MEGHAN MCCAIN IS PRESIDENT OF TIME MAGAZINE: We have glanced through this new list of the 200 candidates for TIME magazine’s TIME 100, and here are some folks whom TIME considers to be among the 200 most important people in the world: “Snooki,” Meghan McCain, Joe Lieberman, Eric Cantor, Bristol Palin, Samuel Alito, Andrew Breitbart, and then like 190 soccer players. What we’re trying to say is, why hate on Willow? [TIME]

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  1. Sheeeit. Some of these folks are just coasting on fame from long, long ago. Jerry Seinfeld? Really?

    My cynical side wants to think that they just included a lot of these people because their names are recognizable to the In Touch magazine crowd.

  2. As a former 2006 person of the year, I’m very disappointed that People Mag for the semi literate would make Tits or GTFO McCain considered somewhat important assuming of course that having tits or being a boob or both is not a criteria. Oh, I see the list. Well, looks like I was wrong.

  3. I see Ron Paul made the list; Time was probably afraid of a blimp bombardment if they didn’t include him,

    At least it’s clear that Time isn’t necessarily declaring its choices as positively influential, as along with the Snowbilly the dictator Gaddafi and child-killer Jenny McCarthy are on there.

  4. [re=546944]Prommie[/re]: Not just on there, she is the #1 most influential person in the world.

    You probably think/hope I am kidding, but no, this is not a joke, Time put Lady Gaga at #1.

  5. [re=546944]Prommie[/re]: Lady GaGa’s hoo-ha is number 1, and Joe Lieberman is 69.

    (Let your imagination run wild…)

    [re=546938]MisterLoki[/re]: Moot joined the cast of “Jersey Shore” too late in the season to be nominated.

  6. Is this a list of people who made significant achievements this past year or just folks who sent in their subscription renewal notice? Although I am inclined to vote for Ben Stiller, just for the achievement of not making me notice him for the last 365 days.

  7. [re=546954]JMP[/re]: [re=546956]Extemporanus[/re]: You only beat me by two minutes because that’s how long it took me to wipe enough cum and puke off my screen in order to comment.

  8. Comeon, everybody hates republitards and conservafucks. It’s quite obvious Time mag. is stuffing the ballot because Eric Cantor is on the list.

    BTW: My bet is on KaKa’

  9. [re=546932]problemwithcaring[/re]:
    Magazine is a type of paper that is completely unabsorbent and therefore useless for cleaning up poop.

  10. [re=546960]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You must be lucky if you’ve managed to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous ads for Greenberg. Although Baumbach’s films are usually good, so maybe he’s tolerable there.

  11. It makes me sad that only half of this list will get cut. I think I all deserve a fiery death equally. Except for John Stewart and Neil Patrick Harris.

  12. [re=546970]El Pinche[/re]: Not just cantor; while the only Democrats on the list are either senior Administration officials or Nancy Pelosi; hell, even the VP is off; it seems like any Republican with any national name recognition can get on there.

    I think half the Reps in the Senate got on there, but did not notice one single Dem Senator (note that the Connecticut for Lieberman Party is not the Democratic party).

  13. You know… I’m starting to hate Aprils Fools Day. It used to be funny, but with things like this and the whole Guam-falling-into-the-ocean bit, I honestly don’t know if they’re pranks or sincere.

  14. [re=546927]AllHat[/re]: Yeah, another vote for that. Thanks, Wonkette, for the two most important….well, you know, in the World.

  15. That pix makes it look like she’s holding a Russian book called “Onyaw Ydia”, which is Slavic for “Ginormous Tits.”

  16. [re=547146]SlouchingTowardsWasilla[/re]: Hey whoa… turns out that Banksy is a pretty damn cool street artist in the UK. But you guys already knew that. I thought this was going to be like Barney. Or Lindsey. Or something other one name childrens’ idol. I need to get out more.

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