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  1. GhostBuggy

    I originally read this as "Mal Reynolds" and thought this was a very weird direction for a new "Firefly" series to go in.

  2. BadKitty904

    Since this story features an underage *girl* – rather than the standard "nubile young boy" so regularly prominent in GOP sex scandals – I assume Mr. Reynolds is running on the Dem ticket?

  3. BerkeleyBear

    Now imagine that glorious striping in lime green and electric yellow, with a bright white background to make sure the colors "pop". And put it on a baseball hat with a Citrus Bowl patch sewn onto the front that contains orange black yellow brown and green but in no shades matching the striping.

    You now know what passed for "swag" in the 1990s. Why anyone thought even the dumbest of jock would want such a hideous thing, much less think it was a "cool" freebie for players and staffs, I have no damn idea. These days they get ipads and fancy sports watches.

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