MARK FOLEY HAS A RADIO SHOW! YOU REMEMBER MARK FOLEY YES? Former Republican congressman and young male page-stroker Mark Foley has a new job, in this economy! Beginning September 22nd he will host his very own radio show out of North Palm Beach, Florida, called “Inside the Mind of Mark Foley.” So there’s that. [TPM]

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  1. The inside of Mark Foley’s mind must look like the Neverland Ranch.

    OT but Cougar McCain’s on the Today Show. She says it’s high time we do something for people suffering from migraines but healthcare reform….meh.

  2. a journey inside that mind must look like some fucked-up Disney ride populated by grabby Catholic priests in Reagan masks and naked gyrating twinks, blue blazers, CK briefs, and khakis crumpled next to the stripper poles.

  3. It’s just another example of our Constitution’s vigor: Every American has a sacred right under the First amendment to make a fool of himself repeatedly in public.

  4. “Inside the Mind of Mark Foley” – every bit as appetizing as “Inside the Cum Soaked Thong of a Republican Lobbyist”. Thanks for the brain scars, GOP.

  5. When Mark Foley says, “Good morning, my fellow Americans. It’s great to be returning to you after a dark and trying period in my life. I have transgressed; I have sinned. I’m no boy scout,” he imbues the last sentence with such wistful regret, such pathos, such deep longing, that you can really feel his remorse.

    Well Mark, you’ll always be an eagle scout in my book!

  6. I have GOT to get out of Florida! This Seaview 960 radio station is staffed by some of the biggest tools in radio, which is saying a hell of a lot. Included in the cast of scrotes is local radio legend (sic) Dick Farrel. His little audio hate fests are amazing displays of right-wing paranoia. Lookie! He has is own style free website on which you can listen to his podcast diatribes! Fun!

  7. He’s going to cohost, simulcast, or whatever with Mark Sanford in South Carolina. They’re going to IM and email each other on air. And random unsuspecting congresscretins who haven’t been outed yet. And Lindsay Graham.

  8. [re=405712]thejesusandmarycheney[/re]: I don’t know; I would think it would almost have to involve teabags myself. But if you’re right, and he likes to receive, finding “partners” must be a breeze. Practically anybody who meets him.

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