• CHUCK TODD, MODERN NOSTRADAMUS: Your editor often braves the terrifying hell-beasts at the top of MSNBC’s First Read because its authors really do have a way of putting a narrative frame around the news of the day. Yesterday we found an intriguing set of bullet points about Tom Daschle, concluding with this prediction: “The Rule of Three will now kick in: No other Obama appointee who has a tax problem will survive, period.” And today, wallah! Obama’s nominee for Chief Performance Officer has to withdraw her name from consideration. No news yet on the whys but it seems safe to assume this has something to do with “a tax lien placed on her house by the D.C government because of a failure to pay unemployment taxes on household help.” The authors of First Read are secretly Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett. [Washington Post]
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  1. “No other Obama appointee who has a tax problem will survive, period.”
    So he knew another nominee had tax problems and guessed that since she was below cabinet level, she’d be the sacrificial lamb? He’s either Nostradamus or just geekier than the rest of us.

    Actually, he’s not Nostradamus, as his prediction was 1) a reasonable inference based of facts, and 2) correct. Although in Nostradamus’ defense, at least he mostly stole from the rich.

  2. One’s willingness to volunteer for Federal service—at any time in the past 170 years—should count appreciably. If she’s among the best…I’ll clear her lien, in strict confidence.

    Don’t we need her help, far more than the minuscule fraction of the trillions of dollars that she’ll audit?

    What ethois of this thing…her freely willing, our ‘free want’…our ‘free need’?

  3. [re=234852]JeffGoldblum[/re]: And can’t actually write that many words without going off on “those shitbag motherfuckers”. Nice try, though. It’s probably just Axelrod and, I don’t know, Chealsey Clinton or some such.

  4. [re=234861]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Really, they have so many other options.

    1) Make their own kids actually, um … do stuff (e.g., mow lawns, do laundry, dust/vacuum)
    2) ‘Adopt’ (& keep in tiny closet under the stairs) a brown furreigner & voila they don’t have to worry about pesky taxes
    3) Not accept these nominations knowing they were stupider than dirt not to have paid their taxes
    & finally the last most horrid option: Pay the fucking taxes on time like the rest of us poor, miserable plebeians have to!

  5. What the hell? Why do my husband and I worry so much about whether we are being legal with our taxes and hire an accountant to make sure we are doing everything right? And we don’t even have any political aspirations. We just try to be honest. Why is everyone a crook? Are we just saps?

  6. Tom Daschle’s problem is that he doesn’t exploit his small-town Midwestern roots well enough. he should be like:

    “You’ve got to understand: while you rich Northeastern society power brokers are over here paying your fancy Northeastern ‘taxes’ us regular folk in North Dakota are probably at a barn raising, or helping plow a sick neighbor’s field for him while our wives bake a chicken pot pie for a fellah whose wife left him and the kids to go run off with some rich Hollywood producer type who promised to make her a movie star but will probably just abandon her at a Motel 6 just outside of Reno. The whole notion of ‘paying taxes’ is completely alien to us simple folk.”

  7. [re=234861]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: No shit. Barry should keep the vettors (vetters?), who are finding these tax dodgers, on the job until all those K street fuckers pay up.

  8. And I foresee the following Rule of Three: If this happens again, both the nominee and whoever is in charge of the vetting process is going get Barry’s 13EEE shoved three feet up his descending colon. I have spoken.

  9. “[S]he began to fail to pay unemployment compensation tax for a household employee. And she failed to make the required quarterly payments for a year and half, whereupon a lien for $946.69 was placed on her home. That sum included $298 in unpaid taxes, $48.69 in interest and $600 in penalties. The lien was filed March 7, 2005, but Killefer didn’t get the lien extinguished for almost five months, not until July 29.”

    She is an utter idiot (when I was a teenager, I had people I was a nanny for withold from my meager $100 or so per week) for not paying the person and should not have needed to be told to do so. That being said, the five month lag in payment doesn’t bother me as much, because, knowing the DC gov’t, she probably didn’t get notice of the overdue payment or the lien until she got her annual tax bill in July.

  10. Taxes are only for The Little People (e.g. leprechauns.)

    “Purple Hearts, Yellow Democrats, Orange Whatever, Greenbacks, and Whore Diamonds”

  11. I got dinged for failing to report income on my state income taxes last year. I think it was because of grants that weren’t taxable federally, but were taxable at the state level. Tax laws can be fricking confusing, even to CPAs.

    I have to say I prefer tax cheats to torture apologists and religious nuts any day of the week.

  12. Wallah? Wallah?? what the heck kind of French/Liberal/Commie are you? In zee France they spell it “voila”. If we’re ever going to achieve our goal of living exactly like the Parisians, with the baguettes and the Gauloises and the socialism, we will at least have to learn the language!

  13. This is so stoopid! None of those rethuglicans buttseck lovin idiots pay their taxes but they do not need to worry cuz Hopey don’t want their stankin asses in his cabinet! Easy guess considering your not one of the “cool kidz” in DC if you do pay your taxes! If TruckNutz had won for Prez his cabinet would be filled with Jim Bean bottles!

  14. [re=234898]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Hahaha! It would be great if they handed him a plunger when he arrives and pointed him towards the men’s room. “Sorry Joe. Vitter had Mexican food last night.”

  15. [re=234854]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Actually, he’s not Nostradamus, as his prediction was 1) a reasonable inference based of facts, and 2) correct.

    Agreed. Shit, I predicted this one. Then again, maybe I’m clairvoyant. I fucking hope not, though, I don’t want to be right that Obama’s fancy green/health care/education plans are doomed too.

  16. [re=234901]cafeconleche[/re]: If this were any other blog, I’d assume that the wirter doesn’t know no French-talk. Here, I’m pretty sure it’s deliberate. Because, you know, the snark.

    Also, David Denby sucks balls, also.

  17. I’ve always liked Chuck Todd more than Wonkette’s pretend boyfriend Nate Silver. It’s probably the facial hair and the shared-name/passing resemblance to Chuck Norris.

  18. Hollah for Wallah!

    I’m pretty sure that this lack-of-paying-taxes thingie is Capitol Hill peer pressure. You get laughed at if you pay on time and don’t have illegal messicans mowing yer lawns and folding yer laundry.

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