Oh dude so sad.TODAY’S CATASTROPHIC EARTHQUAKE: Hmm, any Major Nations overdue for a punishing temblor? China, maybe? Very big country, lots of people, not really smacked down by the 2010 Parade of Death Quakes. So, China it is: “At least 300 people have died and others are trapped under rubble after a magnitude-6.9 earthquake struck China’s Qinghai province.” UGH this planet. [BBC News]

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  1. [re=555714]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: Haha! Minnesota — volcano- and earthquake-free! Now if someone could just do something about all these damn Illuminati loitering around, muttering about their “re-wilding” plans!

  2. Eh, a 6.9 isn’t even considered a major earthquake by geologists. Now, .1 higher would be; but it’s not quite there yet!

    [re=555725]TGY[/re]: I think “people” still has the overwhelming lead in that contest.

  3. I think it is God punishing us for the Jews and Freemasons – cause you just know there are a lot of both hanging around in China, Chile and Haiti. Can I get an amen??!!

    [re=555704]Cape Clod[/re]: “REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A volcano under a glacier in Iceland erupted Wednesday for the second time in less than a month, melting ice, shooting smoke and steam into the air, closing a major road and forcing hundreds of people to flee rising floodwaters.”

  4. [re=555739]JMP[/re]: In fairness to geologists, an increase of .1 in their ridiculous logarithmic scale describes an earthquake almost twice as powerful.

  5. [re=555770]Maxine of Arc[/re]: Is that how it works? I know a one point increase is ten times as strong, but was never sure how exactly the decimals worked with that.

  6. Venus doesn’t have plates or tectonics. It does have 900 degree sulfur dioxide raining down — but with a little stimulus money, that can be fixed. I’m just sayin.

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