• WONKETTE DOES NOT CARE FOR THESE PEOPLE: Just how bad will August be, because of the Republicans and various anti-reform special interest groups? Imagine the Brooks Brothers Riot, but happening every day, across the country, for the entire month. Just health insurance employees being dispatched in plainclothes to town halls, so as to shout nonsense at congressmen and senators trying to inform their constituents about health care reform. CALLING IT NOW: Most obnoxious month in American history! Maybe. [Think Progress, TPM]
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  1. “…we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”

    [re=377087]chascates[/re]: They were too busy sucking cock, I think.

  2. Obama has no one but himself to blame. Throw some of these cocksuckers (I do not use the term in the endearing, friendly sense)in the pokey, the rest will fall into line.

  3. I would be happy to go and scream “Healthcare now!” or “Death to insurance companies!” at my dishonorable Senators Kyl and Hehngnn, but they never have town halls. They’re so mavericky, they don’t even know they have constituents. They both think they work for Beer Barrel Cindy and that Richy Rich car dealer down the road.

  4. But to what end? The Republicans need no convincing from the mob. (They were sold when the lobbyists delivered the money.) And the Democrats will be too smart to be fooled by xeroxed-talking-point advocacy. Real, true public opinion, from real, true people will be persuasive.

  5. [re=377093]TGY[/re]: Was it over when the Kenyans bombed DC? Noooooooo! So I say we put on our tinfoil hats and charge! Who’s with me?

  6. Can’t we get a little bit of old fashioned fucking up in this bitch? I am getting so tired of actual issues.

    I am sure he is going to appreciate the NAACP, La Raza, and SPLC info winding it’s way to him.

  7. I tried to get into one of Ensign’s meetings, but they saw through my disguise of Groucho glasses and trucknutz. Didn’t have my birther certificate handy, either.

  8. It’s about time the rich people stood up and made sure that they were counted. For too long . . . ah fuckit!

    I’m sick of getting my hopes up. I’m just going to go ahead an assume that I and everyone I care about will die slow, painful deaths from easily preventable and diagnosable diseases due to lack of affordable medical care.

    Prove me wrong, Congressional Democratic eunuchs, prove me wrong.

    I know they won’t because the people who have money to bribe corrupt representatives “earned” it by squeezing it from the blood, sweat and tears of the rest of America. This means that the rest of us have no money left to bribe our own corrupt representatives to DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.

  9. [re=377106]Humpback[/re]: Wow, I was going to be all “Dude, not cynical enough. What happened – did you get the swine flu?” And then I realized that you are not, in fact, SayItWithWookies, but someone with an avatar that I can easily mistake for his.

  10. So the party that controls the WH, HOR, and SEN is going to be defeated by a bunch of plainclothes obnoxiates? You don’t think their eventual defeat has anything to do with an aversion to reform for reform’s sake and the lack of a viable plan that will actually improve matters? You don’t think it’s because the Dems want to insure 16% of the population, many of whom choose not to be insured, with a huge new costly federal bureaucracy? You think the fed that is incapable of running Medicare is going to do a fantastic job with the whole health care system? You don’t think this is obvious to all but the messianic “change” crowd who think any movement is progress (see stimulus package, clunkers, Goldman bail-out, etc.)? It’s convenient to blame wingnut shenanigans for what will obviously become Hillary Healthcare II, but there are a lot of real reasons it’s going down.

  11. Sayeth Durbin: “I hope my colleagues won’t fall for a sucker-punch like this. These health insurance companies and people like them are trying to load these town halls for visual impact on television.”

    So how will they avoid the ill-chosen-metaphorical “sucker-punch” of people speaking up at town hall meetings–by kicking people out of the town hall meetings? That’ll look great, particularly with Nitwitness Newschannel 83 cameras capturing it all.

    “So Trent, it looks like the voice of the people is one voice Senator Durbin doesn’t want to hear!”

    “Sorry to hear that, Jennifer. Next: traffic!”

  12. These town hall dingbats are probably doing progressive politics a favor.

    Just like the Palin election rallies, there’s nothing like a good look at “the base” to drive normal people to the saner side. Let ’em yell.

  13. I admit to being a bit of an optimist, but I do hope that a bunch of radical Conservatives, yelling how Obama is not a citizen and is going to kill Grandma and other talking points from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity will be seen to be the fools they are.

    Then again, I hope that at some point this country will grow up to the point where a black professor from Harvard and a white Cambridge police officer can walk together hand and hand.

  14. [re=377132]RushLickBall[/re]: dear rushballLicker, eat a bag of trucknutz.

    Just ban CAFO meat and corn syrup if we cant have universal health insurance, OK?
    1/3 of our problem would be solved with no effort or money involved.
    Big Ag makes us sick so Big Pharma can sell us drugs….
    It was not always this way, oh no, we had real food once upon a time.

  15. I’m still reasonably optimistic because seeing Barney Frank & Bernie “Col.” Sanders on Rachel’s show is still relatively fresh in my mind. Barney especially seems consumed by fire when he talks about health care & wall street reform. I have to believe, for my sanity, that health care reform will pass. Otherwise I’ll be tempted to write off the last best hope I had for this fucked up pretend representative democracy.

  16. [re=377132]RushLickBall[/re]: “So the party that controls the WH, HOR, and SEN is going to be defeated by a bunch of plainclothes obnoxiates? ”

    Do you realize that 30% of the wingers who approved of Bush right to the end are so winnutty and scary that they may actually win all these battles and win the ’10 elections? Sec. Sibelius can’t (sp?) even make a speech or explain anything without these nutcases screaming her down. Obama needs to take charge of this debate, put out a unified message and threaten to offer no support to anyone who doesn’t vote with health care.

    I’m so pissed at these people.

  17. [re=377153]trickyrick[/re]: Do away with corporate welfare? Shut yo’ mouth! The farm bill guarantees us each 10 gallons of govt-subsidized high fructose corn syrup every day.

  18. many of whom choose not to be insured

    Many people choose not to shove white-hot coals up their asses, too, and for the same reason. (That reason being “coal is too expensive”, I guess. Fucking analogies.)

  19. I have a compelling if poorly planned scheme to launch sharks at shrieking teabaggers. Who’s with me? I need a couple of engineers and a marine biologist. Call me.

  20. CALLING IT NOW: Most obnoxious month in American history!

    Methinks you are overlooking October of 2008. Remember the PUMAs? The Palin Rallies? JOE THE PLUMBER?

    Nevar forget!

  21. [re=377164]Gopherit[/re]: Here are my talking points:

    1. 100% tax credit to individuals for cost of individual health insurance
    2. no employer deduction for providing health insurance
    3. insurance companies mandated to offer same policy and rates across state lines – abandon state insurance commissions
    4. safety net for the poor under existing Medicare, get them out of the e-room
    5. insurance companies required to offer catastrophic insurance to all at the same rate across companies, somehow market determined

    Simple changes we can believe in.

    Look, I know this is the wrong forum, but PelosiCare will be almost as stupid-minded as the birthers. I will now leave, to return another day on a lighter note.

    Now, where did I put that third pot of coffee…

  22. Its part of the GOP and insurance lobby’s stimulus package, hiring protesters. Goes hand in hand with the fake letters from latinos sent to congress. These protests have all the authenticity of a Kenyan birth certificate or the brooks brothers riot in Miami-Dade county during the 2000 recount. Luckily we found out months later the brooks brothers were all republican staffers.

  23. [re=377132]RushLickBall[/re]: I understand what you’re saying, but I think several of your assumptions are incorrect. The crippling aspect of Medicare, as the system is fashioned, is that the law on the Prescription Drug benefit bars Medicare, a beyond-huge buyer of medicine, can’t negotiate the price, the way the VA does. And the Democrats are not correcting that–or so liberal hero, Bill Moyer, tells me.

    Why the fuck should Medicare pay sticker price for drugs? The issue isn’t the Health Care Plan details–it’s the fact that some wingers who would lick a goat’s balls if Glen O’Rushbeck said they should, are on their way to hijacking this republic.

  24. [re=377132]RushLickBall[/re]: Not sure what you mean by ‘reform for reform’s sake’, so I’d like to invite you to the planet Earth-specifically the USA, where the health care system is enormously fucked up. I’m sure that on your planet–probably a gated one–everyone who becomes ill goes to the doctor and is treated. That’s not the way it is down here. I’m sure you would agree that it’s a crime against one’s species to allow even one being to die because they couldn’t receive treatment simply because they don’t have the blingees (your currency) to pay for it. You wouldn’t want to live on a planet where your 20-something offspring will NEVER have access to affordable healthcare due to pre-existing conditions (in your case, something like rabies I’m guessing). In addition, you might find it difficult and even spirit-killing to be forced to chose between paying your (ever-increasing) health insurance premium and paying your utility bill. I’m quite sure that you have never been faced with this dilemma–on your planet.

    So–please go back there and take your cookbook with you, you fucking alien.

  25. [re=377218]RushLickBall[/re]: LOL, a lot of that is basically getting the insurance companies to promise to “be good” and not screw people. They really really promise this time and mean it! Sort of like asking you not to lick balls anymore. Not going to happen.

  26. [re=377254]twingonaut[/re]: ” remember to live like every week is Shark Week.”

    Sage advice, or so I assume since I can’t figure out what the fuck that means. Still, made me laugh out loud. So, there you goo-cut through my liberal rate. I can’t even put my I Support President Obama sticker on my car, because I can’t afford to replace the windows. I live among many of these crazy wingers, but the ones too lazy to demonstrate–or too embarrassed.

  27. [re=377133]V572625694[/re]: Actually, I think it would be pretty easy if you had a bit of patience. Once the shouty shills get going, just stay quiet, maybe even sit down, until they just run out of gas. When they do (and they will after a surprisingly short time), stand up and ask a simple question, “Are you through yet?” If they start in on the spewing again, repeat. Unless the crowd is 100% howler monkeys, other attendees will eventually tell the ninnies to sit down and shut up. Then, either a fight breaks out or the boobs will go into angry mumble/crossed-arms mode…looking like the pinheads they are.

    In reverse, this tactic is amazingly effective with a class of grad students who don’t want to engage in discussion: all I do is ask a question, then go silent as long as it takes to get someone to chime in. Longest it’s taken me? Thirty seconds max.

  28. [re=377153]trickyrick[/re]: Half our health problem, and some environmenal ones, would be solved if Iowa were no longer the first caucus state.

  29. [re=377218]RushLickBall[/re]: Tax credits don’t do much for people who can’t afford insurance in the first place, but aren’t on the verge of death from starvation so wouldn’t get covered by Medicare.

  30. [re=377287]user-of-owls[/re]: DO YOUR STUDENTS HAVE A HANDBOOK FROM aBBEY hOFFMAN WITH A LIST OF TALKING POINTS THEY MUST GO THROUGH? tHEY ARE NEVER GOING TO SHUT UP no, not until they get through to the man that is tryin’ to get all socialistical health care and free abortions and kill old people in this US of A. kill the bill amirite? or else the socialists kill the olds.

  31. [re=377218]RushLickBall[/re]:

    Hahaha! Okay, which republican house member do you work for, really?

    In the real world, tax deductions won’t work because YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THE INSURANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The average american family cannot afford cobra, no matter what kind of tax deduction you offer them. And there isn’t a republican out there that will allow for regulating the industry that way. Not to mention the optimistic numbers the republicans offered with their plan made it nearly as expensive as Obama’s. Wait til the CBO gets ahold of it.

    Bottom line, there is no motivation for the insurance companies to provide the necessary services. The proposed plan of the House Dems isn’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than what we have and what the republicans are offering.

  32. Just for fun, I went to a health care town hall meeting in Cincinnati today. It was held in a Unitarian church, and Rep. Driehaus was responding to a tin-foil hat wearing mouth breather about “end of life care” by sharing that his father had died last September, at home, after a terminal illness. He was gearing up to talk about living wills and such and was hooted and hollered at by a small but noisy group of assholes. A little old lady walked back to where they were sitting and basically asked them if they wanted to step outside. It was surreal. I was told later by some of the organizers that a group bussed in about 2 hours early, who knows were they came from. They certainly don’t know what a Marxist or Socialist is, and seem the believe the deficit did not exist until January 20, 2009. I have to say Driehaus held his own and didn’t let them rattle him, which was the goal of course. I live in Mean Jean’s district so it was nice to hear a rational person speak for once.

  33. “It’s August 2009, and America is precisely where our founders envisioned we would be.” It’s from someone on HuffPo about the running of the wingnuts. That’s alright, hurricane season is right around the corner.

  34. [re=377130]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Yeah, we all went green last month to help the Iranians or something. Lot of good it did.

    (Cynical enough yet?)

  35. [re=377200]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Ha! Coal is so damn expensive. Otherwise I would be up to my ass (into my ass?) in hot coals.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to pre-emptively (in anticipation of a possible Wonkett post) apologize for the clowns who were bussed into Austin Saturday to harass the honorable Rep. Lloyd Doggett at his townhall meeting.

    We do our best every 2 years to send Liberal Lloyd back to DC. And while I do apologize we cannot be held wholely responsible for the jesustown pig-fuckers who populate the hill country around us and who serve as willing stooges for their corporate masters who stoke the fires of fear using the poorly-understood word socialism and its variants.

    We have been unable to halt the intentional destruction of education in Texas (intelligent design?) so the majority of the blame I hope will fall on former idiot son of an asshole governor W and current and totally NOT GAY Gov. Rick Perry.

  36. Unfortunately the neo-fascist party is right about this health care issue. We desperately need healthcare reform in this country, and if necessary, the government should step in and see that it is enforced (Last time i checked, that’s the job of the Executive branch). I don’t disagree with socialized medicine (despite all the alleged horror stories from Europe and Canada and Australia) but without having experienced it firsthand, I don’t necessarily trust it either. The question is whether or not anything constructive and civil will come out of a month full of sit-downs with congress.

    Wallythepug, I slept all day instead of going to that meeting. Haha. That little old lady kicks ass in my opinion, and I’m glad the meeting went somewhat well.

  37. Thank you Trickyrick, it’s nice to see we still have holdouts from the Bush administration here to guide us all on our way. Socalistical. Good one.

  38. [re=377132]RushLickBall[/re]: Yea, fuck those religious fanatic “change” folks. They think their cause of fixing this piece of shit we call a country is so divine. They act like they’re just so damn special and holy and they think Obama is jesus. GOD THEY’RE SO SMUG, WITH THEIR…..WILL TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Fucking assholes.

    Maybe what you fail to realize is that the Democrats didn’t win the government. The Bush administration handed it to them on a silver platter. Even people that voted an almost entire party-line ticket like me did it not because we’re democrats, we did it because the Republicans have proved they are incapable of doing anything. And don’t even spew your bullshit Reaganism, he is the root of some of these problems. People aren’t in support of this government. We chose it because it was the better choice between two awful choices.

    It is fully possible that the people could change the congresses mind about this bill. Frankly I hope they do because the government can’t accomplish anything. We’ve had the same highways under construction literally all year round for the past ten years in Cincinnati, and they think they can handle health care.

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