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  1. x111e7thst

    I made one for Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner. I want to email it to the Hochwohlgeborene und Gnaedige Frau Oily Titz. Does anyone know of an email address?

  2. widget09

    It is not authentic unless there is a giraffe hoof print, the official state seal of Kenya.

  3. Mr_Deadite

    That’s fantastic. Funny how the Birthers couldn’t accept the real certificate as truthful, yet a practical joke makes waves. God Bless America, folks, our home sweet home.

  4. finallyhappy

    This is great. I am going to make one for Michael Steele and mail it to the Young Republicans

  5. Suds McKenzie

    [re=379651]x111e7thst[/re]: No email but I do have her P.O. Box;

    Jiffey Lube\Cost Cutters\Dollar Store Plaza

  6. Paul Tardy

    I call a moratorium on birther stuff unless they actually do something. Obama Birth certificate generator is synthetic not natural birther stupid.

  7. Numbat Dundee

    This is exciting. I am (and this is actually true) a white Australian of Aboriginal descent, born in September 1961. I have my birth certificate in front of me and my scanner is saying: “Feed me! Feed me!”.

  8. Liz Becton

    [re=379663]Numbat Dundee[/re]: There are many whore diamonds and lulz laid up in store for you should you prove successful in what I think you’re planning.

    And infinite win. Also.

  9. tavella

    It’s amusing, if you go to Free Republic, they are absolutely _convinced_ that the Australian birth certificate is the fake, planted by eeeevil Democrats to discredit the noble Orly.

  10. Unlearned Hand

    This birth certificate generator is undoubtedly the best and most worthwhile use of the Internet ever conceived. Seriously, this beat the shit out of that YouTube video of that panda sneezing.

  11. Redhead

    Oh I love it. And how little photoshopping would it take, really, to take out the little “certified fake” at the bottom, or the web address? Oh the fun that could be had with this. Who wants to alert Faux Media? Personally, I think Orly is looking a little Kenyan herself… Why don’t YOU produce your birf certificate Orly? Is it because your real name is Sasha Baren Cohen?

  12. Lascauxcaveman

    [re=379824]icenine[/re]: Heh. “Barack Seale Hussein X Ayers Manson Obama” That pretty much exhausts the category, doesn’t it?

    I LOLed.

  13. AxmxZ

    I just noticed something on that form: “Number of Previous Issue (Living, Dead)” – that’s cold, bro. Stone cold.

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