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NRA Sad That Obama Hates Ladies Who Use AR-15 Ladyguns

pew! pew!
The Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is considering whether to ban the manufacture, import, and sale of a particular type of armor-piercing ammunition known as M855 or “green tip” bullets. These bullets are compatible with AR-15 assault rifles and are illegal except for ...
  department of "welp"

Justice Department Has Some Thoughts On The Ferguson P.D.

Sorry, dude.
On Wednesday, the Justice Department released two reports related to last summer’s events in Ferguson, Missouri. One report dealt with Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown. The other dealt with the city of Ferguson being run by a bunch of racist shitheels who used the mostly black ...
  Next they'll be giving their Lifetime Achievement Award to dead George Wallace

Completely Real Coalition Of African-American Pastors To Give ‘MLK Award’ To Alabama’s Roy Moore

A group that calls itself the Coalition of African-American Pastors has finally found a freedom fighter worthy of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, and it is the holistically bigoted Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, he who has been heroically standing in the gay courthouse ...
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The Duggars Beat Up A Cat, For Jesus

So gross
Those Duggars, all trillionteen of them, are super tight with Jesus, as we know from their reality teevee show and occasional stumping for Republican candidates. And Jesus, apparently, was totes down with torturing animals, for the LOLZ! Derick Dillard, who is a Duggar-in-law married to one of ...
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Nice Republicans Demand SCOTUS Give Them All The Gay Marriages

What a silly news day it has been, what with learning that Future Permanent Queen Of America Hillary Clinton still has to load one of those free AOL disks every time she wants to do either diplomacy or lunch with a foreign official, and that awful warmonger, who is not Dick Cheney, talking to ...