Oh garcon? I'll have the penis and eggs.SOME BLOGGER KNOWS BIG SECRET ABOUT GAY FRENCH S.C. LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ANDRé BAUER: The secret: André Bauer is gay! So says “gay blogger” Mike Rogers, who is famous for secretly “outing” every conservative person anyone has ever suspected of being gay, according to his own anonymous sources. Those gay bloggers! They must have the best legal defense funds. [BlogActive]

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  1. You’d think the GOP would learn that deep-in-the-closet self hating types will ruin everything. If they’re out then there’s no issues, really.

    Imagine a world where Joe McCarthy would still call everyone a red in the State Dept because Roy Cohn didn’t make him take on Army in revenge for not promoting a male lover of Roy’s.
    Imagine a congress in 2006 that was still run by Repubs because Mark Foley/Larry Craig didn’t turn the GOP into a national gay joke.

    Er… maybe not. You go girls! Hooray for self-haters!

  2. I miss my state.

    Well, Sanford is fried chicken, and I’m guessing Bauer will retire to spend more time with his chief of staff, so I guess Glenn McConnell will be gov by default.

  3. The big old self-hate anti-gay stands these guys make puzzle me. You are gay or you’re not, whatever. You want to keep your personal life private, that’s your choice. Don’t go out and attack people like you who have made different decisions.

    Ok, enough being serious.

  4. Add his speeding tickets, his *shady* business deals and his overall demeanor and waddia got? Why, a typical Republican closeted gay, lying bastard. Oh, I mean governor material. Maybe presidential. No, we’re saving that for Sen. DeMented.

  5. “Those gay bloggers! They must have the best legal defense funds.”

    Jim, didn’t ya hear? Calling someone gay is no longer defamation since people don’t hate the gheyz as much as they used to. It was a recent ruling, I think it was That-Creepy-Anna-Nicole-Smith-Lawyer Vs. Random-Book-Publisher.

  6. OK Y’all, just because he got caught at the last republican governor’s conference with Rick Perry’s dick in his mount doesn’t make him gay! Now had it been Rick in one end and Lindsey Graham in the other we might have to reevaluate. But come on, who else has as pretty hair as he does besides Rick?
    If I were at that last republican governor’s conference, and I walked in and saw my tall strapping doppleganger I’d suck his cock too. That’s also assuming I had pretty hair, and that I liked to suck cock, but I digress…

  7. [re=399465]JadedDIssonance[/re]: If this SecEd thing is true, that means that South Carolina has two (at least) officials that can actually write smut well enough. You could actually believe these people had interesting sex once in a while. Contrast to Kwame Kilpatrick.

    “LOL” indeed.

    And seriously, somewhere we need an unabashed smut writer as SecEd. Maybe someone to start a statewide essay-writing competition.

  8. [re=399596]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: How could we have missed that?
    Gary Bauer=Gay Power
    George Bush=Gorge on Tush
    Barak Obama=Pack your mama

    It’s all so clear to me now. Thank you oh wise man…

    [re=399465]JadedDIssonance[/re]: The woman obsessed with stopping teenagers from doing the horizontal samba is secretly a bisexual nymphomaniac well known and respected in the genre of fapatory literature? Are we sure her name is Kristin Maguire? Because after that revelation from Ed, this only makes sense if she’s named “Ivana Rubbit” or something similar.

  9. That’s just great. Now Bauer is going to feel compelled to marry some poor, unsuspecting straight woman just to cover himself. I hope Mike Rogers is happy for ruining some poor beard’s life.

  10. [re=399557]Darkness[/re]: Am unable to find “alt” key on my Apricot. Please advise.

    [re=399760]Red Zeppelin[/re]: He prolly doesn’t have a cross, either.

  11. FunkyPalmettoBug: You know, I could totally see Sanford (or his C Street buddies) doing that. With total plans to swift-boat BloggerBoi as well; two birds, one stone.

    I saw last night that the Advocate was publishing that Bauer is gay. I didn’t read the article to see if the blog post was the source.

  12. [re=400060]BerkeleyFarm[/re]: I also can’t prove, but am hearing that Sanford is threatening to release something on the South Carolina Speaker of the house unless he kills the impeachment investigation on him.

  13. [re=400089]FunkyPalmettoBug[/re]: Oh, a little blackmail, huh? Sounds par for the course. The modern-day “LORD’S Anointeds” don’t seem to think that the commandments, or basic rules of human decency, apply to their anointed selves. (CF: Sarah Palin) Anyone interfering with The Vision is sent by Could-It-Be-SATAN?? and should be eliminated by any means possible. The ends totally justify the means.

    They’re wrong, of course, and the lies (etc.) will end up landing them in a peck of trouble.

    I could, as one of the resident Church Ladies, go on about the importance of trying to discern true “speakings” from false, and make pointed remarks that these people don’t seem to have actually read even the New Testament through because it contains excellent false-prophet-spotting instructions, but for now I’ll just say that when I see some shyster like Sanford or Palin wrapping themselves up in the flag and Jesus like this, I think of the late Bill Hicks singing “Sucking Satan’s pecker”.

    In the spirit of the Cohen post, I can put a more literary spin on it and say it’s like Blake’s take on _Paradise Lost_: Milton was an agent for the Other Side.

  14. I say we use the same game plan from 1859-1860. We let the idiots get all riled up. Heck, we can even feed them a little false information, like Obama’s a secret muslim communist Hitler-lover who wants death panels to kill grandma or some other such silliness. And then we let them secede. And then we wait.

    And wait.

    And wait.

    And while we’re waiting we sign a mutual defense pact with Mexico.

    And finally, even after they’ve seceded. Even after they’ve created their own wacko (Waco?) utopia, they still won’t be happy. They’ve got to feel oppressed, and sooner or later they’ll make their mistake.

    They’ll attack a US military installation. We invade from the north, east and west. Mexico posts troops on the southern border. Two days later we sign an armistice making Austin an autonomous region and giving the rest of the state back to Mexico for 10 years of cheap oil.

    Adios Muchachos!

  15. The gay thing will put him on his heels, but that French name will be the nail in the coffin. The only thing Southerners hate more than blacks, women, gays, and Jews are the French, whom they consider to be the gayest of all of the world’s gays.

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