• IMPORTANT FAREWELL ADDRESS LIVEBLOG AT 8 P.M. LIBERAL TIME: Hey George W. Bush, fuck you. Liveblog of his farewell address to America will start here, on the Internet, at 8 p.m. Eastern.
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  1. Yech, thanks for the warning, remove sharp objects and the caps lock key. Then, after the news cycle from this vile infomercial, it will be pardons, pardons, pardons.

  2. Let me guess: God, democracy, 9/11, freedom, head held high, maintained principles, beware of terrorists, thanks, I had a blast, history will love me.
    And fuck Scott McClellan.

  3. confusing! pacific time is more liberal than eastern: Nevada, Washington, Oregon and California all went solid blue this year. Only a small portion of Pacific time zone is in the red state of Idaho.

  4. Dear George,
    Don’t let the door hit your where the Good Goddess split you, you foul, cocksucking, lying douchenozzle, schmegma ridden feces-for-brains pathetic excuse for a human. Get the fuck out and don’t look back, or we’ll sic the hounds on you. I hope you rot forever in a Paraguayan prison with nothing to console you save hourly buttsecks from a corpulent, pus covered bear named Miguel.

  5. I wonder if the Capitol Police are going to make everyone take off their shoes before entering the chamber.
    Also, I’m hoping for at least one totally inappropriate round of applause from the Democrats — like if Dubya mentions, sadly, that he failed to fix Social Security, or didn’t have time to invade one more country.

  6. [re=220161]bitchincamaro[/re]: [re=220163]jbd[/re]: Good ideas. Also every time he totally fucks up the pronunciation of any 2-syllable word.

  7. Damn. No alcohol to be had. Must brave sub-zero temperatures. Must make it back alive to witness the final smug, self-righteous, belligerent ravings of our beloved Fuehrer.

    It is going to be so weird when in like 25 years my Conservatard relatives brainwashed, Conservatard children try to convince me of how great our Dumbass-in-Chief was.

  8. [re=220198]JohnnyMeatworth[/re]: It’s too bad, really, that he, Cheney, and Condi aren’t going out to Freebird like in The Devil’s Rejects.

  9. Yeah, right.
    I bought into the Rollings Stones’ Farewell Tour back in ’87, too.
    My advice, waste your money on the ‘historic collectible’ t-shirt.

  10. After watching W’s first State of the Union address, I decided I didn’t like swearing at the TV as much when it was coming from a place of frustrated rage. As I result, I haven’t listened to W speak when I could avoid it. It makes my skin crawl. However, I may make an exception tonight and listen to the NPR coverage of his farewell address. It’s too bad it won’t end in a beheading, but 2009 America can’t be Revolutionary France. In my dreams maybe, but not here and now.

  11. Wonkette – there must be some Teevee channel who is forced to carry this & will ‘ho themselves for ratings. Suggest a wonkette twitter feed at the same time (as stoopid as twitter is, if they do this, I will be one over)

  12. Hey George W. Bush, FUCK YOU.


    There are times when words just can’t express your emotions, aren’t there? I wish I knew the word fuck in every conceivable language. And I don’t normally curse much.

  13. Shew. I made it in from class in time. I have my drinks and shoes ready. Bring it on asshat!

    Ohhhh…Pat Buchanan. Can I throw shoes already?

  14. The White House asked the networks for 30 minutes for an address by the President. They all asked what he wanted to talk about and why before begrudgingly saying “OK, but just 30 minutes”

  15. [re=220277]Tra[/re]:

    i like this one: “Jebem ti majku na mrtvackom vozu za Sabac u pola noci u levo uvo u punom mjesecu,” which is apparently something like ‘I fuck your mother in her left ear on a hearse going to Sabac at the midnight on the full moon.’

  16. [re=220284]j6n[/re]: Wouldn’t it be great if W left with some sort of “Farewell to Arms” address to the nation? Some classic oratory delivered unsquintingly into the camera…”And now, finally, good night to the nation that has borne our tears, carries our dreams and delivers us to boundless love” Not.

  17. Oh, don’t ya know?
    Don’t wanna see ya any more.
    Put up or shut up.
    Ya spell, ya read, D.O.O.R.

    Oh, don’t ya know?
    Don’t wanna see ya here no more.
    Pack it and move it.
    Ya spell, ya read, O.U.T out.

    Don’t go be bad ’cause you’ve been had
    Don’t go away sad
    Don’t go away mad
    Just go away!
    Go away!
    Go away and stay away!

  18. I met this motherfucker (probably literally) in 1980. He had coke snot dripping from his nose, and a permanent idiot grin on his fucking face. The fact that anyone in this entire country thought he was capable of holding any sort of elective office is amazing, and the fact that he was president is a tragedy worthy of Milton. Since he did not end his speech by committing sepuku, I am afraid that the entire eight years of misrule has been a waste of our time and money.

  19. Another Bush story: you know the only A he received at Yale was in Anthropology 100. This was taught by Margaret Mead, who filled in for George Peter Murdock. Mead was sort of a PUMA of her time, pissed off that her only teaching gig was to fill in for an inadequate male, so she refused to do any grading. Everyone got A’s, including GWB.

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