There's three million more of us and we're not slinking away.

TJ Maxx and Marshall's are coming down on the right side for workers; Michigan plays Class Warfare games.
It's Banksy, in a canal, with a spray can.

What's that? The House Science Committee retweeted Breitbart? Honey, it IS Breitbart.

The Sarah Palin Farknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

Sarah Palin thinks a common euphemism for vagina is also the Marines' battle cry.

Who would you most like to take a long walk on the beach with?
Man has got to have a code.

Is Donald Trump America's Duterte, or is Rodrigo Duterte the Philippines' Trump?

2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5, 2+2=5....

Did CNN's coverage of the 2016 election suck, or did it REALLY suck?
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

You WILL love the Trump, under penalty of law.

Trump's margin in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is now fewer than 80,000 VOTES, FOR REAL, OH MY GOD.

This is apparently some kind of revenge for taking down confederate monuments.
So, about that whole 'civilian control of the military' thing...So, about that whole 'civilian control of the military' thing...

Donald Trump seems to have almost accidentally found a competent candidate for Secretary of Defense. Maybe.

It's UNFAIR AND MEAN to point out that she ran a racist campaign, even though it's totally true.

Maybe she's Writing A Letter to Daddy.

Kellyanne Conway can't stop crying, Trump's big league illegal immigration problem, and Webster's requests more words. Your daily news brief!

Wonkette helpfully answers readers' questions, helpfully.
Celing Putin is watching you masturbate

Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee would like Obama to de-classify everything we know, and DO IT NOW.

Welcome to the 'post-truth' society!
Every bit as petulant today as in 2003

Maybe people hate him because he's a schmuck, not because campaign ads called him a schmuck.