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My Goodness, Why Are We Being So Mean To That Nice Hope Hicks???

But can a pretty girl even go to jail? Is that, like, LEGAL?

Sean Spicer Simply Too Fat To Brief Press These Days

What the hell is going on with the White House Press Briefings?

Karen Handel Sucks. Wonkagenda For Tues., June 20, 2017

Dem's are talking until they're blue in the face, Karen Handel is a very bad person, and Pharma-Bro is back! Your morning news brief!

Possible Trump Spox/Daily Mail ‘Reporter’ Celebrates Trump’s Landslide Popular Vote Win!

Just in: If the Daily Mail carried news, it'd be a newspaper.
It's like he's a genius, only the opposite of that.

Smart Donald Trump Picks Perfect Moment To Seek Legal Vengeance For Staffers’ Sex Affair Story

With days to go before the GOP convention, Donald Trump picked the perfect time to sue a former staffer to shut him up about a sex affair between senior staffers. Wait, a SEX AFFAIR BETWEEN SENIOR STAFFERS?

Trump Campaign Manager Had To Kick Gal Reporter’s Ass Because She Might Be Assassin!

Last week, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had never touched (now ex-) Breitbart reporter gal Michelle Fields. She was a "delusional" "attention seeker" and hysteric, and he couldn't have grabbed her so hard he left bruises, because he had...

Guest Post From A U.S. Marine About Barack Obama’s Shocking And Disgusting Use Of An Umbrella

Yesterday we learned of one more reason to impeach the Kenyan impostor: as he was giving his press conference with the Turkish whoever, it began to rain, and he summoned two United States Marines over to hold umbrellas over...

Daily Caller: Why Does Old Handsome Joe Biden Love Child Rapists?

Well well well! It looks like Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller will be okay even in the face of star cub reporter Matthew Boyle leaving the DC's black-thug beat for Breitbart! In fact, they are so okay that this will...