• THERE’S NO POINT IN FIGHTING IT ANYMORE: It’s time to just enjoy the obsession with whatever Kanye West did at a children’s television ceremony. []
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  • Capitol Hillbilly

    some jackass is blocking wonkette.

  • whenPUMAsattack

    [re=412821]Capitol Hillbilly[/re]: And beating up on white schoolkids, if FOX News is to be trusted.

  • ifthethunderdontgetya”
  • shadowMark


  • Crank Tango

    today, we are all jackasses.

  • Werefrog

    This didn’t work nearly as well as I was hoping.

  • Scruffy_The_Janitor

    Those corn circles clearly show Obama put him up to it.

  • SayItWithWookies
  • TJBeck


  • Mr Blifil

    “You Lie!”

  • InKnockYouUs

    Oh gawd, oh gawd I am so bored with this. I mean, what are we, morons?

  • Johnny Zhivago

    Could we please have a little civility around here, you jackasses???

  • DoctorCulturae

    Due to the controversy West has changed his name to “The Artist Formerly Known as Kanye West.” He will not be employing a hieroglyph like Prince did, but instead has chosen to be identified by an audio avatar:

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Today, we are all gay fish.

  • Johnny Zhivago

    You realize that Kayne West was born in Atlanta. So you’ve got Joe Wilson, the US American Beauty Contestant Girl, Mark Sanford, Lindsay Graham, my former neighbors, etc, etc…

    All in this “triangle” with Atlanta in the west and the top and bottom of South Carolina to the east.

    It’s … … The Jackass Triangle???

  • Guppy06

    Can we get one with Campbell Brown?

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    You’re the man now dog.

  • glamourdammerung

    Off topic, but the teabaggers are crying that the socialist government did not give enough of them rides to the 9/12 nonsense.


  • Extemporanus

    According to HuffPost, Kanye West was just appointed “Jackass Czar”!

  • geminisunmars

    [re=412879]glamourdammerung[/re]:It makes me so sad that some of them had to take a cab, and missed the beginning pep rally. Tsk tsk. What’s the good of having a freaking socialist subway system if it doesn’t serve the people who need it? Anyway? And besides, the metro system folks probably assumed they were all being bussed in. As usual.

  • Extemporanus

    [re=412833]Werefrog[/re]: Actually, that captured the jackassery quite well.

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    Kanye deserves a blingee!

  • GreatOldOnesParty

    [re=412847]InKnockYouUs[/re]: No. We’re not morons.
    We’re “Morans”!

  • Suds McKenzie

    [re=412839]SayItWithWookies[/re]: awesome.

  • LoweredPeninsula

    Fuck you, Wonkette. Love you. Also.

  • LoweredPeninsula


  • HipHopOpotamus

    No, no. I take my last comment back. I like this better.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Fuck this civility shit. Sword fights for everyone. Especially the elderly. Those needy, hard-working and more-than-useful-then-us bastards will kill us all in a duel. Hopefully Kanye can be the voice if a generation and fuck all ‘dis. What jerks we are to question the awesomeness and valor of Kanwe Fucking West, er whatever the useless fucker calls himself.

  • Kev-O-Tron

    What did the “rap guy” do again? Hit his girlfriend? Tax evasion? Murder? Oooohhhh…. he talked some shit on the teenage fan club show? NOW I HAZ A MAD!

    jackassery all around.

  • proudgrampa


  • gurukalehuru

    [re=412879]glamourdammerung[/re]: There might have been more room in the cars if they hadn’t all been carrying those humongous signs.

  • gurukalehuru

    [re=412879]glamourdammerung[/re]: MORE SOCIALISMS!

  • facehead

    Jim, please don’t do that ever again.

  • x111e7thst

    [re=412906]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Sword fights are good. Particularly on the metro when it is filled with fat whiney people carrying signs.

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