Friday, May 15 through Sunday, May 17: Some 19 professional artists living around Dupont and Logan circles are opening their studio doors to a public astonished that it’s still possible to make a living, period, let alone do it via art. The “cultural pub crawl,” which for the curious reportedly has some food and drink […]

Closing Sunday, May 10: OMG, Lincoln is dying ALL OVER AGAIN on Sunday, when the lovely Library of Congress exhibit boasting a gagillion artifacts in his honor is shutttered for all time. With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition includes such ephemera as the oldest known copy of the Gettysburg address, inaugural speeches […]

If you mark the beginning of Spring in DC by the emergence of cherry blossoms, a resurrected Jesus, or homeless people sleeping in Dupont Circle, we regret to inform you that you’ve made a grievous error. Spring does not actually begin in DC until hordes of women and men alike don sundresses in a ritual […]

Friday, May 1: For those who never tire of sexytime with aging furry-chested musical icons, or at least proximities thereof, Super Diamond is for you. It’s not the “real” Neil Diamond, but are we so sure an original existed in the first place?

Opening Friday, May 1: PostSecret, the little art project-turned-meme that has joined Netflix in bravely justifying the continued existence of the US Postal Service, is returning to its roots with a month-long exhibit at Hillyer Art Center.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine, of Lincoln blood and dead fetus fame, is pursuing its mission of making the rest of DC vaguely uncomfortable through its observance of National Hairball Awareness Day. This “holiday,” which for the fact-checkers amongst us officially took place on Friday, April 24, exists for reasons unknown to your […]

Speakeasies, once prevalent during the last run-up to a depression, are curiously popular again in our not-at-all-dry DC. Though it’s not always clear what distinguishes a “speakeasy” from some other empty, expensive bar, the Gibson on U Street is probably described as such more often than any other watering hole in DC.

Tonight and Saturday, April 18: The Palace of Wonders is up to its usual shenanigans this weekend, starting with the The Olde City Sideshow tonight. A bevy of performers will be jamming swords and other gadgetry into themselves, for variety, with guest stars Hellcat Girls Burlesque.

DC is like the annoying little sister of decent American cities, hopping around from foot to foot and whining to bigger, fancier New York and San Francisco that it, too, can have big concerts and movie stars and such. And sometimes, it can!

Sunday, April 19: If you were too busy avoiding “hope” (Garth Brooks) to attend the free inaugural concert in January, then you have another chance to enjoy a free ride with the Green Apple Music Festival on the National Mall. You’ll have to endure some speeches about the environment (which, face it, will only hurt […]

Saturday, April 18: The Southern Foodways Alliance brings its roving Potlikking Film Festival to Johnny’s Half Shell on Capitol Hill. The Festival combines documentaries about chicken and sweet potato pie with actual for-the-eating Southern food from places like Vidalia and Creme. They are also lovingly doling out Jack Daniels and Flying Dog beer, commencing with […]

Closing Friday, April 17: We all know how your Wonkette feels about a certain New Yorker luminary, but one bad apple shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch. The Austrian Embassy is, for just a few more days, showing paintings and self-portraits by famous New Yorker cartoonist Peter Steiner. Free. [Embassy of Austria

With Wal-Mart the last remaining profitable enterprise on Earth these days, other businesses are having to find creative ways to attract and retain their poverty-stricken clientele. Recognizing how inflated their own alcohol prices can be, restaurants have been expanding upon a very useful carrot-and-stick approach: they make your food, and you bring the wine.

Tonight: DC comedian Seaton Smith is premiering his 10-episode web series premised on an unfortunate dude who suspects that an entire corporation exists for sole purpose of irritating him. “Annoy Charlie Smith Inc.” was filmed entirely in DC, probably right around the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival, for inspiration. The premier starts at Solly’s […]

Man, the Cold War, those were the days, right? Spy satellites, moon walking, cosmonauts — and all this, minus the constant lingering threat of nuclear annihilation, can be yours at the Out of This World Party on Saturday in the Warehouse Theater. This celebration of Soviet Yuri Gagarin, the winner of the “first human in […]