IT’S LIKE A RECOVERY, BUT WITH NO EQUITY, SAVINGS, CONSUMER SPENDING, JOBS, RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS, INNOVATION, STRONG CURRENCY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, BASIC SHELTER, OR LONG-TERM PROSPECTS FOR A COMPETITIVE MODERN ECONOMY: “The housing market continues to threaten signs of an economic recovery, with new data released on Thursday showing an all-time high of Americans falling behind on loan payments and the rate of home foreclosures unlikely to peak until late in 2010.” But the stock markets are up! Everyone in America owns bundles of good stocks, right? Right?? [The Hill]

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  1. Good thing I don’t have to pay royalties for masturbating and crying, ’cause I’ll be engaging in those activities extensively for the foreseeable future.

    Then again, if I did have to pay some sort of fee, the economy would probably recover lickity-split.

  2. Oh, we’re “in recovery”. I get it.

    So it’s like rehab, right?

    Is this where the world kicks us out for not playing by the house rules after catching us sneaking around doing derivatives and mainlining huge bonuses again?

  3. Considering that most of the money “made” by Wall St, was courtesy of Timmeh Geither’s relaxing of certain accounting standards to cover up a few trillion (guesstimated) in toxic assets (ie: shitty mortgages), the notion of a Wall St recovery is about as real as a Bernie Madoff stock transaction.

  4. The good news is the government will raise extra cash soon because some big Swiss bank will turn over information about more than four thousand accounts from wealthy Americans stashing cash overseas. The bad news is that Kenyan guy in the White House now has four thousand Lex Luthor types really pissed off at him.

  5. Oh for fuck’s sake, just say it: Depression.

    And, as much as I hate to say it, that is the glass-half-full way of looking at it. Half-empty would be describing it as “a long, slow crawl into anarchy”.

  6. [re=391799]Trace[/re]: It’s a fucking recession. It’s an egregious waste to bring out a new goddamn picture for you every time you hit F5. My God, man… think of recycling and Gaia and the children frolicking in the fucking trees that were miraculously saved before you demand new imagery!

  7. Be all that you can be. Join the army. We will all have jobs and health insurance and all the drugs we need when we are all soldiers. Also, socialism will be eliminated.

  8. Remember when Dubya was going around the country waving around four one-dollar bills, taking one of them away to explain how we could get rid of just that one via tax cuts and we’d still have three-quarters of our huge surplus left to fund every necessity. I’d like to see video of that playing on a loop on every network, 24/7, along with his talks about having everyone invest their social security earnings in the stock market.

  9. Not to worry. If you ever had anything to do with Goldman Sachs, the govt will bend over backwards to fellate and enrich you. The rest of you poor slobs should’ve been execs at Goldman Sachs instead of chasing your dream of being a poor slob. It’s not like the writing wasn’t on the wall.

  10. [re=391827]Tommmcatt[/re]: And the inevitable end, cannibalism, as armed gangs of crazed starving people roam the countryside in scenes reminiscent of Mad-Max. I plan to take to the seas in a sailboat, seems the most survivable option, no need for fuel, subsistence fishing, the ability to travel by sea to remote and isolated areas which will be free from the crazed cannibal mobs. The places least affected will be the most primitive, poor places that still live a subsistence economy, the crash of the high tech first world economy will go unnnoticed to them, and from them, I will be able to learn how to survive without it.

  11. I’m gettin a stall at the farmers market in front of the whitehouse to sell my apples. i’ll be fine. in fact so fine, i’ll expand to tissues and hobo beans for the swells.

  12. But, Click throughs are at an all time high.

    Thoughtfully POTUS Bush II left a few muslim countries to invade just in case the economy nose dived.

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