JOHN KERRY IS SO DIPLOMATIC, HE SHOULD BE SECRETARY OF STATE!: When a reporter suggested that he had become the “de facto secretary of state,” Kerry grew flustered, sputtering, “I don’t want — you know, I don’t even — I don’t think that’s appropriate, de facto, whatever, whatever.” [Washington Post]

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  1. Mothafucka just cold windsurfed to a landlocked country, told them what’s what, and bam, got another election scheduled. I’m proud of him.

  2. Anyone who agreed that he was the de facto Secretary of State would soon find his testicles hanging from Hillary’s rearview mirror (hey — MirrorNutz?). Besides that, the actual Sec. of State is doing an incredible job at it.
    Also, it’s just pleasant to note that this might be the first time in a decade when someone suggested a de facto Sec. State who wasn’t the actual Sec. Def.

  3. Alas, Treebeard. Who knew you would flower during a Dem admin (not your own, of course)? Your sap is running strong, soon to burst forth…uh…aaaaand we’ll move on from that analogy.

  4. Aw. This makes me want to hug Hillary and rock back and forth and kiss her and whisper to her, “It’s okay sweetheart, everything will be alright.”

  5. [re=442384]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Isn’t it great? As much as our little tribe was angry at Hilz last fall, she’s out there getting it done, rather than shopping and exercising.

  6. Hillary’s doing just fine, sending off Bill Richardson, that other Bill guy she’s married to and Lurch to do the jobs that need to be done like right now.
    Apparently, this administration has great bench strength. That is a good thing.

  7. Because if Kerry is known for anything, it’s his charisma and ability to clearly communicate.

    But seriously, solid work in Afghanistan. Well done.

  8. It takes a loser in a rigged election to explain bitterness to the winner of a rigged election. Kerry was the right man for the job. Way to work the bench (again), Hillary. Too.

  9. [re=442426]V572625694[/re]: Hey, Condi was a triple threat — she also played the piano. In that sense, a much more talented doormat for Cheney and Rumsfeld than Colin Powell ever was. But yes, it’s nice to see the office being put to actual use again.

  10. Kerry is asked an embarassing question, and a nervous titter runs through the room.

    Also, you could put Condolezza Rice in that picture and she’d be doing the exact same thing.

  11. Major props to JK both for putting aside his disappointments (at not being either Prez or SoS) and getting the job done.

    I’ll add to the kudos for Hillz for working her bench. She obviously has moved on from her own disappointment and is committed to Getting. Shit. Done. Now that’s Chicago-style politics at its best.

  12. Kerry was originally thought to be a member of the short-list for Secretary of State until Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer. At that point, it was decided that Kerry needed to stay in his seat in order to maintain MA’s influence and seniority in the Senate, which would be greatly diminished if MA was represented by two first-term Senators.

  13. [re=442426]V572625694[/re]: As much as our little tribe was angry at Hilz last fall,

    I think it was more like Jan – Jun ’08. Personally, I wasn’t so much mad at Hils as flabbergasted and amazed at how many huge, flaming bags of poo she managed to step in on the way to losing a presidency that was very much hers to lose. ‘Twas phenomenal.

    And dittoes on Hils and her captaincy of the ship of State Dept. I’m really glad she got the consolation prize, rather than the big one.

  14. Meanwhile, the administration has announced these new appointments:

    –Kal Penn has been named the Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration;

    –Lars von Trier has been named the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities; and

    –John Kerry has been named the De Facto Secretary of State.

  15. Well, that’s unexpected. I thought John Kerry died. Let’s give him the 2009 Nobel Prize for Somehow Unexpectedly Being Alive. He can share it with Michael Dukakis.

  16. Cut him some slack Wonk Offs, Soupy Sales died, can’t you see Sen. Kerry is in mourning. To Kerry ,being the first generation to be raised by a tv, Soupy was as a surrogate father.

    Swing low sweet chariot …

  17. [re=442443]Jim89048[/re]: Yeah, those two posts seem to have been “discovered” by a “group” of CotO peeps. Wouldn’t be be surprised if there was some good ol’ Dominionist astroturfing and/or sockpuppeting going on, e.g., it’s really one or two people and coming from the admin office at that. Wonkette admins might want to check IPs and the rest of you might want to get a LOL at modern evangelical values in action. (Blame the victim, shift the argument, cover up, do as I say and not as I do)

  18. [re=442399]Guppy06[/re]: You mean like the one Kerry voted for?

    I’m so damned tired of that being hung over her head as if she’s singularly or even mostly responsible. At the end of the day, neither the individual Senators nor them as a group as ultimately responsible for the war, and Democrats need to stop that shit, realdy.

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