Time to set up your Chenativity sceneTHESE CHENEYS ARE ALL SUCH DICKS: From a Washington Post chat today with Ron Kessler, clearinghouse for all the hottest Secret Service gossip: “In addition, the Secret Service has been bowing to pressure by some protectees such as Mary Cheney, Dick Cheney’s daughter, who insisted that agents take her friends to restaurants. That is not the job of the Secret Service, and when agents refused she got her detail leader removed by Secret Service management.” See? These are the kind of brats you get when the father’s a lesbian. [Washington Post]

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  1. Maybe the guy who reassigned Mary’s detail leader is the same guy who made the call to admit any attractive white couples being followed by a cameraman to invitation-only White House functions.

  2. Hell, if I had to be the Cheney’s designated driver and knew I could get reassigned by simply refusing to comply with a nonstandard request, I’d jump at it. Cleaning the men’s rooms at Union Station with a worn-out toothbrush would be more satisfying than watching those conniving sanctimonious cynical fucks stuff their faces.

  3. Wait, it just sounds like Mary’s playing matchmaker. Yeah, so maybe some of her friend/agent blind dates didn’t work out so well, but is that any reason for the Secret Service to get in a big snit?

  4. Odds are Mary Cheney invoked the infamous “Don’t you know who I am?” and was told by the since-removed Secret Service agent, “Yea, bitch, I know who you are… some washed-up has-been carpetmuncher who’s not fit to suck Chastity Bono’s dick.”

  5. Did I mention that my children call raisins “Cheney Hearts.” Oh yeah I did two posts ago, and I still thinks it’s a funny and I may include that in my book about Marxus Obundus (kinda like that one children’s book that wingnut lady wrote.) OK bye.

  6. When did the Secret Service start protecting and providing taxi service to spoiled bratty fugitives from reality tv shows?

    And why are my tax dollars paying for this when they could be paying for live, nude television coverage of bratty fugitives from reality tv shows?

  7. “That is not the job of the Secret Service, and when agents refused she got her detail leader removed by Secret Service management.”

    Well, it’s nice to have your manager back you up when you try to do the right thing…

  8. [re=469279]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: And have the Cheney clan’s flying monkeys do everything they can to smear my name, credibility, sanity, morality and professionalism like they did to every single person who wrote a book expressing even the slightest negative thing about the Dubya administration?

  9. Other than the current President, Veep, and their families any additional Secret Service protection should be billed to those currently receiving it. The Cheneys, Clintons, Bushes, and Carters have enough money to pay for private or public security. It’s bad enough every President is entitled to a huge legacy maintenance in the form of a library as well as office space and staff.

    Since only rich people get elected anymore they should have to share their portion of the bills. Any Congressmember with a net worth of one million can pay for their own healthcare, stamps, and transportation.


  10. Since when do we pay for SS protection for the adult children of the VP, or even the P, for that matter? Does this mean Chelsea Clinton has goons surrounding her, and if so, how the fuck did she ever get to meet someone and convince said person to marry her?

  11. [re=469255]AggieDemocrat[/re]: “So they get socialized health care, socialized protection and socialized pensions, and we have to suffer?”

    In a country run by assholes, only assholes get socialism.

  12. [re=469426]chascates[/re]: For whatever reason it’s been a long tradition to provide all ex-Presidents and VPs and immediate family with protection for life, though I think because of limited resources, they were reducing that to ten years after the person leaves office, starting with G.W. Bush. So the Secret Service only has to endure nine more years of the Cheneys’ bullshit before telling them to fuck off and die.

    Not that it matters for Dick, as we know he is Satan incarnate and cannot be killed by mere mortals.

  13. Very strange. Who is that woman with the Secret Service detail? Oh, she’s the lesbian daughter of a guy who used to be vice president. Why? Maybe because her dad is the most hated American politician since, oh, since maybe Aaron Burr.

  14. [re=469748]CaliforniaMike[/re]: “Maybe because her dad is the most hated American politician since, oh, since maybe Aaron Burr.”

    Oh, man, I love that line.

  15. [re=469491]Jim89048[/re]: The theory is that bad guys could kidnap the ex-VPs daughter, and use this leverage with the VP to make him do somethings really vile to the country.

    Too late in this case.

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