Stare at this for 10 minutes, decrease your premium.It’s almost like this guy wants America to have some kind of good health-care system for everybody, even the AARP — the main voters/money-holders of the United States. “I understand how easy it is for this town to become retarded,” Obama just said. Oh and Obama is talking about that dickwad senator who wants to “break” Obama by defeating health care reform. You can’t break a muslin, dummy!

8:05 PM — Whoosh, so much health care already! We are still deciding on MSNBC vs. CNN.
8:07 PM — “One senator says this is about breaking me.”
8:09 PM — First question from … the AP? What is this, a new blog?
8:12 PM — He’s not “foreclosing” on the ideas from Congress. Somebody tell Santelli!
8:13 PM — It is kind of remarkable how little whining there’s been about the “let’s raise taxes three dollars a year on millionaires” idea, maybe because people are finally realizing they will never ever be millionaires, not even in their sad dreams?
8:15 PM — We read somewhere today that five million people have lost their health insurance so far in 2009. This kind of seems like a lot of people, until you remember six million people have lost their jobs … so maybe one million them didn’t have insurance to start with? Hey, whiners, only one in six newly unemployed didn’t have insurance just before they lost their jobs! Stop always looking on the bad side.
8:16 PM — Oh that was a Sam Stein thing, here.
8:17 PM — Which devil does the satanist Barack Obama love most? The devil he currently worships, of course! It is the devil he “doesn’t know,” sexually, that terrifies him.
8:18 PM — Mush mouth beardy joe Reuters lamer just did the GOP talking point, “why the rush?” Yeah, Obama, why do you want to fix something? Can’t you just, uhm, die?
8:19 PM — !!! Obama just said the “stars are aligned.” Wicca much, Barack?
8:22 PM — Will Chuck todd ask the stupidest question of the night?
8:22 PM — (People predicted this, earlier today.)
8:22 PM — No, Chuck, Obama’s health-care plan is still aimed at making coverage available to everybody. But when Superman gets drunk and is then hit by a bus — a bus full of kryptonite — then it will be revealed that he didn’t bother, because he was “indestructible.” (And then it turns out he has AIDS, too, ouch!)
8:24 PM — But, still, no single-payer system like the rich countries have. Sorry, but America is no longer a rich country.
8:25 PM — Now, here is a thing, speaking of people in the emergency room: EVERY REPORTER ALLOWED TO ASK OR WRITE ABOUT HEALTH CARE needs to spend several nights in a big city hospital emergency room, and then several nights in a distant exurb emergency room, and watch how EVERY NIGHT people with no insurance come in with their tragically sick little kids, suffering chronic health problems that would generally not exist if the kids could be taken to a pediatrician when the first get sick.
8:26 PM — Also these reporters would see so many losers who got in a fight, drunk, and are now missing a tooth or finger or limb or something. (Yeah Chuck Todd’s the worst.)
8:28 PM — Wow Jake Tapper is a super dick, isn’t he? What did Tapper read off there, Jim DeMint’s twitter?
8:29 PM — Blue pills and red pills? Jesus christ we KNEW there was something very weird about this obviously fake reality in Washington! We are all really just hooked up to tubes in an underground rat farm (“Hillarycare”).
8:30 PM — Now Barack is just reminding us of how much FUCKING MONEY we all lost last year, if we had any money. We would rather remember how cool it was to watch that inauguration in January … remember back when these Washington people were briefly left speechless?
8:34 PM — Barack Obama will remove all useless people in Washington — especially those who are, as Obama just said, “ginned up” — just like he made the F-22 disappear. Or something.
8:35 PM — Anybody notice how greasy the press people are looking tonight? Chip Reid looks like he just dunked his head in a deep fryer, and Chuck Todd also looked like a sweat ball. What is up, did Rahm turn off the air conditioning vents over the press seats? Because Barack looks like he’s standing outside on a crisp Fall day.
8:38 PM — Oh this gal had the smug, didn’t she? But, says Obama, the first health-care reform event was indeed on CSPAN and held in this room, other meetings are in the House and Senate, and the health-care execs meeting at the White House have all been photographed and seen by the reporters in this room.
8:39 PM — And she sure shut right the fuck up.
8:40 PM — So … let’s talk about something different!
8:41 PM — Well we have done 40 minutes of this without so much as a beer. That’s a health care problem we will now fix, without Nobama’s help.
8:45 PM — Public option. Why is this an issue, really? When every insurer turns you down for “being sick that one time,” then health care reform is not going to be reform unless there’s an alternative. Christ.
8:49 PM — It is nice to have a president who can speak in these mysterious “sentences” and can answer the actual questions, etc., but it sure makes for a long press conference!
8:50 PM — Speaking of health care, your editor’s little calendar reminder dealie just said it’s time to give Heartguard to the dogs.
8:51 PM — Hmm somebody’s laughing about something. “Shame on you,” Barack yells at somebody, and then that person ets to ask a question anyway? Greasy little sweat ball! Why does he read his GOP question off an old file folder? No money for a notebook?
8:52 PM — Oooo, a Skip Gates question from Lynne Sweet. Barack is his Friend. AND NOW BARACK OBAMA IS GOING TO BREAK INTO THE WHITE HOUSE, AND GET SHOT!
8:53 PM — Man this just got weird and uncomfortable.
8:53 PM — Wow, what happens when THE PRESIDENT weighs in on some fuck-wit cop arresting a distinguished old professor man IN HIS HOUSE? (Oh right the fucktard cop lured Gates back onto his porch.) “The Cambridge police acted stupidly,” says Obama. That cop is going to be executed, and it’s about time.
8:55 PM — But why is Obama causing racism by mentioning that black and brown people are constantly fucked by the fucking cops in this fucked-up fuckhole of a country?
8:55 PM — “This still haunts us,” that’s why.
8:56 PM — Oh lord and now here comes the talk-teevee heads talking about how, by answering the question about Gates, that Obama “stepped on” his headline.
8:57 PM — Anyway, eh ….
8:57 PM — And we’re already tired of MSNBC. We’ll check CNN for two seconds, and then it’s time to make dinner.
8:58 PM — Whoa CNN is ON THE SCENE with the black people, who seemed to “respond” to Obama’s answer about the Henry Louis Gates arrest.
8:59 PM — It was all a set-up to promote CNN’s new hit sitcom, “Black In America!”
9:00 PM — CNN is done, and Rachel Maddow has a new suit! She is not wearing the black suit anymore. Maybe this is not new? We are sorry, we haven’t had to watch the teevee in a while. Good-bye everybody! Thanks for playing “who wants to be a health-care statistic.”

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  1. So far Ken disappeared Sara who disappeared Ken. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! And the times changed by a few hours. Do you have a secret muslin kenyan time machine? If so GO BACK IN TIME and find Obama’s birth certificate.

  2. Do sick people vote? Is that possible? When I’m sick, I don’t even go to my jobby job. And I have a jobby job. If I don’t have a job, would I care?

  3. When Hopey talks in the “you children are going to bed with no dinner if you keep this up” voice, I get hot. I know: Daddy issues.

  4. Chuck Todd just called Hopey, “Sir.” Maybe he actually got my E-mail where I told him what a disrespectful pig he is. Oh, I just heard the question, so I guess not.

  5. [re=368446]WadISay[/re]: No I think he would ask when Michelle stopped beating him. Gotta keep that “angry black woman” meme out there.

  6. First he talks about a guy getting hit by a bus, then he brings up a guy getting his foot cut off… feeling bloodthirsty today, Barry?

  7. [re=368464]TexasCowGirl[/re]: My 82-yr-old Mom is sitting about two inches from the TV machine watching this like it’s her EKG monitor. So, yeah, sick and old people not only vote, they pay attention when the President talks.

  8. The man just doesn’t know how to conduct a press conference. Giving long, thoughtful answers based on facts, not calling on people who’s primary job is being a prostitute (and, no, Chuck Todd doesn’t count, I said primary job). Why won’t he just shrug his shoulders, smirk and sort of chuckle to himself while avoiding the question? Bill O’Reilly is going to be pissed because he was boring and answered the questions.

  9. Way to cite “some experts”.

    “Some experts have the opinion that the best health insurance is prayer, yet your plan does not address this issue.” Ugh.

  10. Hey, when Jack Tapper stood up, why didn’t he start his question with “Mr. President, can you believe the crap they have been saying about you over at Fox? I think you are being wronged, so let’s talk.”

  11. TexasCowGirl: Fair enough. So how do we get the young peeps to care about this? I’m in; but I love my Prez… How do we convince the jobless that this is important, with all their other troubles…?

  12. I’ll sacrifice my end-of-life care in order to get middle-of-life care. All the end-of-life care I need is nice big opiate dose.

  13. [re=368475]Jukesgrrl[/re]: My grandma who is on medicare had both her hips and knees replaced at 77 (so much for the govt telling her “no” Michael Steele) and not only does she vote, but she monitors her polling center for every damn election. Even the school board elections.

  14. These pressers are SO different than Dubya’s. Barry answers the questions, using complete sentences, is respectable to the questioner, and DOESN’T SMIRK! God, I so wanted to smack Bush.

  15. We cannot afford to give free health care to everyone in Kenya and Indonesia and the foreign country of Hawaii which is why we must stop him from spending less money on health care because I demand the right to go bankrupt if I break my leg.

  16. Chip Reid is such a suckup. “When are you going to do this brilliant thing? Oh, it’s your idea?”

    Chip Reid–gay for Hopey.

  17. United Healthcare paid off all the Blagos in Congress while the Adult was away on a trip. United Healthcare made a 85 Billion profit this year with the CEO making 12 mill & the underlings making 9 mill on the backs on half dead uninsured people crawling around on the emergency room floor. It was like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. C-Street frat party with money & prostitutes flying around everywhere. Dad is home everyone behave. Give the money back, send the prostitutes home. I love how Prez always says “ginned up”. Must be talking about the C-Street frat boys.

  18. I had just had a brilliant brainstorm: Put all doctors on salary, like the Kaiser Permanente guy said, like Canadians and every other doctor. When the Rs say we’ll lose doctors to better paying jobs–where would those be, exactly? We’re the only country in the world who lets doctors suck the system dry.

    Or maybe they’ll all go be Concierge doctors in the Hamptons. But I think you have to be cute to do that.

  19. Not to sound too sexist, but that ChiTrib reporter reminded me of the sort of voice you might hear if your girlfriend discovered you went to a strip club a couple months back.

  20. [re=368498]freeatlast[/re]: Well young people, especially if they don’t have children, understandably care less because quite frankly we are healthy or healthier. As far as the jobless goes, you already hit the nail on the head. They have so many other problems. I would say encourage people to support the President’s plan for their children’s sake. He may be the only person in Washington who gives a damn about them.

  21. [re=368512]Gurth LongEye[/re]: If he’s got the Gray Panthers with him, he can’t lose. He also has the AMA behind him and I don’t know how he swung that. They are the wingnuts of doctors.

  22. @Ken : 5:35 PM — Anybody notice how greasy the press people are looking tonight? …did Rahm turn off the air conditioning vents over the press seats? Because Barack looks like he’s standing outside on a crisp Fall day.

    I wouldn’t put it past Rahm. And that is why I can’t help lovin’ that man.

  23. “5:35 PM — Anybody notice how greasy the press people are looking tonight? Chip Reid looks like he just dunked his head in a deep fryer, and Chuck Todd also looked like a sweat ball. What is up, did Rahm turn off the air conditioning vents over the press seats? Because Barack looks like he’s standing outside on a crisp Fall day.”

    Obama doesn’t sweat. Even while he’s working out, if one is to believe random basketball photos from campaign days.

  24. [re=368500]showmeonthedoll[/re]: “big opiate dose.”

    Exactly–Free opium dens for the Baby Boomers. It’s what we were dreaming about all through the 60s and 70s.

  25. I’ve heard Obama use the term “ginned up” and say “kitty” twice. Either there’s good news out of the Senate finance committee, or he sneaked a camel light before the press conference.

  26. Keep the insurance companies honest? Wait till the GOP weighs in on that insult!
    Hopefully by Michele Bachmann in the following rebuttal.

  27. Will I promise not to change anything? Fuck no, you dickwad. Changing this shit’s the whole idea. Goddam these people are dumb and lazy.

  28. Barry–are you going to get every doctor in the United States, including Tom Coburn, to endorse your plan? You did promise bipartisanship in the campaign!

  29. Is all this fooferaw really better than simply commencing an anti-trust investigation? Jesus. Throw some business people in jail and be done with it for 6-8 years.

  30. What a stupid fucking question from Lyn Sweet. Why does he never call on a Xian Science Monitor reporter? You know–someone who isn’t on the teevee all the time and actually knows something and can express it intelligently.

  31. And if you don’t think there is no longer racism and profiling did any of you morons watch the Senate confirmation hearings last week?

  32. Crowley the President just shat upon you from on High…oh and he talked about healthcare reform, but damn Cambridge got called out, rightly so.

  33. …and race relations, and own house break-ins, stoopid police actions, cost effective health care, not taking the same tests over and over. We can’t have this type of logical talk, who does the guy think he is? He’s upsetting the balance of the universe according to Garp.

  34. I’m just impressed he has kept up the scolding tone for this whole press conference. Like, “I’m trying to HELP all you idiots”

  35. RedState & Co. are calling health care Obama’s Waterloo. If it doesn’t pass he has to move back to Kenya. And this nonsense about rationing was put in its place in Sunday’s New York Times article by Peter Singer. But these loons don’t read the NYT, watch anything but Fox, and only read the freeper sites.

  36. God this prez is brave: he said so many things that were TRUE. I thought Chuch “i’m obviously an alcoholic slob” would shoot him. Oh, and i blush when the prez smiles-damn those teeth, i cream every time!

  37. Wow, he really went out on a limb defending his friend Skip… he blew right through the talking points and called the cops’ behavior stupid. Barry FTW

  38. He made some pretty controversial statements. He referred to himself both as American and as the president SEVERAL times, and not with the agreed upon air-quotes.

    You don’t change the world by not meeting people half way.

  39. Obama killed tonight, he was on and he was convincing. Then he had to open his mouth about the cops in Haaavaad Yaaad and give some red meat to the wingnuts. Sigh.

  40. Rachel Maddow’s commentary is the only good thing about these press conferences (and your liveblogging, of course) (and the hope of a reformed health care) (and Obama’s faux-spontaneous joke about living in the White House).


    You forgot to begin your sentence, “MUSLIM RESIDENT ALIEN”

  42. Oh, Sweet Jesus — I wish I had stuck with the liveblog here and not gone, instead, to the Facebook/ thingie and warred with the retards instead of listening to the g-d speech! Esp. the ones who said, “Where does it say in the bible that we need health care reform?” Good night! Have we all gone completely bat-shit insane in this country?! Good God, I need another wine spritzer! Oh, wait, I have one. I need another one, goddamnit!

  43. [re=368624]RommelMcDonald[/re]: “You can unshackle a man, but you can’t make him race.”

    That doesn’t even make sense. How can you get under anyones skin if you don’t make any fucking sense. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule about that.

  44. [re=368624]RommelMcDonald[/re]: As in Nazi Field Marshal RommelMcDonad sweetie?

    It’s no fun if you reveal all of yourself in the first post. Trolling on the Interwebs, you doin’ rong.

  45. [re=368637]RommelMcDonald[/re]:
    Oh, please. You said Gates should stop being a dick. I call bullshit on your disingenuous ass. Like I said, too much of this bullshit today.

    Maybe you should stop being a dick, hmmmmmm?

  46. [re=368620]hoosiermama[/re]: Where in the bible does it say we need health care reform?

    Ha ha ha, that’s awesome. What a great argument. Arguing with biblers is like arguing with conspiracy kooks. The premises upon which their “argument” rests isn’t falsifiable, so they can never be beaten. They must’ve swept high school debate contests.

    [re=368624]RommelMcDonald[/re]: “Permission, your honor, to treat the witness as hostile.” Friend, if you’re trying to argue against Professor Gates here, you are sticking your head in a hornets’ nest. And begging to be considered a troll. Tread carefully. A man has a right to be as much of a dick in his own house as he wants. Especially after he’s proved that he’s in his own house. And it appears that the president has probably talked with Gates & believes his story,

  47. Can someone clear up the “this is socialism” anti-reform argument for me? The argument, I think, goes like this….competition from a free government plan will drive insurance companies out of business, and everyone eventually will end up on the new government insurance plan, but health care will be worse because the government plan won’t be as efficient as private insurance, which doesn’t explain why they’d be driven out of business by the government if everyone prefers and wants to keep their product in the first place….yeah, paradox.

  48. [re=368451]freeatlast[/re]: “Do sick people vote?”
    As the Republicans figured out, not if they’re in a:
    A. Comma
    B. Wheelchair
    C. Grave

  49. [re=368664]RommelMcDonald[/re]: That’s good to hear. Now let’s get back to the business at hand: Tweety’s decision to go on the attack against Obama tonight. The true class interests of the commentariat are shining through tonight. They aren’t even trying, on MSNBC, to hide their disgust with the president’s health care plans. Maybe also word came from on high at GE/Universal to attack or fear for your job.

  50. [re=368672]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Michelle Bernard was on a friggin tear, huh? I haven’t seen her get that mad since the last time someone said something positive about women and/or blacks! And Roger Simon is IRATE about the CBO numbers…since, you know, he’s a fucking bull goose expert on economics and shit with that dago moustache of his.

  51. [re=368672]hobospacejunkie[/re]: As I have long given up watching the news in an effort to stay sane, I missed it. What did Tweety do? I thought the only thing that the press got their panties in a bunch over was Obama saying that a black man being arrested in his house might actually be a sign of…gasp…. racism. That, of course is way more fun and easier to punditcize.

  52. [re=368670]chascates[/re]:

    The Interwebs (Anarcho-socialist)
    College football teams
    The 12 Apostles
    Santa Claus
    Swedish stuff (meatballs, healthcare, bikini team)
    Ad infinitum

  53. [re=368663]Prof. Junk[/re]: “Can someone clear up the “this is socialism” anti-reform argument for me?”*
    Where have you been, Mister Hippie Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite college professor intellectual? Wasting your time listening to Benny Goodman Swing music and Negro beatnik jazz? The reason is because the public option is CHEAPER, as I’m sure your free love, hemp-smoking, ACORN comrades know.

  54. [re=368677]S.Luggo[/re]:

    * Bachmann (and fellow Repugs, including Lindsey Graham) have decried the Public Option in the Barry Health Care Plan for the same reason that Rick Santorum introduced legislation to ban nonprofits and states, municipalities and governmetal agencies from putting weather news on the interwebs, radio and TV. Those bastards, with their public radio/TV/intertubes transmissions, thwart the free market. And the public, hugging their roofs during a flood, would be poorer for the Public Option. It’s the principle that counts and the campaign-contributing entrepreneurs, also.

  55. [re=368674]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Tweety opened with his assertion that Obama missed a huge opportunity to make his case, insisting he looked tired, saying he’s much better in the morning so far as speaking goes, raised more questions than he answered about “his” plan, said he didn’t present a clear idea of how to pay for it, got riled up about possibility of raising taxes, cracked on Obama’s earlier trial balloon about cutting the deduction for charitable contributions apropos of nothing, and took the cops’ side in the Gates drama without raising the possibility that Obama may have spoken to Gates, which would explain why Obama spoke so forcefully on the issue. Just generally down on Obama on all fronts, with only Eugene Robinson allowed a brief moment to defend Gates, though ER wasn’t asked to speak generally about the press conference.

    [re=368663]Prof. Junk[/re]: There is nothing deeper about the this is socialism argument than it’s the same, old tired commie boogeyman these clowns have used for decades, only they haven’t quite figgered out yet that ain’t nobody buying that crap anymore, as evidenced by November’s election.

  56. [re=368684]hobospacejunkie[/re]: AKA same old, same old.

    There is nothing worse than trying to snatch some dollars from an old white health-care tycoon’s mouth to try to help some family with a crisis.

    Socialism, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. Little kid with cancer.


  57. [re=368684]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Well, I wouldn’t say nobody’s buying the socialism boogeyman, but the ones that are are damned loud. The real question is, of the people who hear this tripe, how many will sheepfully let it color the miasma that passes for their minds?

  58. The sage, inside the beltway talking heads like Tweety and Fineman actually said, that hopey should of been more like Reagan, who evidently got us national health care in the 80’s. More folksy stories penned by Dame Noonington would of helped. The rational arguements and facts apparently didnt cut it for dumb and dumber.

  59. Six shot near Houston’s Texas Southern University, historically black college. Possible gang-related drive-by during a community rally. No deaths.

  60. I loved it when he said “ginnin’
    Very Chicago politics.
    I’ve never heard a president use that expression.
    And I loved it when he said the Cambridge police were stupid.
    He wasn’t as careful tonight as he usually is. I liked it.

    My favorite part of the wonkette play-by-play was the suggestion that Rahm Emmauael had turned off the air conditioner over the press corps. That’s why I read wonkette.

  61. Ken, I gots an idear: it is getting to be a pain in the ass missing all the troll bs after you ban them. Perhaps you could create a thread containing all the banned comments so if we wanted to understand the reponses to the trolls (such all “WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE, YOU ARE ALL BANNED.” WTF was that about, inquiring minds want to know.) Or just bracket the bs comments with an all caps BANNED post script. Part of the fun of the responses is lost when you miss the original jerk comment. On the other hand I am perfectly willing to admit that I get tried of reading more then one or two stupid comments in a row, perhaps what I don’t know is really better for me. which is to say I do appreciate your monitoring of the threads and banning jerks, nothing in this should be construded as criticism. (Is that a proper show of respect? Because if it isn’t I can do better.)

  62. [re=368512]Gurth LongEye[/re]: Seriously, all this takes to pass is for the olds to call their representatives, and ask “Why the fuck is my health controversial?”

  63. Obama said “jigger” and my head kinda went all fuzzy. he needs to not use that word anymore. might I suggest “jegro” instead.

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