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The actual tentacles are much slimierHE WHO CONTROLS THE ‘BLOG-O-SPHERE’ CONTROLS THE WORLD, IS WHAT WE HEARD: This bazillion-word story on AOL’s Politics Daily dingus, about the proxy war playing out in Republican primaries nationwide between Jim DeMint and Mitch McConnell, seems “important,” but it’s long and kinda boring, so we’ll just reproduce this hilarious claim from the world’s most handsome CNN commentator/blog impresario: “[Eric] Erickson implied to me — and based on the chronological order of the endorsements, this rings true — that DeMint may be taking his cues from RedState’s endorsements, not the other way around.” Good lord, political bloggers! If they’re not having sexy sex with sexy politician-ladies, they’re ordering powerful Senators to do their bidding. (Fear not, dear readers, Wonkette only uses its blog-power to earn your eternal love and devotion, not to do evil.)

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