• AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PIECE OF NEWS: Barack Obama will be the first President since Grover Cleveland to miss the annual Gridiron Club Dinner, where the most powerful journalists force their best friend politicians to sing ‘n’ dance for them, in private. It is the worst, most openly corrupt manifestation of the Villager mentality and an embarrassment to the nation. Barack Obama will not attend because his daughters will be on spring break, and he’s choosing to spend a few days with them in Chicago. [Fishbowl DC]
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  1. He’s ignoring the Washington media? Well, why doesn’t he just sh*t on the Constitution and wipe his ass with the Declaration while he’s at it?

  2. I thought spring break was supposed to happen in Daytona, or Fort Meyers or Cancun, if you’re really lucky.

    I shall not be purchasing your video, Sir!

  3. I guess DoctorCultarae’s got the answer to his earlier query today: OT, since the Madoff mea culpa will consume the MSM today, a prediction of a news dump. From whence will it come [sic]?

    Here’s your news dump, Doc.

  4. The comments are crazy. As best i can tell (they are not altogether … coherent) it appears the President has a constitutional obligation to attend this. I think Drudge linked to it so …

  5. It’s shocking that Barry Obama the Muslin Half Breed Preznit of the US America wants to spend time with his family than hang out with the likes of David Gregory and Brit Hume.

    Speaking of which, will David’s buddy Karl Rove be there to do his Hillllarioussss MC Rove bit?

  6. Is this the one where Bush was hilarious about looking for WMDs under the furniture? Or the one where Karl Rove was hilarious about rapping?

  7. [re=264069]qwerty42[/re]: why does every wingnut vs liberal argument devolve into “Who’s responsible for the economic meltdown?”
    “It was Gramm-Leach-Bliley!”
    “Oh yeah, well Clinton signed it”
    “No one made the poor welfare scum take the loans!”
    “Barney Frank is gay and made Fannie and Freddie have sex with him!”
    “My penis is bigger!
    “No mine is!”

  8. [re=264054]jagorev[/re]: Yes there’s a veritable children’s treasury of wingnut comments over there. MUCH more entertaining than the article itself!

    Wonkette commenters=very good at pretending to work, still earning a paycheck while trolling

    Drudge/Redstate trolls=comments limited due to public library/employment office limiting online access to 30 minutes or less

  9. thefab4 57 minutes ago 1 point

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    The Liberal mind:
    “Obama with the biggest mess any President has inherited” LIE. We had 55 months of growth, BUSH inherited Clinton – just in time to enjoy 9/11 – Funny, never heard him say he was “overwhelmed or tired”. BUSH also kept us safe, unlike BO will – glad he’s sending troops home, we’ll need them to help zip the body bags of dead Americans when Al Queda fucks us up again.

    Let’s face it America, the douche in the Whitehouse learned about being a man…FROM A WOMAN. He needs a Kotex and an asprin, to bed early with for the soft palmed, manicured, sashaying, sexy, telepromter reader.

    I truly loved bursting the bubble of my Mexican hairdresser yesterday, when she learned BO is spoon fed his lines from some douche 20 year old on a laptop – she was absolutely crestfallen. Wish I had a camera.

    And NO, he can not take jokes. It’s evident he is thin skinned. He can’t face RUSH – how the flip is he gonna face Al Queda?


  10. [re=264090]tootsieroll[/re]: That’s pretty astute. Mind if I borrow that for commenting on various other sites? That’d be a cut ‘n’ paste that would be appropriate just about anywhere.

  11. Ooh, those fishbowl commenters are really creepy. I only spent a minute there. So much better at wonkette where everyone is so nice to you.

    “Holy shit,” you’re saying. What is she visiting? Or maybe it’s the drugs (they’re legal, people–I had back surgery).

    BTW–Happy Birthday, Jim. Are you old enough to buy beer legally now?

  12. [re=264075]Uncle Al[/re]: I think so and nobody who attended thought it was the slightest bit offensive. If Barry really wants to make nicey nice with all those journalists and pundits, he should attend and do some sort of skit where he goes around the White House looking for everyone’s missing retirement savings. That would be a hoot.

    [re=264091]N8Ma[/re]: I think you mean Wonkette commenters: very good at pretending to look for work, still earning unemployment while trolling

  13. Barry was probably just disappointed when he found out that the Gridiron Club Dinner has nothing to do with football. Had his Bears jersey cleaned and everything… :(

  14. Maybe there is an important meeting in his Black Liberation Theology Church (some wingnut told me that is a real church). Maybe they have to take him to task for not destroying white America yet.

  15. Oh noes! Because of this the press may not cover our President with unbiased, objective reporting as they have done so far. Oh, wait, never mind. The “village” will continue on with their absurd presentation of a bizarro right wing reality that a smaller and smaller percentage of voters will be fooled by. At least this way Obama won’t have to look at the worthless, dishonest hacks for absolutely nothing in return.

    [re=264105]tunamelt[/re]: I am neither a pacifist nor patient and understanding with idiots. The comment was obviously written by someones who deserves to be disciplined — I’m thinking eyes propped open Clockwork Orange style. For the rest of their life the sound of Rush’s voice would cause them to take off their clothes and cluck like a chicken.

  16. [re=264153]WadISay[/re]: He’s trying to make sure that birth certificate stays put. Gotta check on those things once in a while.

  17. AM Cox used to call Gridiron “Prom Nite” which fit. A bunch of dorks in tuxedoes with a date or their wives (or both). I don’t care that the Obama family is off for a break. Hoary old topes like the Gridiron will soon go the way of the SF Chronicle and the Chicago Sun Times. A distant memory. Barry ought to go to ComicCon if he really wants to reach people. It’s better than watching Helen Thomas sing “Old Man River”.

  18. [re=264143]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Yeah, Hopey should go and do a hilarious skit about how all the newspapers are going out of business. Act 2 could be reporters interviewing each other in homeless shelters.

  19. [re=264310]Uncle Al[/re]: “Act 2 could be reporters interviewing each other in homeless shelters.” And that’s different from a night watching AC 360 how?

  20. [re=264184]2druk2phluq[/re]: Actually, Howard Fineman said yesterday that the Village is beginning to think Obama isn’t doing a good job because he’s not doing things the way the Village thinks he should be doing them so dissing their party will only make the Village angrier. You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.

  21. [re=264346]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Yes, Greenwald wrote about it and excoriated Fineman. This morning, however, Matt Lauer interviewed Fineman on Today and Lauer mentioned that many of the people Fineman refers to opposed Obama. Fineman replied that was true and that many of those same people were responsible for the situation we are in now. I found that an interesting addendum. I did not see any link to the interview at the Today site, but it is there somewhere.

  22. Would anyone be so kind as to explain the significance of this no doubt splendid American cultural tradition to a mere ignorant furriner?

  23. Impossible to explain, like the trucknutz and teh wingnutz, and so on. Press gets to watch our top politicians/mates sing and dance in costume to memorable tunes like, “Second Hand Rose” (Nancy Reagan). The press – they who must be entertained. Words fail.

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