like the cocaine

NYT DROPS BOMBSHELL ON INAUG. EVE: Literally nothing in life is funnier than when a web editor takes the last name of columnist/blogger Charles Blow and places it alongside a headline or teaser that suggests something sexual or drug-related, as this one does. Name one thing that is funnier than this. UPDATE: Ken was going to write this exact same post but with this pretty illustration depicting the Times’ virulent hatred of black people. [NYT]

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  • NoWireHangers

    AH! I read that and snorted!

  • actor212

    That Bill Kristolnacht still has a job at the Times?

    OK, that’s not funny, this is true.

  • NoWireHangers

    Speaking of, can I get Barry’s number cuz, I’ve got some inauguration parties to tend to tomorrow night…it’s going to be exhausting after working all day…you think you could hook me up?

  • whiskey tango foxtrot

    I.. um… shit! I got nothing.

  • Min

    Are they actually paying someone to do those lines at the NYT?

  • memzilla

    We should all cap this off with some post-dated Peggington snark.

  • FMA

    I can’t wait until Charlie writes about the economy and the headline is “Blow: Job Shortage.”

  • sati demise

    Last names first… Obama sells blow, Kristol the war president, Krugman performs voodoo for/on banks?

    Funnier than this?
    Hitchens on the day Jerry Falwell died; “If you gave the man an enema you could bury him in a match box”.
    For that I will always love Hitch. Still makes me cry.

  • Bruno

    I knew he was the magic unicorn to come delivery from a lack of drugs the last couple days. Except for yesterday, and now that I think of it except for today too.

  • wheelie

    Blow: Obama’s Plan to Spend Taxpayer’s Money
    Blow: McCain Doesn’t Cut It
    Blow: What Hillary Clinton Didn’t Do As First Lady

  • Lascauxcaveman

    Haha, current score:

    Jim – 1
    Ken – 3
    Wheelie – 6


  • bago

    Blow: A verbal action which has been performed on the proverbial “it” for the past eight years.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=222248]wheelie[/re]: Such a win. Such a goddamn win.

  • bago

    Many people try to situate themselves at the nexus of Bush and Blow (Such as that eponymous American, Tony Montana), only to have it all fall lifeless after the introduction of “my little friend”.

  • Neon Trotsky

    Not only is Charles M. Blow hilariously unaware of the connotations of his name as well as various social phenomena, according to his NYT biography “Mr. Blow graduated magna cum laude from Grambling State University in Louisiana.” And I think we all know that Blow and G[r]ambling are closely connected…

  • Godot

    This doesn’t surprise me. You didn’t think Obama really had that huge campaign war chest from people giving him a few bucks here and there, did you?

  • smellyal8r

    Blow had a piece on cocaine last week and I laffed at the irony. As to the Lincoln wouldn’t like Barry piece, man I was skeptical but it was good.