• RUH ROH: “Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed Thursday night while giving a speech to the Federalist Society in Washington, according to three senior administration officials… At 10:30 p.m. Eastern, medical officials were still working on him on the stage, administration witnesses said.” [Politico]
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  1. Well then now’s the time for Bush & his cronies to get him to sign off on something to put another crack in the Constitution like they did when Ashcroft was hospitalized.

  2. [re=182867]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: They are both about as unfit to hold that position, even if Mukasey tends to say stupid things a bit less often.

    Remember kids, not all the times you break the law count as crimes!

  3. With Jagorev on this one. Wishing harm on anyone is vile.

    But the image of those lawyers at the Federalist Society
    praying is quite something. (next graf in the Politico story)

  4. [re=182875]glamourdammerung[/re]: I remember that statement, hold it dear to my heart, and wonder why it didn’t mean shit to anyone CONSTANTLY. But nay, such es life, sayz the fabled Peggy Noonington.

  5. [re=182876]Panderfinder[/re]: Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Wishing harm on Jesse Helms, for instance, or Osama bin Laden, is fine by me. Mukasey, however, doesn’t rise to that level. I want to see him indicted, not die of a stroke.

  6. [re=182876]Panderfinder[/re]: “Wishing harm on anyone is vile.”

    I bet some of those American citizens this administration has decided to lock up without benefit of trial would prefer nasty wishes to the treatment they’ve been subjected to. Good thing they’re just terrorists, though.

    Looks like God might have opened another door for another right-wing nutjob to enhance his resume with a couple months of AG experience.

  7. [re=182872]glamourdammerung[/re]: He was secretly thinking that he was going to cooperate, and Cheney picked it up with his mind-reading powers and caused Mukasey to have a stroke. Expect more of these in the days to come.

  8. So does cognitive dissonance possibly cause physical ailments? Jesus Christ, the apologist for the shredding of the constitution is speaking at the fucking Federalist Society when he collapses? Without wishing ill on anyway (besides Cheney), yeah, dude, I’d say there are consequences; or at least just desserts.

  9. [re=182885]glamourdammerung[/re]: Compared to the previous two occupants of the job, Mukasey is a freakin’ prince. But I fear this won’t end well for him.

  10. [re=182907]mordecaibrown1908[/re]: Compared to the previous two occupants of the job, Mukasey is a freakin’ prince.

    That’s true…considering that Alberto Gonzalez was the worst attorney general since John Ashcroft, and John Ashcroft was the worst attorney general since Janet Reno.

    But I fear this won’t end well for him.

    C’mon, let’s be optimists here! I can think of a few ways it could work out well – like for example he gets remembered as only equally terrible as Janet Reno.

  11. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is still alive, healthy, not surrounded by Federalist Society homo-creeps, and most likely grinning like a retard (n.b. not because of this news, just cuz that’s how he rolls). PROOF! There is a just God.

  12. [re=182911]rambone[/re]: I dunno. Getting assfucked by Dick Cheney while you’re collapsed at a Federalist Society meeting is probably not an improvement.

  13. Mukasey is a living (albeit ailing) embodiment of the Bush Administration’s current condition. Can they all collectively throw in the towel a little early? It’s gonna take the first four years just scrubbing the stink out of the Oval Office, right Presidente Chavez?

    I don’t wish PHYSICAL ill on any one. Get well, little Mikey, well enough to receive a subpoena.

  14. Catecholamine blockade stimulants are frequently prescribed (if not at JFK levels.)..even at 67.

    If he has a rapid recovery, consider a no-go-pill seizure before a CVA. (Hope so.)

  15. “CBS News reported that the attorney general began slurring his words about 15 or 20 minutes into a speech touching on Bush administration successes in the war on terrorism.”

    Don’t sound good, but even Bush would slurr a few on that topic…just to save face.

  16. This just in: Emergency medical personnel report that Mukasey’s last remaining shred of integrity lept out of his chest and started to strangle him.

    The traumatic event occurred immediately after a member of the Federalist audience asked the stricken Attorney General about the constitutionality of “blanket preemptive Presidential pardons” . . . .

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