The last Republican voters in America.DOOMED BY DEMOGRAPHICS: Mike Murphy says that thing that a lot of people have been saying, which is that Republicans are screwed forever if they cannot figure out how to get Latinos and young people to vote for them. But also this: “Waiting and hoping didn’t do much for the Whigs.” (Whigs were never very popular with the Latinos, either.) [TIME]

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  1. The GOP leadership has got to stop acting like the folks from Rock Ridge (Blazing Saddles) or they’re going to be so fucked.

    “You’ve got to remember that these are just “bright” lights of the Republican Party. These are people of the land. The common clay. You know… morans.”

  2. Murphy’s article is crazy talk. Michael Steele has already energized the new jack republican party and they will march to glorious victory in the ’10 congressional elections. They will retake the White House in ’12 with the Palin-Romney ticket. We will all once again grovel at the feet of our benevolent GOP overlords.

    All hail Ronald Reagan, and Queen Peggy Noonan!

  3. [re=337488]InsidiousTuna[/re]: I’ll do ya one better;

    That image is very disturbing. I wish you’d have chosen something else. I realize that it’s a shameful part of American history that we should never forget, but it’s too much.

  4. Well, they are already a regional party (and they could not even hang on to fucking Virginia and North Carolina, idiots).

    I for one hope this is maybe the beginning of a system where there are more than two parties to choose from. Wishful thinking?

  5. The return of “Hammerpants” is a thinly veiled Repugnant-can attempt to control us all through the bad taste and excellent choreography of the early to mid Bush years. Mission accomplished!

  6. Another Republican strategist who speaks the heresy that is “be more moderate”. Rush will eat him for breakfast tomorrow.

    It’s a very well written piece, with a blunt in your face point: “You’re going to be the minority in 20 years motherfuckers. So eat shit and die, or go with the program.”

  7. >>That’s right, GOP, you’ve entered a brave new world ruled by Latino Hoosiers, and you’re losing.

    Univision’s dub of Hoosiers is many things, but I wouldn’t say it rules.

  8. My car radio is stuck on AM actually. Not by any choice, I just have a shitty car. Now I have to listen to Mark Levine screech Mike Murphy’s name on the way home.

  9. Well of course Latinos hate the Whigs! They haven’t forgotten Zachary Taylor marching his Yankee ass into Mexico City and stealing half their land!!!

  10. Young voters need to see a GOP that is more socially libertarian, particularly toward gay rights.

    Oh, the GOP is very much pro-gay rights. After all, they exercise them every time they walk up to an airport urinal.

  11. [re=337485]finallyhappy[/re]: “A Whig reference” And, just to show he’s hip, a Footloose reference…a movie that’s about 25 years old. What a coincidence since that’s about the last time the Republicans showed a lick of horse sense.

  12. That picture of ‘Sayra’ brings back good memories of the primaries/GE. There’s not enough good footage of 4-wheel driving, racist Appalachians on the series of tubes!

  13. I would like to believe that the republican party is near extinction, but I cannot.
    We’re 6 months into a Democratic administration, with a Democratically controlled congress, but they have still avoided prosecution.
    People (e.g. Peggy Noonan) are still not embarrassed and ashamed that they voted for republicans for so long.
    They fight dirty. Like snakes or rats, you cannot believe they are dead until you see the flies feasting on their rotting carcasses.
    Something will go wrong in the next 3 1/2 years, because things do go wrong. That’s the story of the world. But this time, the Democrats will get blamed for it.
    The Democrats will always find a way to lose. They are the Chicago Cubs of politics.
    They still have many sympathizers who have infiltrated the ranks of the Democratic party (Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein)
    They are still beating us in the press. I love Jon Stewart, but he just can’t outshriek Bill O’Reilly, and that might be what it takes.

    Start the investigations, Barry. Turn on the lights and watch the cockroaches scurry for their holes, the trolls turn to stone. Then drive a damned stake through their hearts.

  14. “Whigs were never very popular with the Latinos, either.”

    Probably that whole invade Mexico / annex the West / manifest destiny thing had something to do with it

  15. [re=337521]Gorillionaire[/re]: MSNBC reports Limbaugh’s various verbal flautations like they’re Bin Laden recordings. Except Limbaugh says stupid things on a daily basis.

  16. Mike Murphy’s metaphor makes no sense:

    Despairing Republican friends have been asking me what I think we should do to rebuild the GOP and begin our certain and inevitable comeback. My answer disappoints them: “Build an ark.”

    I say this because I’ve made a career out of counting votes, and the numbers tell a clear story; the demographics of America are changing in a way that is deadly for the Republican Party as it exists today. A GOP ice age is on the way.

    Huh? Sea levels fell during the ice age, revealing land bridges and so on, because all the water was locked up as ICE. Why would you build an ark to prepare for an ice age? How would that help?

  17. “I love Jon Stewart, but he just can’t outshriek Bill O’Reilly, and that might be what it takes.”

    While I agree with you in principle, I do have to note that the core of Stewart’s audiance has got a decent chance to live 50 more years if they can kick the Red Bull and vodka habit, while O’Reilly’s fans couldn’t make it through his show without a portable oxygen tank.

  18. [re=337519]gurukalehuru[/re]: snark off: sadly, yes. Besides which all pol. is cyclic anyway, and never, ever underestimate the rank stooopidity of the voters who are carefully skooled daily by el-rusbo et al. Hate to say it, but Bible Spice, in her own spewiferous way, handled the Dave Letterman dust-up masterfully in terms of her worhsippers (and never doubt that they are legion). BHO can prolly still whup her skanky ass (and other skankstirs) next time ’round, but her base loves ’em sum snowbilly bigtime. Make no bones, the Repukes will be game-on and gaining ground when the time comes. snark on…

  19. Isn’t the GOP betting on some type of white separatist revolution to save them? Thus, the insistence on continuing their racist, sexist, homophobic rhetoric ad nauseum?

  20. [re=337511]Unlearned Hand[/re]: It was Winfield Scott that marched into Mexico City after kickin’ Mexican butt from Veracruz to Chapultepec. Zach Taylor turned around a loss to a win at Buena Vista a few months earlier, forcing Santa Ana to run home cryin’ to his mamacita. Man oh man–remember when USA could win wars over brown people?

  21. “No. 1 name for new male babies — many of whom will vote one day — is Jose.”
    Wrong. It’s “Fidel”. Then comes, “Hugo”, “FoodStamp”, “Gimme Your Wallet” and “ILikesTheWhiteWomen”.

  22. I am very much in favor of the South Carolina secede movement – the group of right wingers that want to take over SC and make it their own little bible fiefdom. Make Nailin’ Palin your dictator for life and outlaw gays and brown people and have it your way and leave the rest of us alone. Problem is that the guy who has been spearheading this “movement” is an Orange Country Californian pussy who is basically afraid of the hillbillies in SC and is simply content to collect donations and adulations whilst pleasuring himself in his high class California house with indoor plumbing and and wine cellar.

  23. When health insurers start pouring money into Republican races and the health care debate lapses into arguments about whether illegal immigrants will get free care, we’ll see how dead the GOP really is. Know-nothings have always had their place.

  24. But isn’t Murphy overlooking the proven demographic facts that I read somewhere or other that

    • All queers are Democrats. (Except for Republican queers who don’t really exist.)
    • Therefore all Democrats are queers. Or at least queer sympathizers who don’t get married because they’re too busy “hooking up”.)
    • Queers can’t reproduce because God didn’t give them properly interlocking body parts. (Except for nonexistent GOP queers who reproduce like bunnies in order to prove their non-queerness.)
    • Therefore future generations will consist exclusively of heterosexual Republicans. (And a few nonexistent queer Republicans who will vote consistently GOP to prove, um, whatever.)

  25. [re=337535]freakishlystrong[/re]: We have a Democratic majority and President, and yet, day in, day out, all we hear about in the media is Republicans.
    well, yeah, but a lot of that is watching the Titanic go down. along the lines of them sinking themselves because they don’t know how to sail the damn thing but can run it into an iceberg. (stay the course). anyway, sucks to be them.

  26. You know what’s funny? An article whose thesis is “we need to get brown people to vote for us” containing a condemnation of “identity politics”.

  27. [re=337519]gurukalehuru[/re]:
    I’ll let you have a secret if you promise not to tell.
    Rush-bo has a choo choo on the mainline track to hell.
    Rachel has rainbow one and Keith has got a third.
    So here’s my little secret, you must never breath a word.
    The trains are mostly empty, roaring every day
    Most folks do not like them and they wish they’d go away.
    The trains are a distraction, a wall of sound and light.
    So whoever has the loudest train will likely loose the fight.

  28. [re=337558]kaspian[/re]: Santorum is written all over this.

    [re=337551]elburrito[/re]: And we know what the topic of ileeegalz do to goopers/conservatives. Let’s see if we can get Rush, Levin, Savage, etc to say ‘dirty spic’ or ‘wetback.’

  29. [re=337524]jagorev[/re]: If the Republicans think building an Ark will help, then, by all means, LET THEM BUILD AN ARK! Don’t ENCOURAGE them. And make sure the “media” reports how FOOLISH building an Ark would be.

  30. [re=337558]kaspian[/re]: “heterosexual Republicans.” HAHAHAHAHA. The only heterosexual Republicans are the ones who haven’t availed themselves of the opportunity to sodomize a 12-year-old Webelo.

  31. Think maybe the reason the Repubs are having such a hard time is because the US&A just lived through eight years of total Republican theological rule and didn’t like it very much? Now they are having to live down their legacy.

  32. [re=337524]jagorev[/re]: Thanks to global warming, I don’t think the Republicans have to worry much about an Ice Age. Of course, they don’t believe in global warming so if they want to prepare for an Ice Age, let them.

    [re=337535]freakishlystrong[/re]: The press still hasn’t figured out that they’re the only people who takes the Republican Party seriously. Well that and David Broder who whined in the Post yesterday about how Obama wasn’t being bipartisan enough with his health care plan

  33. [re=337558]kaspian[/re]: Right! Of course. Because homosexuality is clearly genetic, which is why it no longer exists.

    And we all, especially we non-existent bi and gay people, know that straight people *NEVER* have queer children.

    Nev-er …

    Oh, no …

    But I’ve heard this “breed a lot and home-school the lily-white progeny!” meme a lot from the racist homophobes I encounter, who seem to believe it makes some kind of sense, despite the many gay kids I know who were raised in Bible Belt situations like this.

    Time to play Jimmy Somerville’s “Small Town Boy”. (By popular request, I will never post song lyrics here again.)

    Thus spake Jimmy:

  34. It’s hard to argue with demographic trends. When this country becomes majority non-white how many non-whites are going to vote with the party which has spent decades calling them welfare queens, denying them free education & health care and an easier track to citizenship? I understand the politics is cyclical argument, and the fear that the conservative-controlled big media will do their best to make sure the GOP rises again. But the republican party was born in a similar historical moment and it’s not too hard to imagine the GOP breaking up and the Dems splitting in two, leaving us with a Liberal Party and a Democratic Party, leaving (I hope) no room for the racists, the warmongers, the fringe that today’s GOP refuses to kick to the curb. It’ll take some years for the old-timey backwards GOP to die off but the scenario is not far-fetched.

  35. I thought “Whigs” was Paul McCartney’s first band after the Beetles!

    Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all weekend! Be sure to tip your waitresses, try the veal!

  36. [re=337506]Crab1[/re]: “But black people love whigs.” They’re not the only ones. You’ll never convince me those bananas were Carmen Miranda’s real hair.

  37. On this airplane dildo issue, is it better to go for two large engines or 4 smaller engines. Or has Virgin alread answered the question with its ‘4 engines 4 long haul’ campaign?

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