You betcha!RACIST NUTS: Check out Palin’s crowd in, gulp, Las Vegas! Actually, this video was shot in the white-trash tract-home foreclosed stucco ghetto of Henderson, so it all makes sense. Seriously, you have ONE MORE WEEK to buy guns, for protection, from these people, when the Black Arab becomes president. UPDATE: Video now embedded, after the jump.

Christ …
[Las Vegas Sun]

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  1. I’m been in Henderson. In the middle of summer. Trust me: Once the economy finishes tanking, and these people can’t afford air conditioning, they’ll be (1) as dead as dehydrated jackrabbit by the side of the highway; or (2) ready to sell their guns, daughters and meth to buy a cube of ice.

  2. To welcome our new black muslim overlords, I am buying shares in Burka makers.

    Ladies! They come in your favorite color, as long as it’s black!

  3. ken i think youre driving traffic to a site thats ill equipped to handel it. i only get about 8 secs of video, i get to the part where the hobo says ‘im not one of those far right loons’ then cuts off and goes back to the beginning. I can only assume that the rest of his sentence goes something like ‘ im an intelligent redneck who likes buttsecks with the negroes, and colt 45 is teh shitz’ but i wont know cuz the video is a wonky

  4. It pleases me to report that my rifle loads significantly faster than the LV Sun website. And it makes me feel like singing!

    “Two hundred million guns a-loadin’,
    Satan cries, ‘Take aim!’
    Better run through the jungle…”

  5. Dear White People,

    Stop being so damn crazy. You’re making me look bad.


    PS: The president who tried to take down America from within? That would be George W. Bush, just so you know.

  6. I always love hearing a hick tell me how they have information about a Presidential candidate that has escaped the eye of the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service. I feel so much safer now.

  7. The only thing I can watch is the use of the Oxford comma. I fucking LOVE HENDERSON. Please do something to the Las Vegas Sun to make this video work.

  8. [re=148726]Worlds End[/re]: No, no, no… they should all naturally gravitate towards Alaska when the election is over to be with their great intellectual leader Sarah Palin. It’ll be tough for them at first to develop a taste for moose, but as long as Palin keeps the free trade agreement open with Kraft Foods Corp., they’ll be enough BBQ and ranch sauce to mask the horrible gamey aftertaste.

  9. [re=148727]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: goto youtube and type in racist negro buttsceks and you will find the vid

    *j/k but if you search for palin racism its like 4th or 5th in the list

  10. [re=148728]The Decider[/re]:
    The election time fear mongering in the NRA mags is always good for laughs. For decades, Charlton Heston and Wayne LaPierre have been riling their oatmeal-brained followers about anti-gun politicians. Yet, they still have their guns.
    The issue covering Obama and a potential Democratic super-majority is unbelievable. They spared absolutely no expense. I can see them all starting construction on their bunkers.


    The end.

    [re=148740]monty[/re]: Awesome. Thanks for that.

  12. NRA is desperate for attention. No one is talking about them this election, so they have to insert themselves with fear mongering and stoking hate. They are despicable. I cannot wait until they are out of our political discourse.

  13. Oh that video! It’s such a tease! I NEED TO KNOW more about that college degree (crin=minal justice)…WHAT ELSE? Some post-grad work in urban guerilla warfare? The Socio-Economic Ramifications of Interracial Dating on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds? Jeebers. I guess this is how people get religion. They just need that faith so much when the facts won’t buffer.

  14. [re=148727]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: As an infidel, I take umbrage with your condemnation of all infidels. How can you sleep at night? Perhaps you get around that problem by sleeping in the daytime, like all bloodsucking muslin vampires. Really, between you and Neilist, I, for one look forward to the next Crusade in which ALL NON-BELIEVERS WILL KICK YOUR ASSES.

  15. [re=148765]Hairy Reed[/re]: I meant we wall up the Sedan Plowshare Crater and put them in. Also by wall i mean 50 feet tall, guard towers, and robot guards.

  16. The KKK cheerleader the Palin moron is in Iowa right now with her dropout children – shouldn’t child services intervene, I mean these children need to be in school. If Pipar was the daughter of a factory worker dragig her along with her, they would have removed the child.

    Now she is blathering about Joe the Plamer and all of his brothers including the immigrant from Colombia. Her voice annoys me. When will the Republicans start cannibalizing each other – start already.

  17. [re=148771]Dreamer[/re]: They are already turning on each other. No joe the plumber doesn’t have a future. I also dont give a fuck about tito the fucking douche bag maker.

  18. [re=148762]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Thanks for that. I found other vids there of the event. I think it’s the same event, anyway. It’s enough to make your blood flow backwards.

  19. Bunch, I live about a mile away from where the rally was and I know I cancelled one of these idiots out. This is the most Republican-friendly place in Clark County, and I did early voting last week the first day it was possible at Galleria. The crowd was about 30 percent crabby old people and 70 percent under 30 (many of them wearing MoveOn shirts) and the line had about 80 people in it.

    Now this, except for maybe Nellis Air Force base, is the Panamanian Strongman’s base. If I went to vote in a safer district for Democrats (Meadows or Boulevard Mall if you know the area), I figured they were clapping their hands and chanting “Yes We Can!”

    I think it’s gonna be OK.

  20. [re=148787]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: For some reason the visual of a rogue Palin is incredibly terrifying to me. I can only imagine that she is very heavily armed and ready to hunt some dirty liberals.

  21. I’d like to respond to that one guy with sunglasses and the shaved head.

    There is no reason to believe that Obama hates your kids.

    However, after watching that video, I hate your kids.

  22. [re=148711]Ken Layne[/re]: Smith & Wesson on NASDAQ, but that might be risky with Hopey in office.

    I’d go with a heavy arms stock, like Alliant Techsystems (ATK), which is at a 52-week low because of the market plunge, but they just got a $53.4 million contract to make Mk19 Mod-3 grenade machine guns for the army.

    God bless America.

  23. Good Lord. I wonder if this is why CNN is carrying a story about Palin going “rogue”. There have to be a bunch of more mainstream Republicans who are put off by this too.

  24. [re=148796]Delicious[/re]: Got a feeling hand gun manufacturers will have enormous 2008 Q4 profit as The Bitters stock up before Senate reconvenes and Obama bans the Second Amendment, and The Bible.

  25. [re=148794]Worlds End[/re]: Ugh. Why did I read that? As someone who was raised in an Assemblies church those people just completely freak me out. You seriously do not want them pissed at you. I am going to have nightmares now.

  26. That’s good shit. We’ll have our civil war alright. Those people are ignorant, misinformed, violent miscreants masquerading as patriots. But I love the new age hippies singing brotherly love songs at the end. It is the perfect punctuation to the senseless rage emanating from the McCain supporters.

  27. Jebbus Mary & St. Joseph!!!!!!! This Irish Catholic New Yorker visited and lived in South Africa during the 90’s. These awful people are very similar to the wackadoodle racist whites of SA. On the one hand it scares the living shit out of me, on the other….well we know who prevailed!!!!

    “I detest racialism, because I regard it as a barbaric thing, whether it comes from a black man or a white man” Nelson Mandela

  28. Many people are concerned about the growth of Republican extremism and dangers it poses to this world. But we must understand its causes. Years of regional tensions, economic decline and chaotic governance have created the conditions which have allowed dangerous local mullahs like Sarah Palin to stir up anger, hate and division. I am confident that, if troops are sent into Nevada, they will succeed in rapidly stabilizing the situation and, indeed, they will be welcomed with open arms by a grateful population who yearn for peace and freedom.

  29. One word: Cultural revolution.
    Viva re-education through forced hard labor!
    The Chinese cultural revolution provides an excellent model for
    dealing with corporate turds, racist tools and ignorant bullies.
    At least they can contribute to society as slave laborers.
    I’m serious. Really.

  30. Oh dear… Breaking news from YAHOO!


    Even as John McCain and Sarah Palin scramble to close the gap in the final days of the 2008 election, stirrings of a Palin insurgency are complicating the campaign’s already-tense internal dynamics.
    Four Republicans close to Palin said she has decided increasingly to disregard the advice of the former Bush aides tasked to handle her, creating occasionally tense situations as she travels the country with them. Those Palin supporters, inside the campaign and out, said Palin blames her handlers for a botched rollout and a tarnished public image — even as others in McCain’s camp blame the pick of the relatively inexperienced Alaska governor, and her public performance, for McCain’s decline.
    “She’s lost confidence in most of the people on the plane,” said a senior Republican who speaks to Palin, referring to her campaign jet. He said Palin had begun to “go rogue” in some of her public pronouncements and decisions.
    “I think she’d like to go more rogue,” he said

  31. Garrett Morris had it right way back when, when he sang at his parole hearing, “I’m gonna get me a gun and shoot all the whiteys I see.”

  32. [re=148841]MISTAHCOUGHDROP[/re]: They got it all wrong, they actually meant to report that she’s going to go rouge to go with the lipstick. Her handlers just thought it made her look cheap.

  33. [re=148842]Platypus[/re]: Ironically, during the whole Arizona MLK holiday fiasco in the 80s, my local radio station re-made that song with the new lyrics “I’m gonna move to Arizona and kill all the whiteys I see.”

  34. First video. 1:02.
    Can you spot the militant gay neocon?
    Is that “Tito the Builder”? In the second vid he’s the one
    calling Obama an Arab.
    Do any of these people realize they are being filmed? Most of them seem drunk.

  35. I’m not sure what that guy thinks he’s going to accomplish by moving to Alaska. Maybe he was too busy earning his 30-minute online criminal justice degree to learn that Obama would be president of Alaska, too.

  36. [re=148839]wheelie[/re]: After they’re greeted as liberators, will they be toppling the Eiffel Tower in front of Paris-Las Vegas or the Statue of Liberty in front of New York-New York?

  37. They’ll be putting Bill O’Reilly’s head on a pike at the entrance to London Bridge in Disney World (or wherever the hell it is now), in a bizarre misunderstanding about what honoring someone consists of.

  38. Congratulations, crackers! Your menfolk (and some of your womenfolk, depending upon BMI) are the American boogeymen of the 21st century! We’ll all be crossing to the other side of the streets (clay roads) to avoid walking past you and will assume that you’re armed and dangerous until you prove otherwise. Enjoy your new role as the racially profiled!

  39. [re=148836]Worlds End[/re]: I’m sure there are a lot of rabid Hopey peeps here in Austin that would resent that snarky suggestion about Texas. No, Clark County is where these cretins belong. Did you ever read The Stand by Stephen King? The whole story is right there – as relevant today as it was when he wrote it.

    Nope, Las Vegas is truly vile: a stinky cesspool of the very worst aspects of 2008 Bushite Amerika “culture” – sex, greed, shallowness, venality, tacky consumerism, overindulgence, hubris a-plenty and lots of gun-fellatio (Fire Automatic Weapons BY THE HOUR at teh Tropicana Shooting Range!”). All in a sprawling, hellishly hot incorporated sand trap with so many obnoxious duuuuudes from SoCal it’s like fucking Bakersfield. Bleaaah.

    And all my Limey friends love it. Go figure.

  40. [re=148876]agitpropster[/re]: we would put domes over the non crazy parts to be fair. We could also airlift out the sane people. I didn’t read the book i saw the mini series though, it was pretty good

  41. Getting a college degree in Criminal Justice means you are stupider than anyone who got a college degree in Business Administration or Communications.

    /elitist Chemist

  42. [re=148795]Speed Ball[/re]: I don’t know that bald dipshit’s kids either, but it’s safe to say I’d probably hate his kids and grandkids as well. Also, I just got back from vacationing in Nevada (just in time, I might say), and he has no right calling Arabs “dirty” people. I think one out of every 10 people washed their hands after coming out of the bathroom (and none of them were Arabs that I noticed). Made me very nervous putting my hands on the smeary slot machines, and I’m not a germaphobe. Nevada is one of the dirtiest places I’ve ever been. So, suck it, baldy!

    This shit is really horrifying.

  43. In defense of Henderson, my company moving me here did get me the fuck out of Nebraska, and it’s not nearly as wingnutty as it looks, I’d say I see more Obama bumper stickers on cars around here than I do McCain stickers, by about a 4 to 1 ratio. These people are probably from Elko or Reno or hell, Arizona. Henderson actually has a ton of negroes and Meskins, so I don’t think these scumbags would be able to stand to live so near to the mud people. Then again, they could live in my apartment complex for all I know, our pool has been locked down on several occasions due to some white trash dipshit breaking beer bottles and the broken glass getting in the pool and cutting the shit out of somebody’s foot.

    The little Bund rally happened about 2 blocks from my office, and we took some water to the pro-Obama protestors who were outside. There were a couple chicks dressed as beauty queens with somewhat clever signs about Palin’s Medieval abortion views, and they looked like the kind of people I would normally be really catty about with my fiancee outside of earshot, but I respected them for taking the day off from working at Urban Outfitters to yell at the retards.

  44. [re=148796]Delicious[/re]:
    Those Mk19s are pieces of shit. Too much time is spent clearing the breech of jammed casings. Gimme the Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun to clear a monster truck rally.

  45. Ah, who can oppose such rational, well-reasoned arguments? Gimme a ballot — I have crossed to the dark side.

    I am soooooo very happy that we in the South haven’t cornered the market on S-T-U-P-I-D.

  46. [re=148923]War Eagle[/re]: oh yeah dude, there are dumbshit rednecks eeeeeverywhere. There is not a single state in our glorious Union where you can’t find at least one dude who has jacked his pickup’s frame fifteen feet in the fucking air and has decals of Calvin peeing on various things (The Ford logo, a Crescent And Star, basic human decency) in the back window. USA! USA!

  47. Why can’t we be friends. Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick. Shut up already you embarrassing wannabe 60s love children. What the fuck is the point of going to this rally just to annoy Walnuts! favorite kind of people? Whatever.

    Why is it that every single McCain/Palin supporter is just so…so fucking ugly? Holy Mother of God it’s not enough to be stupid, racist and intent on voting against your own interests, but you have to have leathery skin, or you’re overweight, or sporting a 1970s Midwest perm or a Ferdinand Marcos shirt.

    And why do the ‘tards shouting their wonderfully clever insults (“communist; no Arab in the White House; nobama) half cup their mouths, lean in, then kind of skitter back to their safe zone? I remember doing this. In first grade. When I was afraid of girls. It’s like watching recess at an elementary school these people. Too bad we can’t separate out all the people who vote for McCain & deny them the fruits of the coming recovery (if there is one.)

    “I’d like to pick up my unemployment check, please.”

    “Uh, let’s see…um…it appears you voted for McCain/Palin, is that correct?”

    “Fuck yeah!”

    “I’m sorry sir/madam. You’re not eligible for benefits as per the 2009 Americans Who Voted for Obama Rescue Act. However, we do have tents set up out back where you can starve to death in peace. That’s toward the back, first door on your right.”

  48. I think we will soon hear the sound of breaking glass, a tradition established by these folks’ ancestors on another November Nacht, a mere 70 years ago.

    I always pictured Karl Rove in a brown shirt.

  49. Seriously dudes, I don’t want to get all butthurt about it, but Nevada actually is pretty awesome, Jim Gibbons, gambling and toxic waste dumps notwithstanding. It’s got a whole shitload of awesome naturey stuff, and it’s perfect for people who don’t want to live in CA but want to go there on weekends. It’s a pretty sweet place to live, all things considered.

  50. [re=148933]Delicious[/re]:
    That’s Generals and Admirals for ya. Completely fascinated with new, shiny, and very expensive toys that are incapable of surviving the wear and tear of field operations. Adding insult to injury, they retire highly effective and proven systems rather than upgrading, even after former adversaries have told them that just the arrival of said systems in combat really made their collective sphincters pucker hard.

  51. [re=148937]hobospacejungle[/re]: “That’s toward the back, first door on your right.”
    The one marked ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’. You remember that, right? It was Frau Sarah’s slogan.

  52. Think about it. There are STILL about 25% of the population that approves of the job President Drunky Pillhead is doing despite all evidence to the contrary. These ‘college edumacated’ rally attendees are part of that crowd.

    And isn’t it great that the word ‘Arab’ is still a socially acceptable slur so that they aren’t being forced to use other, more ugly, epitaphs?

  53. Hypothetically speaking, what would be the best way for an American slacker with a libral arts degree and no outstanding skills to sneak back into the Old World?

  54. Ken: Plz keep yr uncouth crackers contained in Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump, and environs. We have enough of our own up here. Having said that, I haven’t seen too many racist bitters yelling shit like that at McPalin rallies in Reno. So there.

  55. I’m not too worried about these wacko crackers. I suspect that a large percentage of them will be expiring from firearms accidents, domestic violence, meth lab explosions, drunken car wrecks and psoriasis of the liver.

    That’s right, I said psoriasis of the liver.

  56. Both sides manage to make themselves look even dumber and more obnoxious than the other at these rallies/scream offs. It’s like they are having a tug of war over who can fail harder, but somehow the rope snapped and everyone fell back and got covered in muddy stupid. If that makes any sense.

  57. I love the asshole in the first video that claims he’s educated and he’s “got a degree” in criminal justice, yada yada yada. You know, the really smart guy?

    Well, Einstein said that if Obama wins, he’s gonna move to Alaska. WTF? Last time I checked, Alaska happens to be a part of the United States, so where the hell does he think he’s escaping to?


  58. Don’t get me wrong here, please, but one of the reasons they invented microphones is that women tend to sound shrill and offensive when they try to shout political rhetoric. Face it, dudes are better at shouting without sounding annoying. The woman at the end of the first video demonstrates this dichotomy very well. Chicks at Ani Defranco concerts do the same. (Just giving another example…pulled it from my butt..)

    *ducks to avoid inevitable accusations of genderism*

  59. [re=149061]Q2[/re]: Because the loudest and most ardent wingnuts always couple their irrational shrieking and fear mongering with “Don’t take MA GUNZ!!!!”

  60. [re=148751]Worlds End[/re]: I fucking hate Protestantism. Personal relationship with God/Jesus: read, any fucking hateful, stupid, evil thing that spews out of my mind and mouth is sanctioned by the divine. Sin of fucking pride.

  61. I don’t think so [re=149107]thatonegirlsays[/re]. It would be impractical for the Federal government to enter the estimated 42 million US households with firearms for the purpose of siesure and only a complete moran would entertain this as a possibility. No…it ain’t that…so what is it?

  62. [re=149056]Weeping Jesus[/re]: I beg your pardon, Mister Jesus. I am of the female persuasion, and I happen to think I sound rather fetching when I shriek “McCain looks like YERTLE THE TURTLE!” and “VOTE BARACK, NOT TURKEY COCK!”. If you knew me, you’d see what I mean. Every time I yell, an angel gets it’s virginity back.

  63. Nice of Morgan Spurlock to volunteer his services to the Mc Cain/Palin campaign as part of his odd-jobs series for fx. Didn’t know Morgan had a degree in criminal justice though.

    (& honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that West Virginia dirtbag wants to see a Mc Cain victor, as MS is prolly one of those Naderite buffoons who think, If only the situation deteriorated just a bit more, our Ralph will finally be thrust to the fore in the election after.)

  64. At :30 of the original LVSuntimes video, what is the picture on the button of the short guy wearing red? I swear its a naked SP holding a gun with some nonsense like “playing with fire” printed next to it. Or I could be imagining stuff? Can anyone blow this up with something more sophisticated than MS Paint?

  65. [re=148823]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Right?

    Speaking of white crazies, did anyone else read the article in the Times last week about the “organized racists” being so depressed this year? They can’t support either Jew-funded campaign, they pretty much admit Barry’s a better candidate, and they’re having internal problems cause of the rampant pederasty in the white power movement. The kicker was that the leader of whatever fuckwit group they interviewed was talking to them in a Starbucks while drinking a mocha. So we know he’s another “egghead” like Kristol, and that he thinks racial mixing is delicious. Anyway, yeah, my point: So these people are dumber and wingnuttier than the white power movement. USA!! USA!!

  66. [re=148816]OffTheRecord[/re]: Oh, man … you’re ex-AOG, too? They were the church I ran to after I got out of my *really* nutty church.

    I’m mostly better now.

  67. [re=149048]Lil Turd[/re]: Sarah Palin says that, in the last days, Alaska will become a Refuge for the Godly. Oh, please, please, please, please, please! Please, O Godly! Pack up your shit and move up there! Call me. I’ll help pack a few boxes, and I’m a *whiz* at Moving Van Tetris.

    If y’all can’t be Raptured out of our hair, that’s the next best thing.

    Seriously, I often think we should *let* some part of this country secede, to become the Right Wing Religious Nut Neo-Puritan paradise (OK, *besides* Utah!) We Evil Blue-staters wouldn’t have to pay their bills anymore, or listen to their bullshit. Just let them hum along there in Wingnuttia, wasting all their money on silly wars, as they try to enforce Christian Shari’a on their populace.

    All my life, I’ve heard Righties say that you can tell which system is better by the direction people travel when they’re sneaking across the border.

    And I bet most of their kids would sneak across the border to the US ASAP. *Certainly* every Saturday night.

  68. [re=148876]agitpropster[/re]:
    I lived in the house Stephen King lived in when he wrote the last part of The Stand – In Indian Springs.

    For a year before that I lived in Vegas.

    I give a standing ovation every time I get to the end of the ‘Hand of God’ chapter now.
    Then I say the Pledge of Allegiance – backward.

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