Back before Joe the Plumber fell into an Internet spidy-hole and was still actually getting interviewed (granted, only by things called “Christianity Today”), America’s sweetheart let slip with some—how to put this delicately—fucking nuts comments about the “queers” and how he would never let them near his children. Ha, so heartland, right? Well, Joe recently took the opportunity to let everyone know he’s more rancid than ever! (If you were concerned.)

Only now, as an Official Politician, Joe wields the awesome power to call bullshit on the CNN ladies for their “gotcha” questions:

SAMBOLIN: No, I’m just questioning whether or not you still stand on these positions on homosexuality.

WURZELBACHER: I’m trying to get where you’re coming from, what context are you using this in? Come on, you’re trying to do a ‘gotcha’ moment, it’s quite obvious.

Never pegged this guy for a quick study but excellent (taxable) work, Joe! As for the rest of you, please remember time is running out to find a suicide pact “buddy” before Congressman-elect Wurzelbacher’s tacky victory party this November. [Think Progress]

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