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Remember When Donald Trump Thought Paula Deen Hurling N-Word Around Was No Biggie?

If Charlie Rangel could say 'cracker,' why can't white people say the N-word? TRUMP SENSED A DOUBLE STANDARD!

In Bid For Worst Boss Ever, Paula Deen Shuts Down Restaurant Without Telling Workers

As if Paula Deen weren't already just about the worst person in the world you could work for, now we find out that she's also among the worst bosses you could ever not work for. First there was that...

Racist Butterball Paula Deen Is Just Like Michael Sam, Says Racist Butterball Paula Deen

Remember how last year we had to write one million posts about Paula Deen because she loved the tropes of Ye Olde Southern Slavery Fun Time and was also a super racist employer? Good times. But Paula is back,...

At Long Last, You Get To See Paula Deen On Your Television Again

Remember how your very own Wonkette broke the Paula Deen lawsuit story about how she was super discriminate-y and awful, and everyone was like meh until she admitted she liked antebellum South things because duh? We were on top...

Paula Deen’s Long National Whitemare Finally Over (Partly)

A federal judge dismissed a racial discrimination suit against Diabeetus Queen Paula Deen Monday, ruling that plaintiff Lisa Jackson, who is white, could not have been harmed by the use of racist epithets in the workplace by Deen and...

Paula Deen Defends Herself Against Baseless Racism Charges With Adorable Punchline To Racist Joke

This morning (afternoon? We have lost all conception of space and time) we sexplained why we hadn't posted about Paula Deen's Romantic Longings for Ye Olden Slave Times when we could have broken it. Really, we figured, "old white...

Olympic Fake-Crying Champeen Paula Deen Goes On Today, Cries And Cries, Is Very Sorry For Her

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Your Wonket is in the stupid position of trying to feel good about the fact that it did not break the "Paula Deen is a big fat butter-veined...

She’s Really Sorry, Y’all: Six Cynical Ways Paula Deen Can Rehabilitate Her Image

Psychocaloric teevee food ogress Paula Deen said some bad stuff about racial stuff, and now she is unemployed, like a common Poor! Remember when Yr Wonkette covered the lawsuit -- a story which we think we might have broken,...

How Could They Cram So Much Racism And Sexism Into Just One Lawsuit Against Paula Deen?

It seems -- it is possible -- that diabeetus queen Paula Deen is perhaps and maybe not the nice lady she pretends to be on her television program, "Cooking Hot Garbage With Paula Deen." Lisa Jackson is a woman...

Trump To China: ‘Obama Did It.’ Wonkagenda For Thurs., Nov. 9, 2017

Trump insults the US (again), Paul Ryan is losing tax reform, and Maria Bartiromo melts the fuck down. Your morning news brief!

Congratulations, Chef José Andrés, You Win 2017

This guy. This guy just ROCKS.

John McCain Will Punch Cancer In The Face. Wonkagenda For Thurs., July 20, 2017

John McCain ready to keep kicking ass, Trump gives another INSANE interview, and zombie TrumpCare tries one last scare. Your morning news brief.

Donald Trump Loves His Dead, Racist Dad

Wouldn't it be great if the *only* problem with Donald Trump is that his father was a racist?
good luck, there's a brown man on the plane

What Are Airline Passengers Freaking Out About These Days? Why, Muslims, Of Course

Looks like we picked the wrong week to start racial profiling. Wait -- there's no right week.

DNC Night Four: Hillary Clinton Makes History, Bill Makes Sammiches. Your Wonket Livebloog!

It's the final night of the Democratic National Convention! Watch for falling balloons!

Mike Pence Would Like To Spout Some Bullsh*t About The Disney Children’s Movie ‘Mulan’

No one tell Mike Pence about Joan of Arc, he will be so mad.