• WHAT WE NEED MORE OF IS MUNNIES: According to early exit polls, which you should ignore, 62% of voters said the economy was their biggest concern. Remember 2004, when everybody said “personal values” or some bunkum like that was the biggest deal? Ha ha, wheee, you will feel pretty goddamn stupid when John McCain wins by a landslide due to these “economy voters.” [CNN]
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  1. Yes, this is all well and good THIS TIME, but does it take a fucking Depression for the asshats in this nation to vote using common sense? I want long term change, not 4-8 years of change and then back on the hell train to Wingnut Jesusland.

  2. On a sort of related note, just saw ol’ Caribou Barbie on the MSNBC, where she was wearing an Alaskan flag lapel pin but not an American flag pin–does this mean secession is imminent?

  3. [re=164289]El Bombastico[/re]: God, I’m still at work. Got an hour and a half to kill. Then it’s home Gussy Up For Change and head out to get into trouble…

  4. Do not watch the exit polls. Do not watch the exit polls. DO NOT WATCH THE EXIT POLLS.

    Seriously, no snark here. Just don’t watch ’em. They are designed solely to be used to collect Dem tears. I hear the supply from 2004 is running low…

  5. [re=164305]HairyIckey[/re]: I made the mistake of reading some of these polls. I am currently breathing into a paper bag, trying not to scream.

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