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Love yr Wonkette, but hate all of our scripty ads? Feel like a scurvy scalawag for reading all of our finely crafted dick jokes while running an ad blocker? (YOU SHOULD!)

Well, fret no more! Wonkette now offers Ad-Fewer Subscriptions starting at the low, low price of $4.99 per month! What does the Ad-Fewer Subscription offer you, our humble reader? When logged in using your ultra-high-tech credentials, you will see almost no ads. We’re of course going to shove our house ads down your throat, and will foist our Friends of Wonkette upon you. And also some special ads that we choose from time to time. But MOSTLY Ad-Free counts. Yes it does. Sign up now. (You’ll need to log in every month or so, where it says “Members,” because our cookies do not follow you around forever.)

Wonkette offers four levels of Subscription, each of which which offers absolutely nothing more than any of the rest, other than bragging rights in the comments, which don’t exist.

  • Standard – $4.99/month – for you plebs out there
  • Silver – $9.99/month – because you want to join the ranks
  • Gold – $24.99/month – for the real Wonkers of the world
  • Whore Diamond – $99.99/month – because you are ridiculously wealthy

Every month or so, when the site logs you out, hit the “members” button to log in again. Our cookies do not follow you around forever.

p.s. If you are already making monthly donations to yr Wonkette, for which we love you eternally, please consider continuing to do so in addition to subscribing. Not showing ads costs money, somehow. But if you really want to cancel, and don’t know how, Rebecca at wonkette dot com is happy to help.

Wonkette is beta testing our Ad-Fewer Subscription model. If you encounter any difficulty related to your Wonkette Ad-Fewer Subscription, or have any questions, please contact shypixel@wonkette.com for information.