Technical Difficulties.WHOOPS, OUR TIPS EMAIL IS SICK WITH PIG AIDS: Ha ha, how do we get into our tips email account, anyway? This is a funny sort of problem that happens regularly, because who really knows how any of this stuff is set up, and all the Gawker people who might know were fired/laid off long ago. So, if you sent important tips this morning, we didn’t get them. Might be working now, though!

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  1. It’s a well kept secret: The Gawker intertubes are run by Orlando expressway authority drones supervised by Ted Stevens.
    That they EVER work is a miracle that proves the existence of your god.

  2. Well Ken, I can fix it for you but I’m going to need a bottle of rum, a cuban cigar and one live chicken….oh you might want to put a drop cloth down in the server room, it’s gonna get a little messy but hey, that’s technology.

  3. I think the more likely case is that someone stopped affording to be baked/drunk etc and therefore everything went to hell. When are we going to see the street benefits of cheaper hashish??

  4. Oh, so you’ll never get my e-mails detailing where Obama’s secret Muslin birth certificate is located, Sarah Palin’s true and shocking medical/marital history, and the secret role of the Walt Disney empire behind the current financial crisis? Too bad.

  5. Silly me. I tried that addy and it bounced three times. I decide to take it personally but having no pride, I emailed Sarah instead.

  6. Wow, for people who run a website, you really are pretty shockingly bad at the whole “computers” thing, huh? Maybe you should hire my grandma as a tech consultant or something. She mostly knows how to work teh email.

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