Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst is the Senior Editor of Wonkette. He spends his days deflecting the sad glances of his black lab, Lula, who would please like him to stop typing letters to the internet and throw the squeaky chicken in the backyard instead. Though the internet does not give him credit, it's probably his fault Aaron Schock is no longer a congressperson, due how Evan would not stay off his tail during the SCANDALS. (Not in a sex way, in a writing way!) Also, he writes songs and plays the piano, at the same time! Lastly, Evan is a Southern person, and thus is casting polite judgment on you, right now, for reading this. Bless your heart.
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Evan's Tour D'America continues!

How could Ted Cruz fail to endorse Donald Trump? That is what Peggy Noonan would like to know.

President Obama also says he didn't have time to watch the RNC, due to "busy." What, was he on an important vacay or something?
Yep, she's worried. Look at the fear in her eyes.

With bonus Tweets from Bernie Sanders and greatest congressional Tweeterer ever, John Dingell!

No for real that happened, CLICK TO LEARN THE STORY.

We guess they could have, but they probably didn't.

Jonah Goldberg is in this bar right now but we haven't decided how to sexxxily start a conversation yet.


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Also, Wonkette made America great again, because it was on our hat.

You guys, Cleveland is NUTS. And also kinda chill, also too.

Remember when Newt Gingrich said something sensitive about the black experience in America? He's done doing that now.

Hi, Wonkers! It is time for your top ten funsies post, because it is the weekend and you DESERVE IT. We are on our way to the GOP convention, so we are writing this...

Josh reportedly believes "external forces" caused him to molest his family and bang porn stars. OK.
He seems nice.

We got all your sexxxy dirt on Mike Pence RIGHT HERE.

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