• JUST ANOTHER ISOLATED WACKO, A FEW BAD APPLES, ETC. “OGDEN, Utah — Hazardous materials crews have been called to an Internal Revenue Service building in Ogden, Utah. Media reports said a suspicious substance was found in the building Monday and that part of it was evacuated while other parts were locked down.” Looks like Tagg & The Romney Boys got to playin’ with the stuff under the sink again. [AP]
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  1. “Muslin or it doesn’t count”

    Should read “muslin or we are offended by the mere SUGGESTION, Ms Napolitano.”

    “Now could you tell me where I can get some single-engine plane lessons? My friends and I have some ‘isolated incidents’ planned.”

  2. Thank the gawds for another post, I’m far too medicated to warblog effectively.

    “The Weber County sheriff’s office said it did had no information on the incident.”

    “The two- or three-story building is in an industrial area and is surrounded by a fence in Ogen…”

    Thanks for this fine example of journamalism, AP!

  3. [re=522251]Zadig[/re]: How dare the liberal government suggest that those brave patriots on the right are capable of anti-American violence? Why the very idea so violates their sense of decency and goodwill that they’re taking up arms and preparing to overthrow those lying bastards.

  4. My very first office job was at an IRS in Ogden, through a summer job program for children of the poors, back when government did that sort of thing.

    I don’t think it’s the same one, though, because the one I worked in was one story. And wasn’t in an “industrial area.”

    I haven’t been there in over 20 years, though, so I’m not going to take this attack personally.

  5. I am only asking questions. Questions like:

    Since Glen Beck keeps spouting off with his pseudo history of the US where in Teddy Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler invented the progressive movement with the Rothchildes in order to place the Federal Reserve and the IRS in charge of everything, could this have influenced these people?

    And, since CPAC has invited back the Birchers to the Conservative movement, could this have influenced such actions?

    Is there a chance that now that the Right is totally divorced from reality, their fringies, which have always been much more inclined to violence, will start acting up more?

    I’m just asking questions. I’m not saying this is all Glen Beck’s fault. I’m just saying that if you spray your audience with gasoline, you shouldn’t be surprised when there is a conflagration when someone lights a cigarette.

  6. Is that last sentence said in the Dukes of Hazard narrator voice? Get it…Hazard? Somebody at fox should hammer this into a pun headline somehow.

  7. And yet the IRS feels it has to send me letters because I owe them $50.42 from an error on my 2002 tax return. Why do they think I’m their biggest problem? I’m not a licensed gun owner and haven’t even played with firecrackers since I was a teenager. Small wonder they keep inviting these kinds of headaches. There are bigger issues out there than ol’ Larry Bad-Math McAwful, lemme tellya.

  8. [re=522283]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: I hear if you watch the Glenn Beck show backwards, you can hear “blow up government buildings” in the background.

  9. [re=522283]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: To be completely fair to Glen Beck, if he hadn’t incited these fuckers to violence, Random AM Radio Host X would have. It doesn’t take much to make these crazies want to blow things up. Shit, boredom is a good enough reason.

  10. You would think the right wing would loves them some IRS to fund those thousand year endless wars against every country in the rest of the world.

    I guess they figure their grandkids will happily pay.

  11. Am I alone in fantasizing about sending the IRS a large turd? In a nicely wrapped box, mind you, and not in mean terroristic way, more of measured response to a nasty letter about less than $100…

  12. [re=522265]Crank Tango[/re]: Oh yeah? Well, Gavrilo Princip and Emperor Hirohito got us into two others.

    I have absolutely no idea what point I thought I intended to make when I started that Reply.

  13. [re=522340]Zadig[/re]: Correct. And that is why America needs a 24 hour, free broadcast, no subscription needed Titties channel. If, at any given time, any one of these assholes could just flip on the TeeVee and see him some titties, none of this shit would ever happen. Build a bomb? Can’t be done when distracted. Fly a plane into a building? Too hard to say goodbye. People might say to me: “But, Snarkalicious, won’t you please think of the children.” I say: “Fuck off, square! I’m watchin free titties.”


    I really wish I was joking.

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