Poor Ben BradleeWICKED PENNILESS CHILDREN CONSIDER SILENCING DINNER PARTY HOST SALLY QUINN: Certain vulgarians at the Washington Post who call themselves “executives” are allegedly considering — brace yourself, America! — eliminating Dame Sally Quinn’s weekly column about her personal life, and the social functions she may or may not attend. Apparently it’s been very shitty recently. [Washington City Paper via The Awl]

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  1. This is horrible news. If she isn’t writing her column anymore, we’ll only have Dana Milbank to make fun of. And that Cilizza guy. And Cohen. And Broder. And Craphammer. And…
    Oh. Never mind.

  2. Wonkette must lead a campaign to Save Sally’s Column.
    Otherwise, we’ll have no way of knowing what the REALLY important people in Washington (Sally and her 4 or 5 friends) are thinking and doing– as opposed to the people who just SEEM important because they happen to be President or whatever.

  3. First they came for the columnists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a columnist;
    Then they came for the shallow twit socialites, and I did not speak out—because I hate the meanderings of shallow twit socialite;
    Then they came for Dana Milbank, and I did not speak out—because he’s annoying;
    Then they came for Dickie Cohen—and there was no readers left to give a shit.

  4. Don’t end her column until she writes about her Facebook FARMVILLE usage. It’s my favorite thing to monitor. How many chicks hatched today? Will she harvest enough truffles for her piggies? Will she pet her pussy…cat?

  5. Hey, maybe what’s Froomkin doing that weekend? I bet he could go to one or the other of those weddings, as a stand-in. How hard is it to be Sally Quinn anyway?

  6. Again, I ask in all earnestness, Sally Who? Was she elected to something or are we interested in her because of who she fucks? Or is it some kind of cult thing she’s part of, like CPAC or Huffpo or something (i mean, beside the Washington Post, of course)?

    While I’m at it, are we REALLY interested in her? I’m a bit late to this party.

    How much do you think she got charged for that haircut, by the way? Is that her husband or a leather knapsack?

  7. But wait; if, after several decades, a talentless hack writer loses the column she got for fucking the a paper’s elderly editor, how will horny old newspaper editors get significantly younger would-be writers to fuck them?

  8. She’s the little bitch who destroyed Ben Bradlee’s long time marriage and now writes about religion–some of us never forget!

    Bradlee may look like an old man, but when he was the King of Watergate, he was a rock star, esp. after Jason Robards played him in the movie. Sally Quinn was a DC gadfly. Now she’s Martha Stewart crossed with Her Noonington.

  9. [re=519053]Tommmcatt[/re]: Now now, my dear Tommmcattt, or however many ts and ms you may use, and if that is your real name, you see, Wonkette is not merely an electronic, virtual high school quad, where the smart kids can perform their intellectual and comedic displaying rituals in accordance with the latest rules for desireable “hipness,” it is also, to a certain extent, a small town gossip sheet, that small town being DC, and thus, the fates of any old nobody over at the Washington Post is considered of interest. I enjoy this aspect of Wonkette, and miss the regular reporting on Late Night Shots and its douchetard members.

  10. I’d willingly let them keep this talentless jizz bucket on the payroll if WaPo would make Fred Hiatt jump into a shark-infested pool slathered in animal blood. And filmed it.

    But then again, we’ve still got Richard Cohen, so all is not lost. High Comedy will still reign supreme!

  11. Bummer. I especially enjoyed her column about the difficulty of finding a replacement part for her antique tea samovar. She included plenty of interesting details.I loved her conclusion that we all have to put up with breaking samovar parts and that’s what makes this crazy world go ’round.

  12. Farewell Sally, we barely knew thee.

    Going to the wedding, Sally Ann (twice)
    Sift that meal and save your bran,
    I’m going home with Sally Ann.

    Shake that little foot, Sally Ann, (twice)
    Great big wedding up, Sally Ann,
    I’m going home with Sally Ann.

    Pass me the brandy, Sally Ann, (twice)
    I’m going ‘way with Sally Ann,
    Great big wedding up, Sally Ann.

  13. [re=519070]nappyduggs[/re]: I totally read that as “lights up a cigar and smokes a poodle”.

    [re=519072]Mustang[/re]: Ya win samovar, ya lose samovar.

    [re=519075]S.Luggo[/re]: Don’t be so sure — Jonah Goldberg has yet to weigh-in.

  14. [re=519053]Tommmcatt[/re]: You see what I did there, trying to achieve snarky hipness by pretending to have no desire for hip-ness, and instead discussing the whole phenomenon of attempting to be hip with a sociologist’s aloofness, like Margaret Meade among the savages, as it were, and yet, here I am admitting my ruse, playing the post-modern “honesty” card, while in fact just adding yet another lawyer observation of my observation of myself observing. I am working on a synthesis of the works of Derrida, and Potter, the inventor of the theory of “Gamesmanship.” I shall change my name to David Foster Wallace and Grommit.

  15. I’m sort o’ with Gene Weingarten on this. He says her editor messed up letting the column run.

    So, who’s the editor. Fire him or her!


    Please — I need the laffs.

  16. You would think this is parody but this is from her wiki page about how she got her job.

    The job interview included the following exchange.

    “Can you show me something you’ve written?” asked Managing Editor Benjamin Bradlee. “I’ve never written anything,” admitted Quinn. Pause. “Well,” said Bradlee, “nobody’s perfect.”

    I assume Sally came back with “but I can smoke a pole like nobodys business.”

  17. Heaven forbid I should waste my time defending Sally Quinn when I should be pruning the lantana, but let’s have a few facts to interrupt the stream of Quinn bashing. First, the elderly gentleman she is photographed with is only 20 years her senior, so contrary to popular opinion, he’s not old enough to be her grandpa. In fact, that’s about the same age difference as many Washington couples, including one that ran for president in the last election. (These women get Botox because it works.) Second, while Ben Bradlee did indeed leave a wife for young Sal, Antoinette Pinchot was not his first wife (merely the one who was most helpful to his career). In fact, she broke up his first one, if you can even use the term when the husband in question was a major playa before that term was ever invented. If Ben lives just a couple more years, Sally will end up as the longest serving of all his wives. And those of us who don’t think Sally is much of a writer have no one to blame except Ben Bradlee. He gave her her first job as a reporter, which is how Ben got many of his dates back in the day.

  18. I’m one of the few people who ready Quinn’s book, “We’re Going To Make You a Star,” which was about her experienced being groomed for, then bombing big time as, the host of some network TV morning nooze show. It was a riot. Seems her failure was everybody else’s fault, although she *did* take some credit for having allowed lesser lights to guide her. OMG you have to find it in a dustbin somewhere and read it. For one of the best jokes in it, though, you have to remember who the hell Gardner McKay was, so it helps to be over 55.

  19. S.Q. began as a WaPo Style Section reporter. Ten years, Alan. Then in her ride to the apex of journalism, became a CBS TV Morning News pretty face for five months. Pissed off some hack named Hughes Rudd. The rest, as said in legend in lore, is also history.
    My oversight: first she played hide-the-pepperoni with a menopausal editor.

    “À la recherche du temps perdu”
    Sally Quinn: “Style Is Back!”

  20. [re=519098]Prommie[/re]: I’m thinking maybe you meant “layer” not “lawyer.” But if you like to be observed by lawyers, I do not judge. Except for spelling. I judge spelling. And word misuse. and bad syntax. But not kinks.

    Stephen Potter = a genius of snark before there was snark, BTW.

  21. Let’s face it: Quinn’s “writings” recently sucked–they were terrible, awful, dumb, stupid, amateurish, unprofessional, inane, moronic, and they applied to about 40 snotty bubble-world people that most of the people on earth could care less about. Her “party” thing was just horrible–and a huge, stinking embarrassment to the Post. Her religious stuff is equally terrible–why the hell is she writing about religion for The Washington Post, of all things? Who the hell cares? Who the hell gives a damn about her crap? No one, that’s who. Get her stuff out of the Post. If she wants to write, then she should get a wayward, rambling, under-reported amateurish blog thing like 10 million other people–then no one will read it.

  22. Just FYI, Quinn-Bradlee bought Grey Gardens some years back and renovated said trashed former residence of the insane Bouvier ladies. Apparently on rainy days when the house hasn’t been opened up for a while, you can still smell the piss of a thousand crazy-lady cats…

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