BLINGEE SUBMISSIONS WINDOW CLOSED: There were zero submissions to our latest Blingee contest for about half an hour, and now there are 100 to 150. GODDAMNIT. This will take a long time to go through, and where the hell is that rascal Intern Juli? So expect the winners post… later. To see who “wins an iPod.” In the meantime enjoy this submission that didn’t fit within the contest’s constraints, but is truly amazing anyway.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve never seen Barry and Snoop together–has anyone? We should send this on to our Freeper friends, to pursue, along with the equally serious matter of the b.c.

  2. My intimidation level went from 0 –> elebenty-trillion in about two seconds… Jeezus. Amazing (although Medvedev WISHES he was as cool as 2Pac).

  3. “wins an iPod”? Be honest. The real prize for the Blingee contest is WINNING THE MOTHERFUCKING AFTERNOON.

    Also, that thing is goddamned awesome.

  4. Astonishing.

    Since everyone’s Blingees that were link-available in the earlier post were all so worthy, what about a link to everyone’s? I mean, what a great way to fiddle away an afternoon and slow down Wonkette to a Hayes modem dial-up crawl.

    Seriously, though, I wanna see all o’ them.

  5. [re=279906]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:

    Well Suge was the CEO of Death Row Records….wait Suge Knight went bankrupt….we’re f*cked! O.o

  6. [re=279922]Magnus Maximus[/re]: you know, it would seem as though someone should’ve thought of that line earlier but didnt. thank you.

  7. Wait, so Obama, as Snoop, is Berlusconi’s protege who will soon outshine him. Medvedev gets gunned down in Vegas and Ho Jintao dangles Vanilla Ice out a high-rise window while holding by his ankle?

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

  8. Oh, my god , my former-avatar goes bigtime. With more photoshopping, you should have made Barry as Suge.
    The inbetween morphing frames are frightening.

  9. did anyone notice that just for a tenth of -a-second before Barack completely morphs into Snoop Dog, he changes into Jami Fox.
    – oh, God my eyes are fucked right now looking at this thing

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