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The Duggars Beat Up A Cat, For Jesus

So gross
Those Duggars, all trillionteen of them, are super tight with Jesus, as we know from their reality teevee show and occasional stumping for Republican candidates. And Jesus, apparently, was totes down with torturing animals, for the LOLZ! Derick Dillard, who is a Duggar-in-law married to one of ...
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Nice Republicans Demand SCOTUS Give Them All The Gay Marriages

What a silly news day it has been, what with learning that Future Permanent Queen Of America Hillary Clinton still has to load one of those free AOL disks every time she wants to do either diplomacy or lunch with a foreign official, and that awful warmonger, who is not Dick Cheney, talking to ...
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Loathsome Warmonger Addresses Congress. (Not Dick Cheney.)

Go fuck yourself
Bibi Netanyahu came to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to deliver his much-anticipated speech to Congress. (No we will not embed it here because we love you.) Wonkette’s Los Angeles bureau rolled out of bed early to watch it, because there is nothing we like more than starting our day with a little ...
  Homo-nazis will have to destroy North Carolina later too busy trying to find a place to pee

Performance Artist Flip Benham Solves Transgender Bathrooms Problem By Yelling ‘Pervert!’ At It

Last night, the Southern town of Charlotte, North Carolina, did a real big stupid, failing to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance that would add LGBT people to the list of protected groups. Wingnut opponents of the ordinance, of course, were most worried about the possibility that somewhere, ...