bam biff pow
We’ve been debating whether to avoid giving George Zimmerman additional oxygen for his crass fauxlebrity boxing event, but let’s face it: he’s a perpetual motion machine of terrible, and we’re duty-bound to write about it. His fight opponent will be rapper DMX, who already said he’ll piss on Zimmerman, so at least there’s that.

Because Zimmerman is heading for being the winner and champeen of a sweepstakes to be the most horrible person ever, he made sure that this announcement hit everywhere via press release today, a day that just happens to have been Trayvon Martin’s birthday. There are only two possibilities here. Either Zimmerman is such a thoughtless fuck that he never knew, or already forgot, the birthday of the unarmed child he killed (is there a Hallmark card for forgetting that?) or he’s enough of a monster that he made a deliberate decision to do this today for god knows what reason. Either way, George Zimmerman is predictably wretched.


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