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Washingtonienne Update!

Considering this is Retro Day, and Wikipedia says some word vomit called a "Washingtonienne" is what Wonkette is "known for," we should probably let you know what is going on in the life of this sex-haver! Google says she...

The Washingtonienne Gets Married

Ha ha, we promised you more news from the Annals of Anal today, and here we have it, the blessed nuptials of the Washingtonienne! This young lady, Jessica Cutler, was briefly famous for keeping a blog about all the...

Washingtonienne To Marry Some Guy

That gal who made Wonkette famous by blogging about all her anal sex exploits is now getting married! Hooray for love. Jessica Cutler, a young lady who worked for Senator Mike De Wine of Ohio when she wasn't getting...

Washingtonienne on the Boob Tube

The Washingtonienne’s Served

Washingtonienne: Done Deal