After a bunch of Skeet Truthers totally didn’t believe that Obama goes skeet-shooting at Camp David (because of how he is gay), the White House actually released a photo on Saturday of Obama firing a rifle. Yes, they really did that. It even has an official credit and everything: “President Barack Obama shoots clay targets […]

Marco Rubio’s camp is firing back at Sen David Vitter (R-The Best Little Whorehouse In D.C.). After Vitter said Rubio was “nuts” for wanting to pass an immigration reform bill, a “source close to Rubio” sent an unsolicited e-mail to Politico: “David Vitter has done some nuttier things in his life.”

Here’s a little humor from, um, down under. At a reception for the Australian and West Indies cricket teams, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s longtime boyfriend, Tim Mathieson, took the time to discuss his work in men’s health awareness. “We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way […]

This might be the first time ever that right-wingers accused a black man of not having a gun. OB (Original Birther) Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) appeared Monday night on CNN, and totally didn’t believe that Obama goes skeet-shooting, as he told the New Republic. “If he is a skeet-shooter, why have we not heard of this? […]

Rep. Steve King (R-Red Dawn) has a new grievance against gun-registration proposals: They would ruin his family’s Christmas. Speaking to the birther conspiracy site World Net Daily, King castigated Democratic proposals in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre. “And I look at the President’s argument on background checks. That would mean that every […]

In a major victory for democracy, Republican leaders in Florida have declared that they are against stealing a presidential election. Yes. Really. In the wake of a new legislative push by some Republicans in Virginia — who want to make it so Democrats can only get 4 of the state’s 11 Electoral Votes, after Barack […]

Come on. What difference does it make that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, last seen getting clowned by Hillary Clinton, wasn’t at the intelligence briefing on Benghazi? At John Kerry’s somnolent confirmation hearing for Secretary of State on Thursday, Kerry showed up Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Galt’s Gulch), on the latter’s very serious public crusade to get […]