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Info: Doktor Zoom lives in Boise, Idaho. He acquired his pseudonym after being differently punctual to too many meetings. He is not a medical doctor, although he has a real PhD (in Rhetoric and Composition).

Deleted Comment of the Day: Cool Cigar Guy Is Cool, Panhandlers Are Terrorists

  ask not for whom the grifter grifts (duh it's himself)
Let's remember the real victim: Sarah Palin
Our story this morning about the bloviations of Redd Foxx comedy sketch escapee Abdul-Hakim Shabazz ...
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Sad Newspaper Editor Fired After Complaints About ‘Gaystapo,’ Proving The Gaystapo Is Real

  annals of free speach
The Gay City Rollers reunion tour
An Iowa newspaper editor who was fired after blogging about how The Gays are going to hell and taking ...
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George Takei Tells How He Was Sent To An Internment Camp At Age 5. And Somehow It’s Not Horrifying!

  bonus clipbait
We all love George Takei
Last night’s Daily Show brings us George Takei, who’s gone from pretend starship helmsman ...
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Iraqi Jerks Will Cut Off Your Clitoris, For Whatever The Islamic Version Of Jesus Is

  now for something really cheerful
#451607616 / You may have noticed that, apart from the supremely idiotic thoughts of ...
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Oopsies: Iowa Deputy Accidentally Shoots Into Car While ‘Helping’ With Medical Emergency

  who watches the clumsy watchers?
Image unrelated
Here’s a story that easily could have turned out awful but is ultimately nice time, though not ...
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Jon Stewart Can’t Believe How Obamacare Got Blown, Right In The Ear (Video)

It's Spanish for
The DC Circuit Court’s ruling on the ACA Tuesday was, according to everyone on cable, “a ...
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Michele Bachmann Demands To Know Why You Aren’t Begging To Know Her 2016 Plans

  don't you forget about me
She may run for president. Or she take up llama waltzing.
Look, would all you lamepants lamers in the lamestream media just stop obsessing about that dumb ...
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Idiots Wave Guns Around At Dealey Plaza To Prove Guns Never Hurt Anybody

  triumph of the wtf
Pink AR-15 is pink
A group of Constitution-loving patriots from Come And Take It Dallas — not the more familiar ...
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Sleazy Insurance Companies Want To Make You Get Insurance On Your Mobility Scooter. Thanks Obama!

  triumph of the wheel
No good-driver discount for TrukNutz?
From our “You’ve got to be effing kidding me” stringer at Bloomberg Businessweek ...
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Sarah Palin On Speed: Blames Sammy Hagar Because ‘Personal Responsibility’

  the screech remains the same
Sarah Can't Drive 55
Sarah Palin got into a bit of a whoopsie-daisy in Wasilla, Alaska, recently: TMZ says she got caught ...
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Cheery ‘Operation Save America’ Folks Stage Fun-Times Open-Casket ‘Wake’ For Aborted Fetus

  weird fetus fetish
You can pet the fetus, Jimmy. Go ahead, pet the fetus.
Oh, those fun-loving merry tricksters from “Operation Save America!” Last Sunday, the ...
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McDonalds Fires Mom Who Let Daughter Go To Park By Herself Because Who Wants A Troublemaker?

  derp mcnuggets
You want Arbeit Macth Fries with that?
Just because there’s almost no story that couldn’t stand to get a little uglier, ...
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John McCain Said Jon Stewart Often ‘Absolutely Wrong.’ That May Have Been A Bad Idea (Video)

Oh, it is ON
On Fox News recently, John McCain told Howard Kurtz that Jon Stewart was unfair to Republicans, but ...
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New Age Lady Forsakes Ramtha, Channels Jesse Helms And George Wallace Instead

  who the *bleep!* can we sue?
Well this is embarrassing, or would be if hucksters had any shame: JZ Knight, the New Age goofball ...
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Fun-Loving Anti-Abortion Pals Making New Friends! (Invading Unitarian Church, Calling Them Satan)

  in christ's name we prey
Unitarian Services, as imagined by Operation Save America
Just in case you thought that going to your own church might be a good way to avoid fundagelical ...
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Fourth Circuit Court Removes Judicial Dick From Obamacare’s Ear

  or maybe we can have nice things
Yeah, nobody could've seen this coming.
Hey, remember how we told you just a little while ago about how the DC Circuit Court had done ...
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Someone Reminded Idaho Tribe Who Ted Nugent Is, So They Cancelled His Concert

  not your average washed-up star
looks like a tribute to the historic Native American tradition of blowing up breast cancer with grenades
In our “couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” file, we learn that the Coeur d’Alene Tribe ...
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Responsible Gun Owners Take Aim At Traffic, Friends, Insufficient Jizz

  Our Cold Dead Hands
Gotta Be Ready
Hey, well-regulated militia, how’s the responsible gun ownership going lately? If we’re ...
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Old Handsome Joe Biden Looked In Putin’s Eyes, Saw No Soul; Spring Delayed Six Weeks

  soul proprietorship
Oh, well tht would explain what happened.
There’s a big chewy profile of Old Handsome Joe Biden in the New Yorker today, and the pull ...
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Tyrant Obama Crushes Sacred Right To Discriminate Against Gay Homosexuals

  freedom's just another word for no one left to hate
Dogs and cats living together
So here’s some Monday Nice Time for you, Wonkers: President Barry Bamz has gone and signed an ...
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