• MARK SANFORD REJECTED AGAIN: Skinny communist blog hipster Peter Orszag has rejected South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s request to use his stimulus money to pay down state debt, because of the lack of stimulus. This is the second time Orszag has had to tell this nut to go away, and now Mark Sanford will be the Republican nominee in 2012, assuming the country exists. [AP]
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  1. this conjures up a very pleasant image of mark sanford with a giant “REJECT” stamped across his forehead. imagine the sound effects if you want to smile some more.

  2. State lawmakers have said they’ll use the money if Sanford doesn’t.

    Uh oh, I sense that another “prostitutes and diaper fetishists” scandal is brewing.

  3. [re=270051]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: …oooh, oooh, oooh, perfect segue for this: “Mark Sanford is so ugly, that when he was born they put tints on his incubator to keep the other babies from crying!”

  4. I’d love to have Orszag’s job today — there are few things more satisfying than turning down a Republican’s request to bend the rules, except maybe admonishing him to be fiscally responsible. And Orszag gets to do both. Damn.

  5. I’m starting to wish Congress had passed a bill that required state governors to request funds, and which made unused funds available to other states after a given period of inactivity. Imagine the furor that would ensue in South Carolina if Sanford not only refused Stimulus funds, but if the funds originally allocated for South Carolina wound up in California and New York because Sanford was too much of a GOP prick to use the money on education and unemployment benefits.

  6. [re=270085]Serolf Divad[/re]: Or better yet, if California could have the money for gay marriages, Mexicans and abortions. Ha hahahahaha

  7. “White House Budget Director Peter Orszag (OHR’-zag) sent the Republican governor a letter Friday saying the federal cash should be used on education”

    New South Carolina College Prep Courses: Abstinence 101; Invisible Empire Seminar; Great Books (focusing on tomes by Limbaugh; Coulter; O’Reilly and other classic authors); Creation Science; Rapture Preparation.

  8. Sarah Moosealini Palin staged some stunt today to say that she was going to reject 30% of the stimulus money to her state – which is sort of like telling your father-in-law “oh don’t worry I’ll tip the dry cleaner” after he’s shelled out 20 grand for your wedding.

  9. Sanford is like the panhandler you suspect just wants the money to go buy a bottle of ripple,and why should you throw away money like that on some smelly bum when you could use a bottle of ripple your own self, but your liberal conscience gets the better of you and you offer him a cheeseburger, because you don’t really want it, anyway, and he tells you he’d really rather have cash and then you tell him he can just eat shit, if that’s the way he feels about it, and as you’re walking away, you can hear him cursing at you for being a cheap bastard.

  10. [re=270121]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: …Mark Sanford’s so ugly when he was a kid they had to hang a pork chop around his neck so the dog would play with him.

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