might Actually WIN

Republicans gotta dance with the one that brung 'em!

Did Grossly Unqualified Judicial Nom Brett Talley FORGET He Was Married To A White House Official??? How ODD!!!

You just knew there had to be back story, right? AND IT'S GOOD. (Well, it's terrible. But you know what we mean.)

Meet Brett Talley, The Horror Novelist Who’s Never Tried A Case And Is Going To Be Judge Of You

Sure, this guy has never tried a case and blogs (approvingly!) about armed takeover of the United States. BUT HE'S A REPUBLICAN!

Trump: Who Am I Gonna Believe, The Deep State Or Putin, An Innocent Man!

Trump takes Putin's word on election hacking, ignores "hacks" at CIA, FBI, DNI and NSA. This is fine!

Robert Mueller All The Way Up Talking Hemorrhoid Stephen Miller’s Butt. That Can’t Be Comfy!

Can't we please just send this talking hemorrhoid to jail TODAY????

Is Manafort’s Ex-Son-In-Law Jeffrey Yohai Blabbing To The FBI RIGHT NOW About All Pauly’s Shady Shit? MAAAAAYBE!

Doncha just hate it when you do crimes with your son-in-law and then your daughter gets divorced and the feds try to flip the little bastard against you! Ugggggghhhhh!