Actual size.NO JUSTICE: Traitorous pussbag Vinegar Joe Lieberman gets to keep his Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairmanship, because St. Obama doesn’t want to hurt the wittle cweep. [Politico]

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  1. Yoseph Liebermoff is not Governmental, has never been known for his Affairs, and is certainly not a Committee. I call bullshit. Obviously Charlie Christ would have been the better choice, even though he is not a Senator and is not the ruling party. Aww fuck it. The picture makes me inclined to go with Dumbo.

    Yes. Dumbo should lead the Governmental Affairs Committee.

  2. Seriously, and this is the guy who Obama campaigned for when he lost his primary challenge in 2006.

    Count me as one who would have rather seen an Obama Corleone than an Obama of Nazareth this time ’round.

  3. It’s like with Hilldog for SoS – keep your friends close, and your enemies chairing their own little roosts. Because it’s better to have them with you than against you.

  4. [re=179693]Serolf Divad[/re]: Don’t worry. In the near future, Joey will wake up in a Nevada whorehouse with a dead hooker and Obama will send Rahm to clean things up and remind Joey that “Barack Obama helps his friends” as long as they know how to repay a favor.

  5. I am unsure who I am more annoyed with, Lieberman for being a fuckwit or the Senate Democrats for enabling it. Actually, I am sure, but I try to avoid calling Harry Reid a pussy more than three times a day.

  6. O.k. fine, let the little baby keep his fucking committee. But can’t the Dems contrive some ritual humiliation for him? Chain him prone to the Capitol steps for a day, and anybody who wants can come up and kick him in the gonads? That would redistribute some karma.

  7. The Dems are so close to a filibuster-proof majority that they will even kiss the shriveled old ass of Holy Joe in the hope that, once in a while, he may actually be their 60th vote. And Holy Joe will undoubtedly demand further blackmail payments.

  8. Calm down – Barry did say he was going to cross the aisle….there’s not much over there…this is going to be like the dormouse in the teapot…

  9. [re=179709]glamourdammerung[/re]: This is the beginning of the end for ol’ Harry “no pulse” Reid

    (And Mormons aren’t exactly the Dem’s favorite people just now.)

  10. [re=179693]Serolf Divad[/re]: I still think this is all a set up and at some point, Obama’s going to suggest Joe go on a little fishing trip.

  11. this is his last go round and will be gone in 2012, CTers have had it with his embarrassments and will not make the same mistake again. the worst part about toads like Lieberman, is that they stick around the DC landscape and profit handsomely on their name alone. that is unless he is convicted of something or falls into a little boys rear end on videotape

    in the meantime, he will be of no use to the Democrats, just a resentful little prick who will take pleasure in jamming things up so people will have to kiss his ring

  12. Yeah, and once upon a time Senator Brutus betrayed his friend Caesar and joined Caesar’s enemy Pompey in a civil war against him, and after Caesar won, he restored Brutus to the Senate with no hard feelings. And we all know how that one turned out.

    I’d beware the Ides of March this year, if I were NoBama.

  13. Don’t blame Barry, though he is a pussy. Blame Democrats in general. They are all pussies. And it’s the fault of our pussyfooted legislative body, not our president-elect, who basically only said that he had no opinion on it.

  14. I hope Obama has a good shocked face worked up for 2 seconds after Lieberman gets his first opportunity to spit in the face of all his “friends”. I bet Obama will look so shocked and hurt, but really, he should have known better. Great job Hopey, I’m sure Joe appreciates your magnanimous gesture.

  15. [re=179767]eatsshootsleaves[/re]: Dood if I can’t blame anyone than how the fuck am I suppose to organize a massive book burning or witch drowning? You are killing the potential for fun here, sir.

  16. Still have hope that Obama will close down ‘Homeland Security’ in the interest of government competence. There needs to be a complete revision of this department and the Patriot act.

    [re=179740]kimbongil[/re]: Promise? You Conneticut Dems need to kick this fuc*er out of office since Harry Reed cannot seem to do his job. Then, how do we get rid of limp d*ck Reed?

  17. Joe will NOT get re-elected in CT. He’s already been forced to move out of his hometown of New Haven and live in Stamford, which totally sucks.

    [re=179704]FMA[/re]: I was going to go with a Hyman Roth/Frankie-Five-Angels riff… “It was Roth who tried to have me killed. If Hyman Roth sees that I interceded with you in the Rosato Brothers’
    favor, he’ll think his relationship with me is still sound. You make the peace with the Rosato Brothers on their terms. Let the word out that I forced you …and when the time is right, I’ll take my revenge.”

  18. Lieberman is the Elmer Fudd of Senate politics.

    I mean how twatish does Liebergit look right now? He had to beg to keep hold of his pweshious wittle chaiwmanship.

    Thwank wu Bawwack!

  19. [re=179838]randomsausage[/re]:”Lets all go Looney Tunes and Ciwcumsize the gwobe. . . ”
    “And uh – nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o puh puh puh pork!

    Uh blitah uh blitah uh blitah uh blitta. That’s All Folk’s!!!”

  20. People, let’s gain some perspective here. True, Lieberman is a vain little twat with an outsized and unwarranted sense of self-importance, and yes he went on TV and said awful things about Dear Leader, but really, what is he? A reliable vote on legislation that matters to the Democrats, a possible 60th vote on cloture, and a spaceholder for four years. Ousting him now goes against the core Obama message of changehopelolfrenemies. (One can question the value of Obama relentlessly believing his own BS to this degree, but that’s a larger question.)

    Besides, what’s Lieberman going to do? Subpoena Obama? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *cough wheeze* Oh, ungrateful little Joe will try and shiv Obama? AHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Joe’s easily played. Flatter him a little, say the right words and he’ll do anything you want. Besides, Obama owns him. This was all about a power play. Sure, Joe could go caucus with the Republicans — but he’d still lose his chairmanship. Joe gains nothing by breaking away except wallowing in his own vanity. And Obama’s game was simple: of course you get to keep your seniority, Joe, because you have no other choice.

    So yeah, we might all think he’s a shit-swilling rat, but a very smart move by Obama, or my name’s not Dick Morris. Wait, what?

  21. What is Connecticut saying about this guy? Are they all luv for him or what? When’s he up for election and can we find someone clean and articulate to run?

  22. [re=179870]gjdodger[/re]: Actually it would have been better to make LieberTwat Secretary of Homeland Security and then appoint Sen Casey to the chairmanship! He’d oversee his sorry ass out of national politics….

  23. Think of Joe Lieberman as Barry’s trusted advisor. When he has a question, he asks Lieberman then does the complete opposite. Can’t lose. Like the Magic 8-ball, only not.

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