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Pervert Governor Eric Greitens Tells Missouri GOP To Come And Take It

Couldn't happen to a nicer political party!

A Unified Theory Of WHAT THE FUCK Michael Cohen And Sean Hannity! It Might Even Be Right!

No, but seriously! What the hell happened yesterday?

Michael Cohen Real Fucked

He is so, so fucked.

Now Is The Time For Fifty Shades Of Missouri Gov Eric Greitens To GET THE FUCK OUT

The party of family values strikes again!

Oh, Shit! He’s Really Going To Do It! Everybody PANIC!

They say marching is the new brunch!

Not That The Trump Boys Would Threaten A Foreign Government, BUT …

Sure would be a shame if something were to happen to Panama.

A Very Sober And Serious Lawsplainer Of Michael Cohen’s WORLD OF SHIT

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!