HOLOCAUST MUSEUM SHOOTER DEAD AS HELL: Hooray! James von Brunn, The Maryland Monster and celebrated local Nazi artist who shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum last year — only four blocks away from a Wonkette commenter! — has now himself died, in the hospital. Cause of death was MAYBE HIS 89 YEARS OF AGE? Either that or the usual form of white person death, an ACORN assassination. [Washington Post]

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  1. Any day I see the return of the FOUR BLOCKS meme is a grand and wonderful day. If Glenn Beck’s time traveling future self had to pass on to make that happen, well…that’s OK.

  2. Well that ends the yelling from the people on the right who kept saying he should be sent to Gitmo. Oh, wait — that never happened.

  3. If I was Binny Laden I’d have women put the bombs in dildos.
    Then they could pass the bombs to the suicide boys after they went past the gate.
    Crotch screening is mandatory. We must find those dildos.

  4. [re=490075]Oh hell to the no[/re]: The local police commissioner lit the Cheney Signal as soon as the incident was reported, but he never showed. Strange.

  5. One less old to undergo the death panels in Barry’s socialist/fascist world, I guess. Other than that, I got nothing but hope he is getting the afterlife he deserves. (And there ain’t no virgins involved!)

  6. [re=490059]Jim Newell[/re]: Since this old dude never shot at you, making fun of his death is maybe inappropriate and kinda fucked up to post.

    Seriously, wtf?

  7. [re=490095]Come here a minute[/re]: This post is very disturbing. I realize it’s a part of American history, but really, it’s too much.

  8. we going to be doing one thin and one thin ONLY! killin natzis! ahm i clear??

    yeah i spent pretty much all christmas weekend watching that.

  9. [re=490080]Terry[/re]:

    A guy whose only “claim to fame” is that he killed someone is a nobody to me. No disrepect intended to the person he killed, or his family. He just doesn’t need to be recognized as anything but a pimple on the ass of Jim Dobson or Ralph Reed. He was in jail, and gonna die there eventually in any event. Limbaugh, on the other hand, was there for the taking by the lord, and he passed, and now we have to put up with him some more. That’s not justice or merciful by anyone’s definition.

  10. This reminds me. I need some theological advice on who’s death its OK to pray for
    Here’s my list so far.

    OK to Pray for Death for:

    Shite. That’s all I got.

  11. [re=490095]Come here a minute[/re]: Uh, the guy he actually did shoot to TOO DEAD to make fun of this departed Nazi scumbag. Jim is performing a corporal work of mercy, slinging snark that in a just world would be slung by the injured party.

    Now go take a bath in yer own barf ’til you’re cleaned up.

  12. [re=490095]Come here a minute[/re]: Next you’ll say it’s too soon to make fun of former WaPo ombudslady Debbie Howell looking the wrong way in traffic while on vacation in New Zealand and being struck to death by a vehicle moving at high speed not expecting a pedestrian to be taking a photograph in the middle of the fucking road.

    Jesus you are some buzzkill.

  13. I am getting confused, did Tom Coburn ask us to pray for his death? Is there a web site somewhere that keeps track of whose death I am supposed to be praying for?

  14. pipples, pipples! Clicky on the “four blocks away” linky before you walk a mile in come here a minute’s meta-snark.

    Now. Don’t you feel silly, you annoying liberal insta-reactors?

  15. I agree, Jim, this post was in “poor taste.”

    Once again,there was none of the detail that makes a story like this interesting, e.g., type of gun used; caliber; loading; grouping of shots fired.

    You know, the real “human interest” stuff.

  16. [re=490155]Mr Blifil[/re]: opposite driving countries are a serious hazard.

    i actually saw one colleague save another’s life about five years ago in england. it was too bad really b/c he was an asshole.

    but i did see it.

  17. [re=490216]glamourdammerung[/re]: I am sorry. I meant to say “one less Libertarian with valid issues about Obama’s out of control spending”.

  18. [re=490095]Come here a minute[/re]: Think again, mate!

    I say FUCK THAT FUCKING NAZI FUCK – I hope his last weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds were FILLED with exactly the kind of pain, torture, terror, misery, persecution and self-loathing he tried to inflect on others who all have every right to laff their arses off at this shitbag’s long-delayed misery-shame-and-incontinence-laden lingering ignominious death!

    The proper place for this human waste is a stinking dustbin, where his fellow rats can have a hearty meal. You can mourn alongside it until your misapplied respect for this scum has subsided.

  19. Instead of a juvenile grave pee, how about a Jewish gay men’s chorus singing “Springtime for Hitler”? It’s more Holocaust-effective.

  20. [re=490175]MzNicky[/re]: I suppose you could be right, much as I hate to admit it. The empirical evidence is still sketchy, but benefit of the doubt should have been given.

  21. A black guy in the White House was just too much for his old heart… But seriously, there’s a lot of venom here for one sad old fuck deluded by twisted halcyon visions of national socialism from the distance of seventy years. Lighten up Francis!

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