God this is a great imageTHIS SINGLE COMMENT FROM SOME FREE REPUBLIC THREAD DESERVES ITS OWN POST: “reaganaut1,” upon hearing that Barack Obama wants to impose a small tax on banks to recoup bailout funds, warns: “If Wall Street doesn’t grow a pair of nads now, they are forever doomed.” Text “HAITI” to 90999 to help the powerless Wall Street. [Free Republic via No More Mister Nice Blog]

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  1. But I thought the wingnuts were pissed about all that taxpayer dough that went to bail out the banks? So now Obama is doing something to get that money repaid, thus saving future generations at least a little tiny bit of debt? Are the nuts mad because he’s using a tax to get it and they have a Pavlovian reaction to the word? Do they think the bankers will repay it if we just ask nicely? What the…?

    Oh damn, I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  2. But Wall Street can lick my saltynutz for free. Back in the day of Reagan I was a pup stockbroker, the swaggering avarice of those in the business back then was astounding even to a greedy little weasel like myself. Now those evil fucks are running the whole show…

  3. After reading the thread, I beleive that comment was actually posted by someone called “caver” in response to an article posted by “reaganaut1”. Not that it matters, except to the good name of “reaganaut1,” anonymous right-wing internet poster.

  4. So… if Wall Street doesn’t grow a pair of nads (by which I assume he means trucknutz) soon, they’re doomed to forever receive money and then not have to pay it back?
    I where can I get cursed like that? (The pissing off the freepers is just an added bonus)

  5. I’m confused, is this teabagger (granted, he is an expert on “nads” and the hairy sack they hang around in, so maybe I should just STFU and listen) really arguing that all the bankers and brokers and bastards need is two testicles to share amongst themselves? What about the “lady” bankers? do they get to share the testies, or should we hope they can grow a uterus to share? On a related note, I wonder what reagan’s scrotum looked like the day he died? Had they already started to shrivel and decompose from neglect?

  6. [re=496552]knobwurst[/re]: I think they alternately suck and blow in their attempts to orally reanimate his corpse, so his scrotum is still remarkably supple and pliant.

  7. Doomed?

    Doomed to what?

    Doomed to eating cavier served in a five star restaurant rather than having it hand delivered, sprinkled with gold dust, and served off the ass of an nubile sm sex slave they ordered off of

  8. Good thing there isn’t a global tragedy to get in the way of Fox News’ effort to cover the Mass. senate race like it was World War III. Just remember where you are tomorrow night when the winner is announced–your grandchildren will want to know…

  9. First they came for the rich and powerful — and I said nothing because I couldn’t believe the rich and powerful would pretend to be oppressed to curry support of idiots who don’t know what’s in their own self-interest. But those dumbasses fall for it every time.

  10. Let’s think about what reaganaut1 might really mean. If he means any finance tax will only be passed onto the consumer by those bloated cocksuckers he’d be right. Maybe he means we need a kinder, gentler tax for certain professions earning over a certain level: Wall Street types, uberlawyers, insurance and healthcare titans, etc., you know, those that neither spin nor weave yet wax extrordinarily fat regardless of performance. Even the screechiest of town hall screechers would have a hard time defending that lot…

  11. Listen Wall Street, for years you’ve been able to get laid without testicles because you were totally loaded. But let’s face it–you’re pudgy and balding with sweaty hands, your shitty personality has finally pissed everyone off, and now you’re broke. If you don’t grow some nads now, you’ll be forever doomed.

  12. The most stunning brainwashing of saps to argue and froth at the mouth against their own best interests in the history of humanity.

    “As long as teh gheys can’t marry, I’ll bend over for you mr. wall street banker. As many times as you ask! Then can you please raid my city’s treasury with your fraudulent bond fund, cuz otherwise, they might afford to repair my road and sewers, and dang-nab-it that’d be the last straw!”

  13. No doubt that same guy feels sorry for Rush not being able to buy an NFL franchise.

    The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

  14. [re=496567]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Some people call you the elite. I call you my base. — Bushie, “ceo ball sucking” Jr.

    Maybe that “fluoridation” program is actually a “lead in the water” program. It would explain a whole fucking lot.

  15. OT, but the two high school girls who, after Scott Brown raged at them in their high school gym during a talk, told him to “fuck off” when they saw him driving by, are totally my heros right now. Please come forward, anonymous high school girls, so I can properly make an avatar out of you. Or something. You know, whatever you are cool with.

  16. So TARP is a scheme that Obama forced through in December 2008… That probably would be unconstitutional, by golly.

    As a rallying cry, “The American Dream means being FREE to become an investment banker and make as much fucking money as you can in bonuses,” certainly does stir this old heart. The Founding Fathers – all of ’em – would weep for joy. You betcha. Makes me want to put on funny pants.

  17. [re=496577]chascates[/re]: The even greater tragedy is that no one has the nads to stand up and defend Rush for his proper use of the word “Negro.”

    [re=496578]Darkness[/re]: As long as Dick Cheney first met with the American Lead industry to get their support, what could be wrong with that?

  18. Mikey Steele at the RNC site:

    “President Obama’s plans to institute a ‘financial crisis responsibility fee’ to recoup the bailout funds from major [commercial] banks is nothing more than another tax on the American public. The fact is this money has already been paid back …”
    Without earned interest or deposit, lending, withdrawal, transfer, statement or securitization fees.

    Anyroad, screw that.

  19. Next up on the teabagger nation agenda:

    1. First annual “Rolexes for Rich Folks” watch drive. Why should they have to buy their own when they provide so many gosh darn jobs.

    2. Making sure that Sarah Palin will retire a multi-millionaire by paying her speaking fees and buying her books. Her next opus, “American Steamer: The Truth About Levi Johnston’s Pecs” better rocket to #1 on Amazon or America DIES.

    3. Learning how to simultaneously gobble the knobs of the poor, beleaguered insurance industry while saddlebacking with oppressed investment bankers, FOR FREEDOM.

  20. [re=496594]zhubajie[/re]: You know, you would think that from the way they walk, but in reality it’s not an inherent size issue; it’s the stretching that occurs from having them regularly dipped in gold.

  21. [re=496560]coolcatdaddy[/re]: To appreciate coal-black Beluga caviar (sprinkled or not sprikled with gold dust) requires a keen, learned palate, to be obtained only years of supping at the New York Yacht Club (or among the Republican “Bi’s” at the Bohemian Grove).

    Why does Obama wish to thwart education?

  22. [re=496602]Cicada[/re]:
    “1. First annual “Rolexes for Rich Folks””
    Sounds good. Without an accurate date and time-keeping device, how will they know when to collapse their Ponzi schemes or, omitting same, when to foreclose on the poors? Essential.

  23. [re=496607]Jim89048[/re]:
    Does Wanda Sykes have an answer to the question haunting the RNC: “Should Mikey stay or he should he go?”
    She prolly does, but it would be unprintable.

    My alternatives:
    A. He should stay. Who the fuck knows what Mikey will say after he goes.
    B. He should go. Who the fuck knows what Mikey will say if he stays.
    C. Hire Alberto Gonzales. Make him co-chair. He’ll say anything the RNC wants him to. Poor Berto.

  24. I hate to use imagery from Rush Limbaugh, but maybe the American people have been taking it up the ass for so long, they’ve come to enjoy it. See, human beings have an incredible ability to adapt. They do what they have to for getting by. And judging from what I know about people who get turned into sex slaves in prisons throughout America, they tend to become comfortable with the role they’ve been assigned by their more feral cell mates.

    We might be dealing with Cornhole Nation here. The whole mentality reeks of prison sex.

    Ugh, I disgusted myself. Just thinking about the American people is tickling my gag reflex. I can’t stand it anymore. I shouldn’t have eaten that last chili dog. Ugh.

  25. If there is one valid critcism that can be leveled at the President, it’s that he rolled over so meekly for these bloodsuckers. Had WALNUTS! won, however, he would have done exactly the same thing. If Reaganaut1 wasn’t a complete ignoramus with his head completely up his ass, he wouldn’t need Wonketteers to tell him that Wall Street OWNS Washington.

  26. But if we raise taxes on Wall Street, they will pass it on and consumers will have to pay more for all the goods that are produced by Wall Street. I won’t be able to afford any more widgets for my cat.

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